Kiss in the dark

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Description: Brooklyn and Samantha receive opportunities in college to set out and see what it's like working for celebrities. Being sent out to the UK London obviously brings in the opportunity to meet one direction, which of course they are working for, with splendid jobs. Along the way they meet Aria and Kimberly, there soon to be best friends and co workers, as they set out to find their life and how it would work being away from all they know. Relationships, friendships, more to come in, Kiss in the Dark- by: S.E.A.L.


4. breakfast lunch and dinner ;)


I love Sam, but she's such a girl. I guess that's kinda why I get along with her so well. We are not one without the other. It took a while to get her to calm down. A REALLY long while. Eventually after a nice cup of tea ( hey! It's the UK. Tea's a big thing now.) and lot of listening, I eventually shoved her into her room and closed the door behind her. Now lets hope shell fall asleep as quickly as I will. I walked down the hallway, turned the knob to my door, and walked in. It was smaller than Sams. Smaller as in everything. She had a big room, I have a small one. She has a walk in closet, and believe me, she's gonna need it with all those sundresses she packed, and I had a regular closet. She had a queen size bed, I had a twin sized bed. I never owned a queen size bed, so I'm glad I got the small bed. It will be more comfortable and feel less...empty. I hope Sam didn't feel lonely, in that big empty room, and that wide bed. The only thing that I had that was bigger than Sams, was the window. That's the main reason why I chose this room. The window has a great view and is really easy to open.

I went over to it and opened it, letting in the cool breeze. The breeze twirled my hair around my face, and it felt refreshing. I wonder what Sam is doing now. Sleeping, for me at least, is gonna be harder than I thought. I glanced at the bed. Soft, comfy, fluffy, AMAZING bed! It can wait. I turned back to the window, and watched.

I dragged myself to the kitchen. Sam beat me to it. She was making eggs and all kinds of things. She was dressed up, clean, hair brushed, teeth brushed, had a smile on her face, was full of energy, AND was humming! Everything you shouldn't be in the morning. Well, except the humming.

"You're in a good mood," I told her.

"Yea! I had the best night ever! Slept so well! And had great dreams!" Sam practically singed, still scrambling the eggs. "How about you?"

"Oh, I'm fine."

"Really? You look like you didn't sleep much."

"I look like that every morning!" We laughed. "No, but really, I'm in a great mood. I was up at like 6 am to see the sunrise! It was a chilly morning, but London's sunrises are beautiful!"

"Uhh, Brooklyn? It's February! Of course it's chilly! Speaking of which, dont forget about our date! Only 5 more days to go!" Then Sam squealed. She literally squealed! It brought a smile to my face. I was suprised I was so happy! I probably got less than four hours of sleep last night. I was glad it was chilly, it made it feel good. It was just an over all good moment. And it made me so giddy! But relaxed. Like I was new. Or just drifting off into another world. Or-

"Brook to earth!" Sam said, snapping her fingers in my face. "The eggs are done!"

I shook myself out of the trance and we both sat at a fancy table that look like they belong at a pub. I love how tall the chairs are. It makes me feel tall! we started to eat.

"This is really good!" I told her.

"You really think so? Maybe I should cook something for the boys on valentines day."

"Geesh. You'd think you have known them for at least 4 months!"

"I'm sorry. I'm just so excited! but I feel like I've know them for years."

"We met them yesterday!!!!!!!!"

"But...." She giggled.

"But!" I laughed! Sam was blushing, and nervously pushing her hair behind her ear. It was cute, and totally typical! Still laughing, I asked, "it's their British accents isn't it?!" And we laughed and laughed. Then a knock came from the door.

" hey it's Aria!"

Sam walked to the door and opened it. An impatient Aria walked in with Kim close behind in pursuit.

