Times Are Rough

Harry Styles, a 16 year old boy from London, England, has one passion. Singing. But with him having the struggles of his mother leaving him when he was 3 & his father being an alcoholic, can one girl turn his world upside down?


1. Introducing

Hello, I'm Harry Styles, I'm 16 & I'm from London, England. I live with my alcoholic father, Daryl Styles & my younger brother Marcel Styles. My father goes out almost every night & Marcel is very popular & goes to parties every night so I'm usually alone. My mother left us when I was just 3. We haven't heard from her since. I love to sing. No one has ever heard me sing but I do it when no one is home. It's my passion I want to be heard but I'm shy. Oh well.

Harry's P.O.V

*ring ring ring* my alarm goes off & I hit it, sighing loudly & pulling my sheets off me. God I hate school. I go over to Marcel's bed to wake him up when I realize he isn't there. Hmm maybe he stayed over some where after the party last night. I walk over to the bathroom door, which opens right before I reach to open it. I jump back in surprise. It was Marcel. He never gets up before me. Sometimes he doesn't get up at all. "Marcel what are you doing up?" I say staring at him as he walks over to the mirror on the wall to check his outfit & hair. He is a perfectionist & everything has to be right. Me on the hand, I am very messy & lazy which is why we fight a lot.

"I actually set my alarm today" Marcel said turning around & smiling at me. I just shrugged it off & walked into the bathroom. I closed & locked the door behind me & looked into the mirror.

I saw my reflection staring back at me, curly hair, green eyes & all .. I looked down to see something that ruined my mood for the rest of the day .

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