summer memories

Hi my name is Savanna. I'm 17 years old, I work as a camp consular and I work with 5 other people. But may I say, that all 5 of them are guys!

Savanna lives in Wolverhampton,England. She moved there when she was 7, but never knew that this kid named Liam Payne lived there. But once she saw him at camp and got to know him, she got to know his 4 friends also....

So will this be a story of love and hate, or a tragic story of just hate.

read to find out!


1. chapter 1

Savanna's POV


"Ok, kids! Lets go to the dinning room for lunch!" I yelled to the kids. I walked with all them and went to the dinning room. If you are all wondering, My name is Savanna, I'm 17 and I work as a camp consular. May I tell you, its fun, but.... I work with 5 other guys. Yes guys! No girls, just guys. They love to flirt with me. Oh here comes one now, and he flirts with me the most. 


"Hey Savanna, are you eating lunch with anyone today?" Harry asked with a wink. Oh gosh, why did I have to work with all guys. Oh yeah, because none of my friends wanted to work with me. And yes these boys go to my school. You may say that it should be fun, but you come work with them when all they can do is flirt. Oh and I forgot to mention.... I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! And they all know it. 


"Um yeah, I am, I'm eating with my group of kids, like you are suppose to do." I told Harry and walked away. Okay Savanna only this week left, then they will go back to the normal guys that don't talk to you at school. Now that I have said that, it sounds depressing. Wait what am I saying, I have a boyfriend named Gavin. He is on the football(soccer) team.


We don't have cell reception out here, so I told Gavin I would text him as soon as I get bars. I was just eating lunch when Louis came up behind me. "Hey love! When your done come over by me. I have something for you." All the kids awhed and ohhhed. I just looked down and said nothing. 


Randomly I got a text. What the hell, there is not reception out here.


From Gavin (;

Hey babe, Ik u wont get this till the end of the week, but there is a game that night and ill be out with friends after, so ill c u l8ter.


I was surprised at this. He said that he would be their, and its summer, there is no game. I texted him back, forgetting i told him that there was no reception. 

To Gavin (;

um, its summer, and school doesn't start for another 3 weeks. There is no game.


I can't believe this. I got done with my food and all my kids just wanted to go back to the bunks. I told them to wait in their seats. I went up to Louis and tapped his shoulder. "Hey meet me by the pond in half an hour, all my kids wanna go back to their bunks." He turned around and smiled. "Okay, sounds good, see you then." He ended with a smirk.


I walked all my kids to their bunks and walked to the pond. I found Louis there and sat on the grass next to him. "Hey Lou, your in football right?" "Yeah, im their star player, That's why the coach told me that it was fine to come here and help, why?" I looked down and decided that it was fine to tell him about Gavin. "Gavin told me that you guys have a game on Friday, but you would've already left so you could get a week of practice in." Lou looked at me, and i just looked down. "We don't have a game for another 2 weeks." "Then why would he lie, so close to me coming home?" I was about to cry. I covered my face and felt tears coming out of my eyes. This Friday would be mine and Gavin's year. We would have been together for a year. "I don't know, but it sounds kinda suspicious to me. I'll text him and find out whats going on. But as of for now, smile. I know I have been a major flirt with you this summer, that's only because i think you are so beautiful. Same as the other boys."


I looked up and smiled. "Thanks for listening Louis. It means a lot." I kissed his cheek, maybe we can be friends. "Maybe we can hang out sometime, me you and all the boys, and no flirting. Just getting to know each other." "That sounds like fun. I'll text Gavin and text you with what I find out." I gave him a hug not knowing what I was doing. "Thanks, talk to you later."


I walked away with a smile on my face. Louis isn't as bad when he isn't flirting and being annoying. I can actually talk to him and have a real conversation with him. 

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