" we're gonna be late! Hustle up! The boys are expecting us for breakfast!" Aria looked up and down Sam with a satisfied expression. Sam was wearing a baby blue lace top with skinny jeans and black knee high boots. Her hair was curlier than usually, and she had light pink lip gloss on, along a surprisingly small amount of eye make up. Aria was in a red, v-neck, tight shirt that showed her good form, straightened hair, and skinny jeans as well with shorter black boots with more of a heel. Kim was wearing a purple coat, skinny jeans, and white tennis shoes. They all looked nice, Kim more casual then the others, but then again the others are stylists, so... Yea. They looked naturally gorgeous, and I wondered why do they have to make me work so hard to not publicly embarrass them. Aria changed her glance to me, and held her breath. I looked down. Of course. My comfy, fleecy pajamas were still on. Deja vu. This happens a lot. Everybody else was ready to go.

I backed up towards the hallway leading to my bed room, both thumbs pointed over my shoulder." I'll be right back," and then I sprinted to my room. A few minutes later, i came back with a hoody that was way to big for me, skinny jeans, don't wanna be left out now, a side braid, and black flat heeled snow boots. On my way back to the kitchen, I heard Sam complimenting Arias out fit. Yup. One direction definetly got the right stylists for the job. Just by looking at them, you can tell what the hottest fashion is. Too bad I don't take that stuff seriously. I entered the kitchen.

"Finally! We are running late!" Aria said as she spotted me. She pursed her lips like she was sucking on a lemon, and inspected me again. "You didn't forget anything, right?" She asked.

"Nope." I smiled.

"No make up or any thing?"

"na, I dont do well with that stuff. I don't even know how to put it on."

After a minute or two she finally nodded approval and we were off! Into a car and headed for breakfast. Thankfully, cause i didn't get to eat much at the flat. Aria drove, Sam sat shot gun, and me and Kim sat in the back.

"Where are we eating again? " breakfast club," Aria replied, keeping her eyes on the road. " it's REALLY good!" Kim added. I leaned back, into the seat. The ride there was silent. Not awkward, it's just nobody had anything to say. I could tell by the way Sam stared off into space that she was daydreaming. Probably about meeting the boys at the breakfast club. I've known Sam for so long, I can easily tell these things. "We're here!" Aria said and parked. We got out of the car and shut the doors, the slams echoing in no certain order. I looked around. It looked like we were in the middle of a plaza. London didn't look like a big place. Aria lead the way. We followed in submission and walked from the parking lot, across the street, and to the door. Sam looked as interested as me, staring up at the tall buildings. When Aria opened the door, warm air blasted in my face which was a relief to the frigid air outside. Inside, it looked like the place was made out of velvet. everything was a very dark red, and looked soft and silky. The one direction guys were waiting at a table for eight. Louis pulled up a chair at the head of the table, where all the big important people usually sit, and sat down. the boys sat on one side of the table, with Harry at first then Niall then Liam then....... what's his face! Zayn! It reminded me of the round table in the King Arthur stories. While I was thinking about dead middle age kings, the girls already found their spots. "BROOK!" I shook my head trying to clear it. "Sorry what did you say?" I asked to no one in particular. "I said, 'don't just stand there!'" Sam told me aggressively. I ran to the empty seat, sat down. Niall sat across from me, checking the menu. Sam and Kim sat next to me. Sam leaned in and scolded in a hushed tone, "remember your manners!" Just to annoy her, I kicked my feet onto the table and picked up a menu. Sam gave me a glare cold enough to stop global warming. Kim also gave a worried glance my direction. Louis and Liam continued to study their menus. Aria was paying no attention to me, and was jabbering away with Zayn. I smiled to myself, still holding the menu. Harry, who was sitting across from Sam, put down his menu and laced his fingers together. "Well, I'm ready to order," He said. Kim put down her menu. "Me too." The blonde.......c'mon! I just knew his name! Think of the flash cards...........Oh yea! Niall! Put his menu down. I feel bad, now. Gosh, I better ask Sam for another quiz. Then Louis put his menu down. Then Sam put her menu down. Then me. Harry leaned over to look at Aria and Zayn who were still engaged in a conversation. He cleared his throat. They slowly grew quiet and looked at Harry. "You two know what you wanna get?" He asked. Zayn, in an extremely British accent that I almost forgot about, said, "yea." Aria took a glance at her menu, and faster than you could say Butter Cup she said yes too. So Harry raised his hand, and a waitress came by. "Can I get your order?" "Yes," Harry said, and everyone began to list off what they would like. When it was my turn, I put my hands behind my head, and said, "I'll have some chocolate chip waffles, scrambled eggs, and orange juice." As the waitress wrote that down. When the waitress finished taking every ones orders she looked at my feet, still on the table, then gave me a glare and walked away. I stuck my tongue out and giggled, putting my arms back behind my head. "Please tell me you'll get your feet off the table before our food is here," Kim told me. She was eyeing my shoes with a disgust. I couldn't blame her. My feet were right in her face, and who knows what was on the bottom of my shoes. I put my feet down and took my arms from behind my head and placed them in my lap. Harry and Sam were having a light conversation with each other. Aria and Zane started up their vigorous conversation again. Kim was messing with her silver ware, as if debating how to make it serve as the best catapult. Liam watched her with interest. Niall was playing with his napkin. Louis was on his phone. I looked around the restraunt and with a start, realized that it was completely empty. "Is it always like this?" I asked myself. "Like what?" Blond- I mean Niall replied, surprising me, looking up from his napkin. I looked at him, then gestured to the empty resteraunt. "Empty. I mean, your famous and all."

