I am Motley, a Batman fanfic


2. Motley

I ran across the top of a building, my twin sister not far behind. I could barley see her silhouette provided by the faint moonlight.

I leaped from the rooftop, and landed safely on another roof. I waited for Blackbird - my sisters Anti-hero name- to catch up. My cape billowed in the wind, dark as the night that surrounded it.

" Dang, girl, why you gotta go so fast?" Blackbird finally caught up to me. " I'm all winded..."

" Sorry," I said. " It's just...I'm excited!"

" Excited to betray Mom and Dad?" Blackbird crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes, the only part of her face visible through the ninja mask she wore.

" To fight crime, Birdie."

She rolled her blue eyes.

I grinned.

My twin was incredibly skinny, you could see her ribs through the skintight black jumpsuit she wore. Flexible white rope had been twisted into curls and sewn into the back sides of her ninja hood. At her waist were 2 white belts loosely undone, hanging askew from her waist.

" Mom and Dad are criminals! Besides, I'm not going to fight anyone I know. That's my rule." Blackbird huffed.

" And you remember my rule? To protect out love ones by putting them in jail..." I began.

" ...so they don't hurt themselves." We finished in usion. She groaned. " I know, I know..."

" Besides, Batman said to start small. Punks and stuff like that. Were still too untrained to be taking on the big shots."

Blackbird rolled her eyes again.." Let's just get going.."

" Way ahead of you." I took off running.

" HEY!"

And we went off into the night.

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