summer memories

Hi my name is Savanna. I'm 17 years old, I work as a camp consular and I work with 5 other people. But may I say, that all 5 of them are guys!

Savanna lives in Wolverhampton,England. She moved there when she was 7, but never knew that this kid named Liam Payne lived there. But once she saw him at camp and got to know him, she got to know his 4 friends also....

So will this be a story of love and hate, or a tragic story of just hate.

read to find out!


2. chapter 2

Savanna's POV


Its the day we leave this camp and go back home. I'm not ready to see Gavin after that whole lying thing. But on the bright side I get to see all my friends again. "Hey Savanna, since we are getting back around 1 this afternoon wanna go somewhere?" Louis asked me. It was nice to talk to him and not have him flirt all the time. After I told him that I wanted to talk to him and told him everything he has been really sweet. All the boys have been nice to me now, and its nice to talk to them and get to know them. "Sure, where are we going to go?" I asked him. He looked surprised that I said yes. "Um, maybe to the movies then out to dinner. Or just walked around London if you want."


I loved this side of Louis. But I love this side of all the boys. "Sure, either of them sounds fine, where ever you wanna dive us to is fine with me." I said with a smile. I'm not the picky one. So I let Louis chose where to take us. He smiled at me and brought me into a hug. You see all the boys live around me. Either down the street, next door, or across from my house. And its kinda nice now, because I can call them my friends. 


All the boys came running up to us and took Lou away. I just laughed at them and they all turned around and smiled. I went back to my bunks and got all the girls ready to get back on the buses. "Savanna, do we really have to leave?" Riley, one of the little girls asked me. I got down to her level and smiled at her. "Yes Riley, we really do have to leave." I told her sweetly. "But I'm going to miss you so much!" She started to cry and put her tiny arms around my neck. It made me want to cry as well. All the girls came and gave a big group hug. "Its going to be fine girls. I'm going to be working again next year so you will all see me next year!" I told them. They all smiled and let go and finished packing.  



2 hours later.


We had just got off the bus and walked into the church that we were suppose to get picked up at. Well the kids anyway. I was talking to all the boys when someone comes up behind me and raps their arms around me. "Hey babe." Gavin said. Well this is awkward! Haha..... okay so this is really awkward because Louis is holding my hand and Gavin doesn't even notice. "Um hey Gavin. What are you doing here, aren't you suppose to be getting ready to hang out with the team?" I asked him. "Um, yeah, but I came to see you. So Louis are you coming tonight?" Gavin asked. "Nope, I'm hanging out with Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Savanna." He told Gavin. I started to giggle a little bit. "What are you going to be doing with my girlfriend?" He put the emphasis on the MY. I just looked at him. "Your the one that lied about having a game tonight. At least these boys wanna hang out with me. Now if you don't mind I'm going home to get ready." I waved to the boys and walked away.


I got home and took a shower. My parents aren't home. That's just awesome! I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on. Once it was at the right temperature I stripped out of all my clothes and hopped in. Once I was all clean I walked into my room and put on my bra and panties. I looked through all my clothes until I got to this pink 3/4 sleeve lace skater dress. I loved the color on me. I paired it up with some black TOMS.  (N/A heres the link to the dress!)


I let my hair be all natural and curly. I texted Louis to see if he was ready to hang out. I got a text back right away saying that he is on his way to pick me up. All he needed was my address. I sent him a quick text back with the address and sat in the living room waiting for him to appear at my door. I left a note for my parents saying that I will be out with friends and that I will be home before midnight, and if I was out later I would text them. Once I sat back down in the living room there was a knock at the door. Hoping it would be Lou I answered it to find him at the door. I looked up to meet his eyes. "Ready to go?" I asked him once he didn't say anything. "Yeah, oh by the way you look really nice." He said while looking down from embarrassment. I smiled and thanked him. Now off to an adventure to who knows where. Oh yeah, Louis knows where!



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