A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


8. Kaede's Hardships

    Kaede's P.O.V

      I woke up feeling queasy this morning, but ignored it being that today is new day. Although I eagerly awaited what today had in stored for me... another half of me feared what was in stored. Deep in thought I walked out of the house without saying goodbye to anyone, and... for some reason I felt like I would regret it later. Heading to my locker I felt today would hold more confusion and hurt than there was yesterday. Sighing I let the thought go being that my head began to hurt. Closing my locker I noticed Asa, and I also realized how I have been neglecting her so...  I thought maybe this would be a good time to make up for that. Walking up to Asa she notices my presence and looks at me, not having anything to say I just look down at my feet finding them more interesting at the moment. But... looking up to meet her eyes she only shakes her head and says "It's okay I understand you were dealing with the Louis issue but... next time just tell me okay" she said, I smile seeing that she's being an understandable friend and shake my head vigorously that I understand. Hearing the bell ring Asa and I check to see if we have the same classes then we head off, but... that ominous feeling I wish so badly wish to vanish remains. Maybe talking to Asa might help I thought... maybe.

   Louis's P.O.V

      It's 5th period already wow today has went by quick. But today going by quick isn't what worries me... Kaede does, all day she has been acting weird... well weirder than usual. I've been observing her and she hasn't been herself lately. She's very stiff and on guard and it's worrying me. If only I could help her and ask her what's wrong, but... I fell as if I were to only be interfering.

 ( Lunch )

     Kaede's P.O.V

       Sitting with Asa I explained to her what's happened the past couple of weeks, and she listens intently and nods her head here and then. At last it's time to tell her about this ominous feeling and when I finished she tells me"Maybe something is indeed gonna happen to you Kaede, and whether it's good or bad your gonna have to accept it" Asa claimed. Hearing Asa say that took off alittle edge but the rest remained. And more so I feared what life had planned for me, especially if it was something or someone that hurt me or my loved ones. And I also knew whatever or whoever it was I had to stay strong, after processing all this I thanked Asa for the chit-chat and headed for my next class. Being that half the lunchroom was empty but I still couldn't help but think that it would be a bad thing, and in all honesty it frightened me. During class I couldn't help but think would it be me... or worst a family member??? Just thinking about it drove me crazy I couldn't think about things like that especially after..., especially after the tragic accident with Sakura. I had pushed away my thoughts just in time to see a door burst open to reveal a stressed yet worried Ichigo. His eyes wandered the room until he saw me, and said "Kaede Mother's in the hospital". As soon as the last word "Hospital" left his mouth I stood and stormed out the room. There was no time to waste my mother was in the hospital, and what better way to get there than on foot. Running, and running the only person on my mind was my mother, and the only thought running across my mind was "Why???".

     Ichigo's P.O.V

       Rushing to the hospital my mind replays the previous moments:

( 1 in the afternoon )

  Mother had went out to do the daily shopping and father had left before for work. as well as Kaede she left for school. So it was just me in the house, I was watching T.V when I got a disturbing call saying that my mother got hit by a car. I hung up the phone grabbed both my phone and car keys to my black and yellow BMW, and called Dad explaining the situation. Heading towards Kaede's school I had completely ignored school safety trying to find Kaede. We have absolutely no time to waste Mother could be on her death bed and we'd have no clue, so time is of the essence. Finally finding Kaede's class I waste no time barging in and searching the room for a pair of dark blue eyes. Having her in sight I shout "Mothers in the hospital" and she was up and out like lightening, so quick to react that my eyes couldn't comprehend what I'd seen. The last I'd seen of Kaede was her running out of the school gates almost tripping over her own 2 feet.

( End )

  Finally arriving I rusted into the mess hall only to see Kaede harassing the receptionist.

    Kaede's P.O.V

      Arriving at the hospital was very nerve racking and brought back a lot of unrequited feelings, but pushing past them I walked towards the receptionist. She looked about my age and an I.D card inscribed with the name "Crystal". "Misuzu Fuyou" I asked, she began looking up the room number when her phone rang so she stopped and answered it. I had waited about 2 minutes when I began to grow impatient, so I asked once more rudely "Misuzu Fuyou's Room". "Well as you can see I'm on the phone, so you can wait" Crystal replied, "Well-" I was cut off by Ichigo yelling out my name. I had stepped back from the counter, taken a deep breathe and asked once again nicely surprisingly she gave me the number. "1st floor room 10" Crystal told me before I raced down the hall. Finally arriving at my mothers room I see my father with his head in his hands and it saddens me, yet... makes me more anxious to see my mom.

    Ren's P.O.V

      Stepping out of my wife's room I'm disappointed in myself,, because right here and right now I'm defenseless, useless while my wife lays unconious in a hospital bed unprotected. And on top of that Kaede... how will she handle this??? This will break her I know it.Hearing foot steps near me then abruptly stop makes me look up but only to see Kaede, yet she takes no interest in me but only what behind the door that's imprinted with the name "Fuyou" on it. 

    Kaede's P.O.V

      As I near the door my breathe hitched... to be honest I thought I was ready to face my mom lying in a hospital bed, she was so close yet so far and I hated it. Yet the truth is... I was being delusional... I didn't want to see her while she's down and vulnerable, I wanted to see her prancing around the room singing sweet melodies and brightening up the place with her glow. But this time it wasn't gonna be that way and the longer I took to understand that... the longer I kept resisting these odds the harder this was going to be. So as I took ahold of the handle the one question that raced across my mind was "Am I ready for this???"

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