A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


6. Mourning over Actions, and Past Actions

    Louis's P.O.V

       I was stuck... stuck in that moment of time where Kaede shouted those 3 words that broke my heart severely, "I hate you" she shouted. I had replayed that moment in time over, and over again, I don't know why but I was stuck setting adrift in that moment. I'm at home in my room doing anything and everything possible to forget... to forget our shared memories, to forget our promise, to forget my love for her, and most of all... Kaede. But I couldn't... she was on my mind every hour of everyday. So what I did most was drown my sorrows in tears, and repent. It was all my fault... I left, didn't come back for years, broke our promise, and most of all... I left her. Never have I thought I would see her like that again... she looked broken, fragile, and betrayed... and it was me who did that to her. Being in a band, being famous, having money, mountains of people drop at my feet means nothing if... means nothing if I don't have Kaede by my side.

     Kaede's P.O.V

        I stayed in my room and drowned in my sorrows. I don't even know who Louis is anymore... he'd never yell at me or forced me to express myself... I guess people change over time. Yet... although I'm upset it felt good to release my feelings, but... I wish I could have spoken to him in a different manner or position. I miss him... my boo bear I truly do but the pain and all the years alone aren't just gonna disappear, it's embedded in my heart forever. And if he remembers the hurt, pain,despair, heartache, or whatever you wanna call it has clouded my past. So whenever I think back that's all I see. Louis claims he's tired and broken well... look at me. What right does he have to claim that... I've gone through such situations all my life yet... he has the right to complain, I do... I should complain, I should be mad, I should be demanding answers because if I remember correctly I was the one to get left behind. Yet... I don't... what I do instead  is cry, I cry over the boy who was suppose to always be by my side, know me better than anyone, share secrets amongst each other, and surprise one another. I hate life... I truly do because Life: is hard, Death: is peaceful 

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