"It doesn't have to be. We just don't want to get noticed and mobbed by fans. Or have to have guards following us. So we just reserved the whole resteraunt." He replied, trying to make eye contact, but I continued to speculate the velvet room. There was a long pause. "I noticed you have an American accent now. That's not what I heard yesterday."

I flinched. He raised an eyebrow, and had an impish smile spread across his face, still trying to look me in the eye. Tempting. But I stood firm, staring at the corner. When he looked back down and continued to play with his napkin, I turned to face him, looking him up and down. Pssh. Flirts. I looked away again. The waitress came soon after with our food and drinks. It was delicious. I stayed quiet the remainder of the time. Louis called out once for attention because all the guys were paying attention to the girls. And poor Louis girlfriend couldn't make it. After we were done we got ready to leave. Kim, Sam, and Aria thanked them for the good meal. I just stood there with my arms crossed. "Don't forget to meet us at the studio tomorrow," Harry told Sam.

"Our first day of work!" She replied giddily. "Ill see you tomorrow," Harry said, and by the way he looked at her, it looked like he was gonna do one of those movie things where the boy would bring the ladies fingers to his lips. But at the last second he changed his mind. As we walked to our car and they walked to their van. Sam was walking faster than usual and tripping over herself. She was also a little pink in the cheeks. Aria lagged behind the group, and kept looking back at the boys, and nervously pushing her hair behind her ear. And Kim just didn't look away from her shoes. When she did she looked at Liam, and I caught Liam winking at her! I was so interested, I accidentally ran into the car with my knee, with a loud bang. "Ow."

"Woah, Watch the car! It's pretty new!" Said Aria. We got in, and I gave Kim the "look".


“ What the heck?” I stared at Brook with the strange look. Brook didn't look me in the eye and just said “nothing” like I knew what she was talking about. I rolled my eyes and then really wished I hadn't after the sun peaked through the thick clouds in the sky and blinded me temporarily. Once the effect of the sun worn off, I looked around the car and out the window and despite the…tension in the question I was about to ask and the subjects I knew were bound to come up I asked anyway.

“Sooooooo, Brook…what up with the…interesting (to say the least) look you gave me earlier?” I questioned. To be more friendly I smiled at her and laughed (which probably sounded like a horse…)

“Mmmhmm like you don’t know, I saw it and I also know you saw it too.” she said very slyly.

“Uh no I don’t. What’s up, seriously?”


