The Split

16 year old Ashley Williams has a best friend named Gee and is in love with One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry cares about Ashley a lot, but he may be seeing someone else. Want to read the juicy and dramatic details? Want to find out if Harry and Ashley will be together and there is a happy ending? Find out and read "The Split".


3. Liking each other

Harry's POV.

Football is very fun. But Louis, Zayn and Ashley's team won. Gee, Liam, Niall and my team lost. Darn. After football, I am gulping down some water when Ashley says "Thanks so much Harry. That was really fun. Gee and I enjoyed it, and.." "Ashley" I say looking in her eyes. She blushes as I take her hands. "I enjoyed it too. A lot.". She looks down at the ground, shyly. I really wanted to kiss her then. Give her an intense kiss on the lips. Man, I wanted that so badly. But I had to know if she liked me back, before I did that. I didn't want to scare her off. "So, if you want, you and Gee can meet us at Starbucks tomorrow. We're heading there at 2:00 in the afternoon. We'd love for you two lovely ladies to show up". I smile. She smiles back. "Let me ask Gee". She runs towards Gee, who is talking to Niall. She asks her. Gee smiles and says something back. Ashley comes running toward me. "We'd love that" she says. I wink. "Tomorrow it is then". "Tomorrow" she repeats and runs away toward Gee. I watch as they head to the parking lot.  I liked Ashley so much. I wanted her.

* * * * * *

Ashley's POV.

"He is amazayn!" I tell Gee as she backs out the parking lot. "I could tell" Gee says smiling. "You looked at him like he was the only person on this earth". I blush. "It felt like that" I admit shyly. "How about Niall?" I tease. She blushes. "He's really cute" Gee says. "I could tell, you were chatting a lot to him". She doesn't respond. "What about?" I ask. She shrugs. "I was just asking him some questions. About his career, mainly. What did he think of it? Did he ever get tired of his fans? Stuff like that". "Well, tomorrow we have double dates!" squeals Gee. I frown. Did Harry want it to be a date? I thought. I hope he did. Because, I liked him a lot more than before . I think I love him...

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