A girls biggest dream

The girls have a big dream and one of them bumps into a band member of one direction while at the mall


2. telling shay!

Chloe's POV

"So Shay, we need to talk! I kinda ran into Harry while I wa- she cut me off! YOU RAN INTO HARRY FREAKING STYLES OH MY GOD!!!! She squealed! " was he so beautiful and amazing and his fine body was it good? She asked me! Yes but he's yours remember? You are perfect for him! But I wish they would go out with us you know like them being the only single ones! I yelled!

Shays POV

She met him and I kinda feel jealous but it's okay because she likes Niall and I like Harry so I think we will be good! But we are best friends too! We are planing on going to travel when she graduates this year I graduated last year so we just have to wait 6 more months! I have been posting videos of us singing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have been getting a lot of good views and nice comments and ALOT of likes! My dream is to go on tour with one direction and then get married to harry and then hopefully die with harry! I just can't wait because I know it will become true and chloe will be married to Niall and it will be all happy!

Harry's POV

Niall, I think I found the girl for you she is perfect when I met her today she has a lot of stuff in common with you! She likes fo- SHE LIKES FOOD!!!! WHERE IS SHE? I NEED TO FIND HER AND MARRY HER RIGHT AWAY!!!! Niall screamed in sarcasm! Niall, calm down, she said she lives like a mile from the mall on Calvin drive she lives one street down from us! "Oh, harry she sounds perfect for me and is she pretty? Funny? Has a cute laugh? Is smart? " yes niall she is all of those an she has blue perfect eyes and she said she has a friend that is really pretty and is IN LOVE with me! " Nice Harry you got this one good!

Authors note; okay if your confused in the cover picture Chloe is the blond girl and shay is the brown haired girl just if you wanted to know!

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