“What about Liam?”

“Why do I even have to say it? The wink. Do NOT tell me you missed that. You looked up right as he did it.”

“He winked.” My mind went blank and my words and voice and everything…blank. Like a brand new piece of white paper. What felt like minutes rather than seconds later I found two words my mind was still desperately trying to understand.

“He winked.”

“Hello, earth to Kim? Do the aliens have your mind?”


“For the fifth time Sam asked you what you saw.”

“Oh sorry Sam, I didn't hear you say anything. I think I almost just passed out due to shock. Uh well, I guess I kinda think they’re nice and I might kinda like one of them. I looked back at them, because I was so nervous I was starring at my shoes instead of up like normal and then the restaurant was dimly lit so the sun light blinded me a little, I couldn't see clearly. Then Brook ran into the car.”

“Okay, misunderstanding solved.” Speaking of misunderstandings I wondered what was up with Brook in the restaurant that’s not how she was acting before. Now was not the time however we had other things to attend to other than manners.

We arrived later at the flats. Me and Aria went to ours and met back at Sam and Brooks when we were through with a few housekeeping details. I had put on a pair of blue sweat pants and a t-shirt that had I heart London on the front of it. Aria, however, changed into leggings and fuzzy, brown boots. She also grabbed a sweat shirt as we walked out the door. I was the one with the keys out first and locked the door and we went on over to the other girls flat.

We walked in and Sam had her hair all tangled up in a bun over her head. She had also taken off her outfit and was now wearing a red tank top and white shorts.

“Ooooo those are some short shorts I must say. Aren't you the least bit cold?”

“No. I am dying in hear. Are you sure it’s February?”

“Yeah, it is. Pretty sure half a month didn't go by in a few hours.” Sam laughed and led us into the main seating area in the kitchen where we found Brook eating a sandwich.

Aria looked around the room to see how the girls had now settled into there new home. About the same we both looked at the small table in the kitchen.

“Is that table the only table you have in this flat?” Aria asked politely

“We have other tables but, there are no tables bigger than that this one right there. Why?”

“I think she’s thinking the same thing I am.”

“What is that?” asked Sam.

“Well, I’m not sure it’s even big enough for all four of us to sit at.” The circular table was about a one meter diameter and had two place settings on it and a tea cup on it.

“The floor is a wonderful place to be.” I said.

“Yes, I do suppose it is.” said Brook.

I walked around, the wood flooring beneath my socks, suddenly I had an idea. I ran back to my flat and unlocked the door and looked around the room and realized that there was no sense to move a table anyway and went back to Brook and Sam’s. I opened the light blue door. Oh My Goodness. I shut the door and opened it again. What was going on did I have the wrong flat or something? Surly this could only be the most desperate fantasy I could be thinking of. One Direction. Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn. I looked at the number on the door and opened it again.

“You okay? Why did you just…” I cut her off. I had no clue what I was going to say so I just stared and came up something to not seem stupid.

“Aria, come here. I lost a contact lens, come back to the flat with me please so I can get my glasses.”

“Okay.” she said confused and we went back to our flat and I took my contacts out and put my glasses on.

“Okay, so why didn’t you just put in more contacts?”

“I didn’t really looses one, I just didn’t want to go in there like that. Why are they there? I was not informed that they were coming.”

“Oh yeah, they just showed up as Sam started to boil water for dinner and we like hey come on in and eat with us and they like okay sure and we were like cool. Sooooo yeah.”

“Oh okay then.”


Aria and Kim made their way back through the door, Kim wearing her glasses. They both sat down on the three seated sofa with Louis and Zayn while Niall was spread out across the floor and Harry sat with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap talking to Liam who sat on the recliner which was not reclined. Brook laid on the floor just like Niall and had her eyes closed. I got up and totally forgot the water was on the stove, I ran in and It was boiling over the pot. "Shit, shit, shit." I threw open one of the drawers and found a wooden spoon and stirred the water around until it was calm and I turned the heat down setting the spoon across the top of the pot. I felt hands on my waist and jumped hitting my hand on the hot pot. "Son of a mmmmmmmm!!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Harry took my hand and ran it under cold tap water and I yelped. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I just wanted to ask if I could help with anything." He took a towel and dried off my hand carefully, it hurt a little so I bit down on my bottom lip really hard and could taste some blood.

