Heart in Two


1. one

My name's Madison Brooks. I met One Direction on the 2nd of December last year with meet and greet tickets in New York. I was so shocked I had to make sure they were real. My way of doing this? Kissing one of them on the lips. I didn't expect it to mean anything, but I felt sparks that I had never felt with any guy before.

And it seems that Harry felt the sparks too because he asked me out and we started dating. I don't remember this part because straight after we started dating I had an accident and I forgot a few things, including when we started dating.

But we built our relationship over again and it was like I never forgot anything.


I grab hold of Harry, running my hand through his hair, smiling through our kiss. His hand wanders down my back, until it reaches my waist, and then his hand goes under my shirt, sending goosebumps everywhere. I push him away, laughing. "As far as I remember, someone has a interview to go to with Niall, and they'll be late if they waste time kissing their girlfriend." I mutter sarcastically.

He stares at me, and then leans in for another kiss, "Wasting time? I'm not wasting time,'' he says in his raspy, dreamy voice.

"No seriously, you have to go, look at the fricking time Harry!" I yell at him, pointing to the clock on the wall.

"Shit, shit-" He mutters to himself, grabbing his car keys and then shrugging his coat on. He pecks me on the cheek quickly, and then runs out of the door, swearing under his breath. I laugh to myself, turning my back to the door, to mix some batter for a surprise cake. I crack two eggs against the rim of the bowl when I hear the door open.

I roll my eyes. Now Harry is definitely going to be late. He must've forgotten something. I continue to mix the batter, ignoring him and his unpunctuality. "What did you forget now?" I mumble under my breath.

I feel Harry hug my waist from behind and I giggle, but when he rests his head in the crook of my neck, something doesn't feel right. Starting from the fact that his lock of curls don't tickle me, and that it seems as if he's shrunk slightly.

I crane my neck to see that it's not Harry, but Zayn.

I immediately push him off, swearing. "What the hell?" I yell, suddenly feeling really insecure and scared. Right after me and Harry became girlfriend and boyfriend, it seemed as if Zayn had a thing for me because once in the night he had crawled into my bedroom. Harry was so pissed. They don't talk anymore. Of course the band hasn't broken up, that would be disastrous. But Harry despises Zayn now.

"Why are you so scared? It's just me..." He says in his dreamy voice as he grabs my arm and tries to pull me closer to him. I stare at him as I try to take my phone out my pocket. As soon as he realizes what I'm doing, he flings my phone across the kitchen. I cringe at the sound of my phone smashing against the wall.

"You bitch! You ungrateful slut!" His eyes flash with anger and the grip on my arm hardens. Tears spring to my eyes as his nails bite into my skin. "You have such a feisty attitude did you know that?"

I open my mouth but only a squeak leaves it, "Please stop," I moan helplessly as his lips trail across my jawline. He doesn't stop. His hand lets go of my arm to hover down to my thigh. I take advantage of this and push him back and run upstairs to my room. I stop half way up the stairs to check if he's behind me, something I'll regret later. He takes these extra few seconds to catch up to me and his strong hands haul me towards him. I kick my feet around and crawl up the rest of the stairs as soon as I hit Zayn and he recoils in pain.

"Bitch!" He yells up the stairs in anger. I quickly get into my bedroom and lock it. I sigh, relieved. But my heart starts hammering against my chest again as soon as Zayn bangs his fists against the door.

"Don't worry, darling! Harry won't be back until the evening. You'll have to come out sooner or later."

And then he stops banging his fists against the door, but I know he's out there. I can feel him.

So I just sit there and wait. It feels like hours are crawling by, but I don't move. After a long time, I hear the door click downstairs. I sigh. He's gone. I unlock the door, and I'm just about to open it when Zayn barges in. 'Shit!' I yell.

Zayn laughs. "You're so gullible, it's adorable." He pins me to the bed and I struggle against him but he's much stronger than me. He smiles at me.

His hand trails down my hip to my legs. I try to push him off me but he's got me pinned down strongly.

"You're disgusting." I spit at him.

"Oh really?" He says.

"Help! Harry?!" I yell at the top of my lungs. Shit. Zayn's features harden and his face flashes with anger once again.

"What did you say? You still want Harry..." He shouts at me angrily. I hear the faint click of the door opening downstairs from months of getting used to, but Zayn doesn't realize. My heart dips. Harry's here.

"I said," I whisper to him and then shout, "Help!! Harry?!" I hear Harry's urgent footsteps up the stairs and then Harry enters our bedroom.

Zayn immediately lets go of me and I run to Harry. I hug him, nestling my head into his chest. He breaks the silence, his cold, emotionless words cutting straight through it. "Go downstairs."

He gently pushes me off of him and glares at Zayn. "No, Harry don't hurt him. He-"

Harry stares at me. "No I didn't mean it like that I mean-"

"Just go downstairs Madison." Harry says. He's never used my full name. Never Madison. He is really angry. I back out of the room and pretend to go downstairs, but really I hide in the corner of the upstairs hallway so that I can hear what they say.

I hear Harry's voice first, dripping with poison: "What the fuck do you think you're doing here?"

"I lost control, Harry. I love her. You gotta give her back." Zayn replies, and I feel disgusted, but confused. Give me back? I was never his in the first place.

"Is that why you tried to rape her?!" Harry screams at him. I flinch at his anger.

I don't want to hear anymore of their conversation so I tip toe downstairs and collapse onto the couch. My head whirls slightly as I slump on the couch, my eyes fluttering slightly. I just want to crawl into bed and never get out.

My eyes open suddenly when I hear them both clamber down the stairs. They're still glaring at each other, silently. Zayn peers into the living room and his features soften when he sees me. His eyes gloss over almost as if he's about to... cry?

Harry notices this because he narrows his eyes at Zayn. "Zayn, go or I'll call the fucking police."

"Really?" Zayn replies sarcastically, "Yeah because '1D member calls police on fellow member" will look absolutely great in the tabloid.'

Harry picks up on the sarcasm and says, "Oh and 'Zayn Malik tries to rape Harry Styles' girlfriend' won't?"

Zayn flinches, as if he's being accused of something he hasn't done, and then says, "This wasn't part of the deal, Harry." And then he stalks out of the apartment.

Confusion envelopes me. What deal? Harry drinks a glass of water and then sits next to me. "Are you okay?" he asks.

I shake my head. "He touched me." I shudder. Harry smiles ruefully at me.

"It's okay Si..." He reassures me. I shake my head. He takes me in his arms and snuggle into his chest. But after a few seconds I sit up again, uneasiness gnawing away at me.

"What deal?" I ask. Harry freezes.

He dismisses it with the wave of his hand. "It's nothing, don't worry." He smiles at me again, but I can tell that this time it's fake.

"No," I press on, desperate to know. "Tell me." Harry shakes his head.

"It's nothing..." He replies. I get up.

"Yes there is something! Tell me!" I say softly. I need to know.

Harry glares at me. "It's nothing, okay?!" He screams at me. I flinch at his sudden change in tone. He realises after a few seconds that he's hurt me, but I run upstairs before he can say anything.

I go into the bathroom and lock myself in. I can hear Harry calling out to me from the other side, but I get out of my clothes, run the shower and get in. The hot water burns my skin but I don't bother to change the temperature.

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