A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


7. Deep Depressions and Distractions

    Kaede's P.O.V

        I had officially missed 1 week of school, and Asa has been kind enough to bring me my H.W. I just couldn't do it... I couldn't go back to school, especially with this emotion called "Sadness" floating about. I have felt nothing but it since the argument sadness... sadness I thought. It clouds my thoughts, actions, and motives. And its killing me... its truly killing me and I hate it. I want it to be a distant memory ... I want it to wash away and bring about new emotions, just like the ocean. As I walk theses thoughts cloud my mind. I... I feel like I'm suffocating and I hate it, ...I hate feeling this way. I walked to my locker and sighed as I realized I let such emotions consume me. I was driven back to reality when the school bell rung, noticing I was 5 mins late I didn't bother to rush being that my head was in the clouds today. History is my first class so I headed off, while stepping into class I met a lot of eyes. Mr. Vega turned around shocked as I braced myself for my punishment. "Well, Miss Fuyou welcome back and since this is your 1st time being late to my class I'll allow this so... take your seat" he finished. I nodded taking my seat... today is going to be a long day I thought. I couldn't follow along... my mind couldn't focus, it wouldn't focus so I didn't bother trying. Instead I took out my song back and wrote down some lyrics to a new song.

"You're not sorry,

anymore, you don't pick up your phone"

I sang quietly.

    Louis's P.O.V

       I haven't heard anything from Kaede... let alone the boys I thought. Thoughts of Kaede clouded my mind, and the boys had finally got me to leave the house. As they bombarded me with questions and scolded me for my actions I blocked them out. Kaede... Kaede I thought. Finally, we had arrived at school and were not late surprisingly. I had looked around for a girl with bright orange hair but failed. Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn noticed my gaze locked upon Kaede's locker. Niall spoke up " Maybe she's not here today mate". But that's unusual I thought but continued on anyway. 1st period I had history with Kaede but- I was distracted by a door opening and closing. I had looked up to see Kaede. Her and Mr. Vega spoke a little before she took her seat. She took her seat... but she looked as if she were hiding something, and that something were her eyes. I tried to get a glimpse of those beautiful deep blue eyes... but she insisted on keeping them hidden.

     Kaede's P.O.V

       I had kept my head down trying to ignore the constant stares from Louis, I'd knew he'd get curious. But... I've been crying and crying that I've ran out of tears, and in result my eyes are puffy and I'm pink in the face. History had ended and I had headed straight to the bathroom, but only to get grabbed by the wrist. I turned around and saw Louis, and he looked concerned. I had also realized no one had spoken so I quickly spat "What?". Louis began to stutter a bit "I-It was just... It was just that you seemed a little off so I wanted to make sure you were okay". I stared at my feet wanting him to go away...to vanish because he was the reason behind my sorrows. " I'm fine" I replied and with that I scurried away.

( Lunch )

At lunch I sat by myself. I just didn't want anyone to worry. I sat outside in the school in the school yard. It was peaceful, ... and quiet I liked that. Then suddenly I stared humming the lyrics to my song, and thought about the music room. So I decided to take a trip there, out of the places in the school I favor the Music Room. I loved the view, the peace, and the sounds of each instrument. It's because, behind each sound, each lyric...lies a story untold, and what's better that telling a story through song. I picked up the guitar and pulled out my song book to the most recent page. I had fingered the cords and began to strum the cords.

All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around

I've been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down

And it's taking me this long but baby I figured out

And you're thinkin we'll be fine again but not this time around

You don't have to call anymore I won't pick up the phone

This is the last, straw don't wanna hurt anymore

And you can tell me that you're sorry, but I don't believe you baby like I did before

You're not sorry, no, no, no ,no


Lookin so innocent I might believe you if I didn't know

Could've loved you all my life if you hadn't left me waiting in the cold

And you got your share of secrets and I'm tired of being last to know-ow

And now you're askin me to listen cause it's worked each time before

But you don't have to call anymore, I won't pick up the phone

This is the last straw don't wanna hurt anymore

And you can tell me tell me that you're sorry, but I don't believe you baby like I did before

You're had me fallin for ya honey and it never would of gone away, no

You used to shine so bright but I watched all of it fade

SO you don't have to call anymore, I won't pick the phone.

This is the last, straw there's nothing to beg for

And you can tell me that you're sorry, but I don't believe you baby like I did before

You're not sorry no, no, no, oh ( 2x )

( Instrumental )


  As I finished I realized this song reminded me of Louis and I, and the problems were facing. But... what Louis fails to realize is he's been gone for 4 years and can't just waltz back into my life thinking everything is gonna be okay. Things change, people change, and grow up. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sudden appearance behind me. And it was Louis???, what is he doing here and overall did he hear???

   Louis's P.O.V

      I was worried about Kaede, and our meeting earlier told me Kaede was hiding something. Kaede never  was a good liar, so I skipped lunch and went searching for her. I found her in the old music room, how that brought back memories. I had been brought back to reality by the strumming of a guitar, I was taken aback because I haven't heard Kaede play in years. As I listened I had come to realize it wasn't one of those upbeat songs Kaede used to play when we were younger, it was a song filled with sorrow... and depression. I had come to the conclusion that she finished when the strumming stopped, I had many questions pondering my mind so I thought this would be the time to ask. I was hesitant at first but deciding to do so anyway letting my curiosity get the best of me, and came forward. I guess she noticed my presence because she turned around confused.

