A girls biggest dream

The girls have a big dream and one of them bumps into a band member of one direction while at the mall


1. out of school for 2 weeks

Chloe's POV

We just got out for Christmas break. I can't wait for Christmas and can't wait to graduate! Just 6 more months an I'm free I will be 18 on February 14th and will be out on my own!

I was thinking to myself. I was driving to go pick up shay to go shopping * honk honk* and she came running out the door. She got in the car "hey, are you ready? Do you have everything?" I asked her. Yes! She replied. Okay let's go then. We drove to the mall. (Skip car ride)

We were at the mall and we went to go get some new clothes and one direction stuff! We were finishing when all of a sudden someone taps on my shoulder and it wasn't shay! I turned around and there stood Harry Styles! Huuuiiii I stuttered. Hi hun, will you do something for me? He asked. I course, I answered. Okay will you come with me and go into a store so girls stop mobbing me then will you hold my hand and walk out to my car with me? He asked. Yes of course I would! I said. Thank you. He replied. So I did what we needed to do!

He left and gave me a hug! Wow did that really just happen!?!? I thought oh my god! I'm so like about to die! I better tell shay! I'm a Niall fan and she is the biggest Harry fan I swear everything he does is just amazing to her!

Sorry guys this is a short chapter I will update a little later hope you guys will like my book!! Thanks! :)

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