Dying Inside (Louis/1D story)

Drew felt like dying every day until she found a guy to care and can relate and found four more friends to


3. I Know Where I Stand

Louis POV




       *I head tot he canteen and get my food but I don't know anyone, I see Drew and Jacob at a corner table. I walk over there and shyly ask, "Can I sit here I don't know anyone else?" Jacob has a unsure look but, then Drew says, "Of course Lou!" I was so happy.

Drew's POV

          *Louis asked if he can eat with us. Jacob was unsure but, I said yes. The rest of the boys but Harry came they said they were really sorry . I forgave them but, Jacob hesitated then forgave them. We saw Harry walk in with the Sluts draping their bodies over him. I saw fear in  Jacobs eyes. I said, "C'mon Jake you know I'm not gonna eat and Niall already stole your food how about we go dance?" He nodded. Once we were in the music room he put on 'Thrift Shop' again and started dancing. Then the CD turned to 'A-Team By:Ed Sheeran' me and Jacob started singing in harmony-


White Lips, Pale Face

Breathing in the snowflakes

Burnt Lungs, Sour Taste

Lights Gone, Days End

Struggling To Pay Rent

Long Nights, Strange Men

And They Say She's In The

Class A-Team

Stuck In Her Daydream Been This

Way Since 18

But Lately Her Face seems Slowly

Sinking, Wasting Crumbling like



               *We looked at each other and burst out laughing . All of a sudden 4 boys fall on the floor I laugh so hard. "What were you doing?" I ask after I am done laughing. Louis says, "We saw Jacob dancing and heard you singing so we listened." Jacob blushes and looks to the floor and mutters, "Oh yeah............." I said, "Isn't Jacob a AWESOME dancer!?!?!?" They all replied with a loud, "YES!!!!" I laughed and Jacob blushed. The rest of school was boring then the last bell rang. I ran to my locker, I get my backpack and skateboard. I was waiting for Jacob because we walk to the Junior High from her to pick up my brother Kade. Then when we get Kade home he comes with me to therapy. I heard screaming and then whimpering. I ran to the Gym. I see Jacob on the floor bleeding........Bad.......I ran as fast as I could to him. He was crying out in pain I told him to calm down and he will be fine. I helped him to the Hospital which was just a street down. We get there and I scream, "SOMEONE HELP MY FRIEND GOT BEATED HE'S BLEEDING!!!!!" A nurse ran and helped him. I tried to come with him but, a nurse held me back I screamed at the top of my lungs, "NO I NEED TO BE WITH HIM PLEASE I NEED HIM TO BE OKAY I NEED TO SEE HIM!!!!!" I fell to the ground crying and that's all I did for a couple of hours.....................................................

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