These Four Walls

Jade Thrilwall, is a collage student at a University in South Shields. Jade is a lonely stubborn girl that has pushed everyone away. After her mother passed she never heard from her brother again. She lives alone with her one and only friend, Bailee. But one night, Baliee drags Jade to a house party and she catches a guys eye. But the next morning when she returns home, she has been informed by the police outside her house that her only friend has been shot by drug dealers. But Jade has no one to turn to but this guy that shes never seen until the night before. What will happen to poor, lonely Jade? Can she push out of her four walls?


2. Chapter 1

Jade’s POV

“Jaaaaddddeeeee!!!” Yells Bailee as she rips the covers from my trembling body. I was surrounded with used tissues my pillow was wet from tears, pieces of hair sticking to my wet face.

Her face drops, frustration filling it.

“Why do let this bother you? It’s been 3 years.” She yells angry as she opens the blinds, letting the late afternoon light shine in.

She was referring to my ex-boyfriend. Blake…he was my everything and Bailee never liked him. But I loved him with my whole heart…and when he passed from leukemia…he took my heart with him and I’ve just…never gotten over it…but he never told me he was sick…which is why I’ve taken it so hard…people say that things like this normally make you stronger, but for me it was the complete opposite…it made me weak, I cried about everything…I am forever broken. On top of that my mum just passed and my brother abandoned me.

“I love him..” I whispered but she was already gone.

I turned on my side and stared at our picture, the picture of me and Blake that was on my nightstand. Silent tears fell, I stared at it for what seemed like forever. Then a voice came from behind me.

“I’m taking you out tonight. We’re going to a party. You need to get out of bed, you better freshen up.” Bailee says from the doorway.

“I don’t want to…” I spoke plainly.

“Jade.” She says stern.

“Get up, take your meds and get in the shower.” She says pulling me up.

“Leave me alone!” I pulled away.

She throws me back onto the bed angry.

“You can’t push everyone away!! Just because you’ve lost your family and Blake!” She screams leaving.

I sat there and began to feel horrible for pushing her away so much…I finally dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom, purposely “forgetting” to take my meds.


After I finally showered it was just about time to start getting ready. I curled the ends of my black and blue hair. Then did a bit of light make up. I made my way to my closet, lamely dancing to music. I pulled out my pink, cut, Three Days Grace  t-shirt, and my galaxy mini skirt and my gray All-Star high-tops.

As I finished getting dressed I heard Bailee yelling for me.

“Jade! C’’mon!!” she called.

I finished my last touched then grabbed my phone and ran out the door to the car. And we drove to the house party. I’m not a drinker or smoker so I had no idea what I was going to do. I’ve never been to a house party. And to be honest I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was quite nervous actually.


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