I went to the hall closet and got a wrap for injuries exactly like this. I brought it back to the kitchen and gave it to harry. He lifted me up onto the counter and took my hand in his as he started to wrap the soft fabric around my hand. "Thanks."

"No problem, sorry again." He smiled slightly.

I jumped down from the counter. "Your fine, but now you have to be my assistant because I can't do everything."

"Yea, of course. What do you want me to do?"

"Well first take the spoon off the top of the pot and stir the water then add in the packages of pasta." I smirked and pointed to the pot on the stove.

"I've cooked pasta before you don't need to tell me everything." His eyebrows went up, "what's this over here?"

"That is chicken Parmesan my friend. Do you mind taking the tongs and lifting it up a bit so I can see if it has golden color or not." He did as he was told. "Ok, now flip those over for me please." He did that also. "Ok, now I have some mozzarella cut on the cutting board if you could so carefully put it on."

"Ok, just saying you don't need to sound fancy while doing this, it's just food." He placed the last piece of mozzarella on the chicken and soon took them out of the pan then strained the pasta in the colander.

A timer went off on the microwave and I realized the wings were still on the barbecue. "I'll be right back," I lifted a pan in my left hand and yelped a little but didn't drop the plate. "Breathe through the pain Samantha breathe through the pain." I made my way outside and opened the lid to the barbecue. The wings were perfect, well done Samantha well done. Perfection. I brought them inside on the plate and Niall came in with his eyes closed and followed the sent.

"I smell beautiful chicken wings." He breathed in and out.

"You take one more step and you die." I said and he stopped in his tracks.

"No need to be mean..." He replied.

"No, take a couple steps back now! That's oil will burn the hell out of your skin." He took a few steps back. "Go back to the living room!"

"Ok ok. Geez bossy pants." He retreated back to the comfy carpeted area where everyone was.

"Hey I'm making you food, I can be as bossy as I want." I turned around to look at Harry. He was giving me a weird look. "What!"

"That was incredibly hot."

I giggled. "Thanks, I guess? Hey can you clean that pot and that pan for me."

"Yeah, course."

"Thanks." He handed the pot back to me and I started making rice. I also took out a 4 cup liquid measuring cup and put the mix for mash potatoes in and heated it up in the microwave. I didn't exactly know what to make for a vegetarian so I cut up some strawberries and put it in a salad. I hope Kimberly likes it.

Harry finished up the chicken Parmesan and put plates on the counter. He left the room and I herd and smack.


I walk into the room to pick up everyone's drinks and set them around the kitchen table and bar area, but my gaze landing upon Louis who was puckering his lips and making kissing noises for his benefit. I went up to him while his eyes were closed and slapped his cheek.

"Ow, what the heck!"

Samantha peered around the corner of the wall, "I let you out of my sight for 2 second and you do what?"

"He slapped my in the face," Louis whined.

"I did no such thing." I turned and set up the rest of the table.

"Kay guys dinners ready!!" Samantha called and Niall rushed in and sat down at the table everyone else slowly following behind.

Samantha and I set the plates of food down in front of every body and sat down around the small table and the bar. Samantha sat at the head of the table and i said on the side next to her, Louis sat beside me. Across from Louis was Kimberly who had Aria sitting beside her and at the other head of the table Niall sat there. At the bar sat Brooklyn Liam and Zayn.

"Do these spoons have sharp edges." Kimberly pointed downwards at her silverware.

"I don't know, you got them, you tell me." Brooklyn said with a mouthful of mash potatoes.

"Broooookkkk....." Samantha cooed.

