Heart in Two


3. three

Madison's POV

I rummage through the bathroom cabinet. I don't know what I'm looking for until I see it. A razor. I slam the drawer closed and then slump down against the wall. 

I'm scared. I don't know if I should do this. It would kill Harry if he found out. How can I be so ungrateful? But I need to let my anger out at something. I'll just scratch my skin, I think. I won't go deep. 

I press the razor against my skin gently. All the thoughts of Harry and Zayn flood back and I unconsciously press deeply. I grit my teeth together, trying to keep silent but a loud argh escapes my lips. 

It stings so much. Why did I even try to cut myself? I fling the razor across the bathroom as it hits the wall with a satisfying clink. I stare at my bleeding arm. I can hear Harry saying things outside but I'm too zoned out. I'm oblivious to what he's saying. 

Suddenly, he barges in. I try to pull my sleeve down but I'm too late and his jaw drops when he sees the blood on my arm. He swiftly grabs the first aid kit and starts to dress my wounds without a word. 

"Stop Harry," I whisper. "I don't deserve it." I try to push his hand away but he resists. 

He ignores me. He dabs at the cut and I wince as he puts a plaster over it. I suddenly feel really light headed. I clutch my head with my uncut hand and stumble into Harry. He grabs me by the shoulder and drags me to our room. 

I slump into bed. Harry caresses my cheek with his thumb and chills run down my spine. "Promise me you'll never do that again." He commands. I look into his eyes and suddenly feel so sorry. He's so sad, and it's all my fault. 

"I promise," I whisper. "I'm sorry." I add. He shakes his head. 

"No, I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean what I said." He says. 

"I didn't mean what I did." I reply, and even though I don't say what, we both know I'm talking about Zayn. Harry's eyes narrow and I'm scared he's angry all over, but instead he slips into our bed next to me and he sighs. I wrap my arm around him, feeling safe. 

Harry's POV

When I saw her kissing him, I was angry. Really angry. I was jealous. But most of all, I was scared. I am scared. I'm scared she'll remember and she'll hate me for the rest of her life. The Doctor said that anything could trigger her memory. When I saw her kissing Zayn, I thought she'd remembered it all, but she hasn't. 

I sigh, relieved. But what if she remembers... what will happen when she remembers? No, Harry don't think about that. It'll all be fine. I try to go to sleep, but everything is whirling around in my head. Everytime I close my eyes I can see her and Zayn kissing. 

I get up out of bed and turn around to see Madison fast asleep. I grab my phone off the sidetable and quietly walk downstairs. I walk into the kitchen and dial Zayn's number. He picks up instantly. 

"Stay away from Madison," I breathe into the phone. The line crackles a few times and I wait for Zayn to reply. 

"I hate you." He says flatly. I wince. It hurts every time. And the worse thing is, I deserve it. I did do him wrong and I shouldn't have but what's done is done and I can't take it back. I don't think I would take it back if I wanted to.

"I don't care, just stay away from Madison. You're bad for her." I say. I'm lying. I'm not telling him to stay away from her because he's bad. It's cause I'm scared she'll leave me. 

The line goes dead. I grind my teeth together as I throw lightly onto the table. The broken plate from before is still on the floor. 

I crouch down on my feet and sweep the shards of glass carefully. I pick them up without hurting myself. I chuck them in the bin. 

I'm about to walk upstairs when my phone rings with the call from an unknown number. You get a lot of unknown numbers when you're a celebrity. 

I pick up it up and the deep voice of a man says, "Mr Harry Styles? This is management speaking." Ugh. It's bloody late, does management not understand that? They get so annoying sometimes. 

"Yeah?" I reply. The man at the other end of the line coughs. I raise an eyebrow, and then put it back down when I remember that the guy can't see me. 

"You might want to check the Celebrity News Channel on the Tv. Like now." He replies. I casually say bye and switch the TV on.

I'm not even mildly interested. How bad can it be?" I flick to the channel and freeze. The remote slips out of my hand and drops with a soft thud on the floor. 

A large picture covers half off the screen. It's a girl and a boy, kissing. It's my girlfriend and Zayn.

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