A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


4. Watching From Afar

   Louis's P.O.V

       (1 Week Later )

   Kaede has continued to keep her distance from me, I don't mind... well I can't lie I do but... I also know it's gonna take some time for her to heal and to take in the thought of me returning. Although Kaede and I don't associate, little does Kaede know that I'm watching her. I'm always watching her, Kaede and I have most of the same classes so... that's another advantage. And to be honest I'm impressed at what I see, Kaede has really made herself known. Kaede has participated in many activities such as soccer team: I don't even know if that's possible, surprisingly she joined the music club, and dance. That brings back a lot of memories, Kaede and I always singed together or Misuzu would sing to Kaede to cheer her up. Kaede is also known school gossip wise. She's known for her grades, personality, spirit, attitude, and teamwork. I've only been to school for a week and I have discovered all these positive things Kaede has done. And... I'm proud Kaede has put herself out there, she's made herself known, and has encouraged and inspired others. But... I'm saddened by the though of not being able to witness this, Kaede wasn't aware of this but... I was always there. Watching from afar or by her side as her tried to make friends, fight her weakness, and most of all be known for something... anything. Kaede was always the strong willed person, and stubborn... yet fascinating to watch. She always looked at things from a different perspective, and when one didn't understand her view... her imagine of the world she would kindly explain it to them. I could picture it clearly:


   Woah hoo, ( laughing ), yeah. Kaede wait up" I called, Nope you hurry up, because beyond these clouds, beyond these riverbanks there's a land... a land far beautiful than any other and if we hurry we'll see it" Kaede exclaimed. And then... we reached it... but it was no far away land it was just the cornfields, yet the way she described it... it sounded beautiful and adventurous I'd go there any day, anytime as long as if it were with Kaede. When we reached the cornfield Kaede ran off into the fields and explored, she'd spin in circles, chase the butterflies, pick the flowers, collapsed on the ground, and breathe in the fresh salt air. And... then she'd reach out her hand for me to take and... smile??? Although I didn't understand... I thought to myself as long as I have Kaede here to explain it to me then it's fine

    Flashback End

  Although Kaede never noticed... never questioned, I was always watching her and she truly is a sight you'd want to see 

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