"Whaaaattt.." Brooklyn sang back.

"Don't talk with a full mouth..." She stated.

Brooklyn ignored Samantha and started chowing down her food again.

"So, Louis, how's Eleanor?" Samantha played with the lump of rice on her plate as she poured the butter sauce over it.

"Wellll... She's doing well. She hasn't called or texted me for two weeks. Is that bad?"

"I thought you were texting her this morning, weren't you?" Brook looked at her plate as she spoke.

"Well, I was, but that was just me. She hast replied, I'm worried." Louis frowned.

"Don't be. She probably just needs some time off from the relationship." Aria looked at him with sympathetic eyes.

"Yeah I guess your right I'll wait and see what she says, thanks guys." The corner of Louis mouth tugged upwards.

"Okayyyy, wellllll....." Samantha tried to start a conversation but wasn't working to well. "Can't wait till tomorrow.... We get to start recording and working on makeup with you guys, yayyyyyy!!?" Samantha awkwardly pumped her fist up in the air.

"Of course, I'm siked!!" Brooklyn bounced up and down in her chair.


Harry looked at me and winked. 'Cant wait' he mouthed, huh, such a flirt. I felt his hand on my thigh and squeezed softly making my leg twitch, "ow," Harry said softly. 'Sorry reflex' I mouthed. I grabbed his hand under the table and squeezed it a little. Ok, I was a flirt too I must admit.

"Ummm... I'll be right back." I got up out of my seat and headed down the hall towards the bathroom. I walked in closing the door behind me and looking at the small bags under my eyes. I was exhausted believe it or not. I took out my bag filled with makeup products and lightly applied some foundation under my eyes. I closed the case and put it in the zip up bag putting it back in one of the drawers and opened the bathroom door.

I took a few steps out into the hallway and got pushed up against the wall. "Hey," Harry smiled and looked at my eyes.

"H-Harry, what are yo....." He kissed me lightly. It took me a little bit to comprehend what was happening but as soon as I did I kissed back lightly as well but a little harder than Harry did. He noticed and pressed his lips harder against mine, passionate, hungrily, wanting. He bit down on my lip lightly and I moaned causing him to smile as he kissed me hard. His hands held my hips firmly as he pressed me up against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck while wrapping my legs around his torso. I took one hand from around his neck and grasped a bit of his hair.It almost seemed liked I forgot how to breathe as I felt the distance between our lips close into another kiss. I was so caught up in the moment, our moment that when our lips separated again I had to take a breath of the cool air in the hallway. I looked up and realized he was also out of breath. "You're a really good kisser." I said half out of breath panting just slightly. I looked back up at his perfect smile and he winked and moved his head closer. I also moved my head up and I felt his head press against mine. We pressed our foreheads together and I felt his soft, warm lips smile against mine as he chucked and he lightly bit my lower lip. I giggled and locked my fingers together behind his head as he pulled me closer. I could feel the wall pushing me up on him as he pushed me against him. I could feel him inch closer under me and there was absolutely no way I was going to resist his gentle touch. His hands finally reaching their destination under me lifted me and I could feel his muscles firm but not too bulky beneath his clothes. I rested my hands against his chest and pulled away from his mouth.

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "I just didn't think I could wait till the fourteenth." He smirked and his voice was calm as he spoke to me. Like honey. I rolled my eyes in a wide arc and he laughed again as I pressed my mouth on his. I felt his passionate kiss back to me. Our lips seemed to fit together perfectly and it was like they were made to kiss each other. I sighed as he put me back down on the floor. I looked at him with my famous puppy dog eyes.

"Don't fall for it, those puppy dog eyes are a curse." A familiar and feminine voice chirped as me and Harry faced Brook. Then Louis' laugh filled the air and echoed down the halls.

"Well Brook," Louis called out to us, "clearly we've found a couple of love birds haven't we."

"I'd say so." Brook smiled at Louis then at us.

"Whatever." I turned back to Harry.