    Kaede's P.O.V

       He came a fair distance before saying something, "I haven't heard you play in a long time, ... something is different in the sound". He paused before beginning again " and that is... well the song is filled with sorrow" Louis finished. The whole time he talked I looked at my feet, and slowly as he spoke his last few words I looked into his eyes. knowing I'd get lost in them, knowing those same blue eyes caused me pain, and happiness at one point... I looked anyway. And he looked as if he were gonna cry.

    Louis's P.O.V

      Kaede hesitantly looked me in the eye, and I had finally figured out why she hid her face. Her eyes were puffy from crying and she was pink in the face. Knowing I had caused that pain I instantly felt a wall of guilt crowd my heart, and without thinking I cupped her cheeks with my hands. Surprisingly she didn't flinch away from me or run away. I ad dropped to my knees and tried to speak. But as usual when I needed my voice... at the most important times I've needed to speak or get my thoughts across... I couldn't. So we sat in silence... it was a peaceful silence and I liked it... I cherished. And finally I got to hold her... well some part, and slowly I felt as I was hypnotized by Kaede. I felt like I was in bliss and anything... everything felt synchronized. Our breathing, our heartbeat, and slowly I felt it  hard to control myself. I found myself wanting to explore every inch of Kaede's lips. The fight I had put out slowly began to fail me, and slowly I began to lean in.

    Kaede's P.O.V

       I was enchanted by Louis... I was under the same type of spell by his eyes. Those blue eyes that always seemed to brighten up by the most ridiculous things, that I ignored the fact that he had cupped my cheeks. For his eyes had the look of guilt, and I asked myself why???... why did this happen to us??? I had slowly began to pity the blued-eyed boy I had once called a friend. Louis had began to repeatedly say he was sorry while tears threatened to stain his cheeks, and as his former friend I worried for Louis... and I to began to cry.

    Louis's P.O.V

       I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm sorry I said. I couldn't take it... I had caused my only friend so much pain... that it kilt me. I couldn't care less about the kiss... I want her to forgive me. Then suddenly Kaede began to cry as well... I replied you always had a soft spot for people who cried. "Oh, shut up" she said and smiled. I was surprised by her actions and returned the smile before saying there's that smile.

    Kaede's P.O.V

       I had blushed, he was right I haven't smiled in awhile. Everyone tells me "My smile brings out the best in others" or " Your smile is part of your personality... your conscience, your inner self". Or sometimes people would walk by me saying "Smile" or "Where's that smile???" I smiled at the thought, then there was just silence consumed us once again. Louis and I were so... I just don't know how to describe it but we had taken notice that we've grown throughout time, and had become wiser, and cheerful. Louis ran his hand through my hair and said " It's grown out since I last seen you", then his hand returned to cupping my cheek.

    Louis's P.O.V

      The sudden urge to kiss Kaede had return to haunt me, and this time I didn't fight it. I took a quick glimpse at her eyes then her lips, and my hand that once held her chin. My thumb had glided across her bottom lip and... I leaned kin hoping she would do the same.

    Kaede's P.O.V

      Thud, dump... thud, dump. Was the pattern in which my heart speed, my breathe hitched and I couldn't comprehend what was going on. Louis had leaned in... for a kiss, and I know this is a dream for most girls to get kissed by the boy they love. But... what does this kiss mean to him???, I-I love Louis... I do but... I don't wanna give my first kiss to someone who got caught up in the moment. And just like that the bell rung "B-bye Louis" I said before leaving

    Louis's P.O.V

      The school bell went off signally it was time to head off to our next class, Kaede nervously jumped up and said goodbye before hurrying off. But before she ran off I shouted "Bye Kai" hoping she'd hear me... who am I kidding she'll never forgive me... and trying to kiss her well only add to the list of reasons not to befriend me. But I'll remember this moment... the moment where she actually talked to me without getting worked up, and most of all I got to hear her play. I smiled to myself as I walked to class, and mumbled a few of the lyrics of the song Kaede played.

( After School )

    Kaede's P.O.V

       I was tired, flustered, and sad at the same time. I replayed all the events that occurred today and thought I had a pretty reckless day. Arriving home I headed straight to my room, and plopped on my bed. I'd just lay there lost in a sea of thoughts, to tired to change my clothes, to tired to move. As I roamed my thoughts I slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.

( Late Afternoon )

   I had later awakened from the constant growls from my stomach. I had finished my lunch I guess, really never bothered to check to see what time it was... I mean who does your to busy to be worried about time anyhow. I finished my sandwich and headed off to do some H.W., which resulted in me not paying attention. So to calm my nerves I took a shower. As I let the hot water hit my skin I let out a sign and relaxed. And... suddenly I thought of Louis, and thought of that moment we shared. My hand hesitantly had risen to my lips remembering how Louis gently slid his thumb across my bottom lip, realizing what I was doing I shook my head to push away the thoughts of Louis. After my shower I listened to some music, went online, and watched some of the telly. And had finally once again fell into a peaceful sleep, with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring.

 ( Authors Note )

 ( P.S- Sorry for the delay guys just so busy with reality, family, and school that I've been side tracked. Also wanna thank all my readers who are reading along on this great adventure of love, and also for supporting me. Just... hope you enjoy the chapters. )

  Love, Ana   

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