The Split

16 year old Ashley Williams has a best friend named Gee and is in love with One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry cares about Ashley a lot, but he may be seeing someone else. Want to read the juicy and dramatic details? Want to find out if Harry and Ashley will be together and there is a happy ending? Find out and read "The Split".


6. Heart broken

Ashley's POV.

Gee is next to me in bed, as I blow my nose into a tissue. "He kissed me just yesterday!" I say sadly. Gee shakes her head angrily. "He is such a dog" she mutters. The image appears in my head again. Harry- hands on this girl's waist. That intense kiss. The same way he kissed me. I try to wipe that image out of my head, but it won't disappear. It'll simply be there forever. "How about we go to the mall?" suggest Gee slowly. "It might make you feel better". "I really don't want to go anywhere, Gee" I say miserably. "Can you just... leave me alone for awhile?". Gee looks a bit hurt, but looks like she understands, too. "No problem" she says getting up from the bed. "I'll go to the mall for a couple hours. I'll be back later to check in on you". "Okay" I say. Gee exits my room and closes the door behind her. I sigh, staring blankly at the bare wall. I loved Harry. Still love him. It seemed like her liked me a lot, too. I guess not. He'd rather be with that girl. Not me. I guess I don't blame him. Negative thoughts about myself wander in my brain. I cry for another hour, sitting alone. Doing nothing. When I hear our doorbell ring. I sigh and get up from bed, and walk to the door. I open it. There stood Harry, a shameful look on his face. Nose is red, eyes are a bit red too. "What the hell are you doing here?" I ask angrily walking away. He closes the front door behind him, then sighs wearily. "What are you going to say?" I ask, hands on my hips. "What? Just a little 'I'm sorry?' Huh?" "Ashley" he says. He takes my hand. I smack his hand. "Let go of me!" He lets go slowly, tears in his eyes. "You shouldn't be the one crying" I say my voice shaking. "I am the one that's heart broken here! I thought you l-liked me. a-a lot." I try to fight the urge from crying, but I fail. He walks toward me. "Ashl-" he starts. "I really don't want you here" I say angrily. "Get out". "No" he says softly. "I love you, Ashley". "No you don't now get out". ""But I-" he starts once again. "GET OUT!" I scream. "GET OUT NOW HAROLD STYLES AND I MEAN IT! NOW!". My voice is breaking from my screeching. His face miserable, he walks out the front door and closes it behind him.

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