Looking at him with wide eyes I sighed. Watching how perfect his mouth was he mouthed the words "later, 11:30, my place, unlocked." I turned back to the crowd that had gathered and every one was staring. I wasn't always the shy type but I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks as they turned bright red and every one but Kimberly started laughing. She just turned around with a smile on her face and slipped into the living room and everyone followed. Me and Harry reluctantly filed in behind.

Dinner, now over but no one wanting to leave Louis hollered out "Truth or dare!!!"

"Ha, sure Lou, fine we'll do it your way." Harry reluctantly responded. No one wanted to disagree so every one went to living room and sat on the spotless white carpet.

Louis eyed everyone suspiciously.

"Truth ooooooor dare..." His gaze settled on Aria. "Aria" he stated with a smirk on his face.

"Truth" she said readily like she was prepared for any question he had.

"Have you lost your virginity?"

"Yes." That one word held all the mischievousness needed to fill the room with an awkward silence.

"Ohhhhhhh, Vas happenin'" Zayn said quickly laughing slightly.

Time quickly passed through as the game played out and it seemed a Kimberly had kinda faded from any attention... Until Liam asked her her first question all night. "Truth or dare?"

"Hmmmm, how's about...truuuuuuuth." She stretched her words carefully thinking it through cautiously.

"Wellll.... How's about we go on a date, yeah?" Liam smiled shyly playing with his hands in his lap.


I thought this threw carefully because I don't want to make a fool of myself because I do, quite frequently. I finally decided on truth, and HALALUYA THANK GOODNESS I DID, I'VE GOT A FRIKEN DATE PEOPLES, go me, go me, go me!

"Ummm.... Kimberly, are you ok?" Liam raised an eyebrow and kept the other one straight. First of all I don't know how he does that with his eyebrows, if I try doing that expression I look like a retarded chicken if that even makes sense. I understand why Liam was asking me why I was ok, I apparently was pumping my fist while I was dancing around in my head.

I looked up and belted out laughing, "huhhhh, oh my, j-just peachy," I waved my hands around frantically. I cleared my throat and sat straight up. "Ok, well.... Yes I would love to go out."

"Great, sooooo.... Samantha..." Louis dragged out, "truth... Or dare!!"

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All the lights were out and I stumbled around still in my pajamas. I could feel the crisp air in the room all up my legs and arms, mainly because my pajamas consisted of a tight black tank top and white shorts. My hair was pulled up in high pony tail on top of my head. I danced around pulling sweats over my pale legs trying to be quiet but honestly I knew I was failing.

"Shut up Saaaammmm." I heard Brook moan.

"Sorry." I said defeated. Brook banged on the wall and I could feel her glare through the wall. Ehhh, oh well. I tip toed down to the bathroom in my bare feet thankful we had carpet but as soon as I hit the tile I silently screamed. Why the hell is it so freakin' cold!!! I flushed the toilet just to cover the noise if our front door closing behind me. I padded down the hall and shut the door just as I could hear the noise subside from the bathroom. I sighed in relief as I made it out.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." I panted realizing what I just did.

The door opened easily as I turned the knob on the door. It swung open and all I could make out of the darkness was Harry siting on a sofa illuminated by the television. I smiled and he stood up and we walked into a hug as I wrapped by arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist and he held me. I felt so small as I felt the heat of his body rush into my arms.

"You're cold aren't you, dear?" He smiled an put the blanket that had been crumpled on the sofa over my shoulders and he pulled my hand gently over to him as he led me to the sofa and sat down. He pulled me over and I was laying over his lap as he bent his head down over me and our lips connected into the kiss we'd been waiting for hours for. I think I'm in love as he cups my face and lifts my chin up into another kiss. I could feel our lips together.

