Times Are Rough

Harry Styles, a 16 year old boy from London, England, has one passion. Singing. But with him having the struggles of his mother leaving him when he was 3 & his father being an alcoholic, can one girl turn his world upside down?


2. School

Harry's P.O.V

I looked down to see something that ruined my mood the rest of the day. My scars. My self harm scars. I hated them. Somedays I could go without even remembering they were there & somedays, like today, that's all I thought about. I looked back up at my face, now gloomy & dark, & removed my clothes. I hopped into the shower, turning the water on cold. I loved cold showers in the morning to wake me up. After I finished showering I got out, towel dried my hair & wrapped my towel around my body so I could go out & get clothes to change into. I went out of the bathroom, grabbed some underwear, a plain white v-neck & some skinny jeans & walked back into the bathroom. I changed into everything, brushed my teeth, combed my hair when I noticed I was missing something. My necklace. My airplane necklace I wore everyday that my mom left .. I wear it 24/7. I ran into my bedroom & Marcel was sitting down at his bed. "Marcel where is my necklace ?!" I screamed pulling my hair & running around the room aimlessly , throwing things to the side occasionally.

"Dude relax, I found it out in the living room, it's on the kitchen counter" Marcel said glancing up from his phone & giving me a weird look. I suddenly felt uncomfortable "oh, uh. Thanks" I ran out of the room & saw it laying on the kitchen counter. I put it on & felt relived. It feels safe to have it on. I grabbed my backpack & right when I looked outside the bus was here "Marcel come on the school bus is here !" I heard Marcel running & he grabbed his backpack & we were out the door.

We arrived to school & Marcel & I made our separate ways as he went one way with his girlfriend & best mates, & I walked another by myself. Yay another day of school.

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