The Split

16 year old Ashley Williams has a best friend named Gee and is in love with One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry cares about Ashley a lot, but he may be seeing someone else. Want to read the juicy and dramatic details? Want to find out if Harry and Ashley will be together and there is a happy ending? Find out and read "The Split".


5. Another sweet kiss

Harry's POV.

The lads and I, our in our van, off to Starbucks again. I swear we're obsessed with that place. Once we reach there, we head inside and order our drink. I sit at table with the lads and we talk. "So Harry you seem to be getting a lot closer to Ashley lately" teases Louis grinning. I redden. "Yeah well she's a great girl. Everything I want in a girl and..". Before I can finish the sentence, Niall says "And you two kissed. Wow". I redden even more. Niall must of saw. He WAS sitting behind us. "Oooooohhhh" the lads say. "I really like her, guys" I say truthfully to them. Niall smiles shyly. "I feel the same way about Gee". "Oooooohhh" the other lads say once again. "Really" says Niall truthfully. "I like her a lot". I am snapped out of thoughts when I hear a familiar voice. "Hello Styles". I turn around, to see my ex- girlfriend from high school, Stacy. God why was she here? And the worst part was... she looked stunning. Gorgeous. She was wearing a black mini dress and heels. Did she know I was going to be here? Does she stalk me or something?  A million thoughts are squished in my brain. "We're going to head off to the gas station" says Liam as they get up from the table. "We'll be back". "I can come" I offer quickly standing up. "No, we'll give you and uh..her some alone time". I glare at them as they walk out of Starbucks. Stacy walks towards me an evil grin on her face. She looks so sexy though. "Styles, I was thinking we should... you know get back together". I blink. "That whole thing in high leaving you.. it was SUCH a mistake!". Our eyes lock. Boy, Stacy was cute. I did want to get back with her again... I mean I just kissed Ashley ONCE I wouldn't technically be cheating on her... "We should" I answer nodding. I pull her close and kiss her. And it feels.. good.  As I let go of her waist, my eyes wander out the window and there I see Ashley, tears on her cheeks. Her face makes me feel like someone shot me in the heart. "Ashley!" I shout but she runs away and in a green Honda. I see Gee in the drivers seat. She gives me a angry glare and speeds off.

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