As we kissed I felt so alive. He stood up and led me back to the bedroom. I was nervous with four other boys that could discover us. As soon as we entered the room I felt my back close the door as he pushed me up against it. I wrapped my legs around his waist our lips parting only for us to breathe. I was no longer on the floor as my hands ran thorough his hair. He carried me over to the bed and set me down. I reluctantly let my legs untangle themselves off of him and he stood up and slipped his shirt over his head. I giggled as he came over to me and straddled me. He was over my waist and bending down to reach for me. His kiss started at my lips and occasionally he tugged at my lower lip. Harry's body felt so warm against mine. I moved over to get him to get off and I rolled to the edge if the bed and started to slip my sweats off. I think it came as a surprise to him to see me start removing clothing but I was hot and still had my shorts on under the pants. I wasn't sure but it almost seemed like it was a disappointment to him.

"It's so hot in here." I whispered in his ear as I came back over to the center of the bed.

"It's because you're here." He replied and went in for another kiss. I just giggled like a silly little girl but I really didn't care how it sounded to him. He pushed his hip against mine making us both give out a audible moan.

"Harry stop dreaming of Samantha !" Louis yelled from the other room.

Harry just smirked against my lips and kept kissing me with as much passion as possible. It seemed as if it was harder to breathe with his weight against me as he pushed his lips against me harder. I've never done this before but I couldn't control myself; I quickly caught Harry off guard while he was taking a breath and rolled us over so I was now straddling his hips. I ducked down to lightly kiss Harry on the lips, my hair starting to become loose as my pony tail began to give way. He took his hands and held my waist flipping us back over as his hands found bare skin and worked their way up my torso and back down to tug on the hem of my shirt. He reached down to my head and lightly tugged away at my pony tail. The elastic tie in my hair slipped out and he set the elastic on the table by the bed. He ran his fingers through my hair as my chest was pushed up against his. I felt the curves of our bodies fit together just right. I was so aware of the moment that I swear time must have stopped because when I looked at the glowing ghost of numbers displayed by the clock in the corner of the room it only said 12:19. Damn, was all I could think.

Harry took his fingers and slowly slid my shirt up over my head and arms, his lips never away from mine but only when the thin fabric of my tank top slid between our lips sadly taking them away from each other, but hungrily finding them again once the clothing hit the floor. He kissed the corner of my mouth then kissed down my jaw softly and down to my neck where he started to suck softly taking my breathe away as he sucked on the sweet spot. He came back up and connected his lips with mine as he slide my shorts off along with his sweats leaving us in just our undergarments.

Harry moved down and kissed along my slender stomach coming back up to try and un clasp my bra, "Harry did Samantha give us left overs!" Niall softly yelled from the hallway as he opened the door that revealed Niall's face with a shocked expression. "Are those your ribs...?" Niall looked at my stomach and I turned my head the other way from embarrassment.

I cleared my throat and spoke softly, "ummm.... yeahhh Niall I gave you guys some left overs."

"They should be in the fridge behind the milk." Harry harshly told him as Niall closed the door. Harry chuckled, "sorry bout that love." He tenderly kissed my lips as he worked at taking my bra off again.

"H-Harry.." I pushed lightly on his chest. He pulled away confused as I sat up and started pulling on my shorts and tank top. "I can't do this, I'm sorry. I mean... Huh, we only met each other yesterday."

"Well... Technically two day ago." He stopped and the saw the annoyed expression on my face. "But who's counting... Haha..." He hung his head low and rubbed the back of his neck. I slipped on my sweatpants and headed towards the door. "Wait." Harry said softly looking back up at me.

"Mhm Harry?"

"Can you stay here tonight?" His eyes pleaded. How could I say no to that face, most importantly how could I say no to 1/5 of one directon.

I didn't say anything, just walked over to him and pulled off my sweat pants again and got under the covers. Took him no time at all to be right there next to me, holding me close to his bare chest. My head was on his chest and so was the palm of my left hand as he held me around my waist.

"Night Samantha." Harry kissed the top of my head.

I giggled, "call me Sam."

Chuckling he responded, "night Sam." Then he kissed my forehead.

"Night hazza."

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