Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


1. Who's That Guy?

It was my first day in a new school. To only make that worse it was in a new town. Where I didn't know anybody or anyone. I was going to continue my year of being a senior in high school. It shouldn't be hard to make friends, since I'm not that quiet. But I am not very loud either so I am not the most socialist person. I just like to keep to myself but at the same time I love to meet new people. I would say I get good grades in school, never get in trouble, and always try to do the right thing in every situation. I just don't know if they'll accept me. I'm Jasmine, I have long dark brown hair, 5'5 I guess just average. I get dressed for my first day of school by putting on skinny jeans, vans, and black flowy shirt. I thought I should keep it simple and try not to outdo myself. Once I’m done getting ready I walk out the door and head to my new school …

I get to school a few minutes before it actually starts just so I can make sure I know where all my classes are and everything. I wait outside one of the buildings near the parking lot where a bunch of other kids are standing. I look around, letting time pass by while I’m waiting for the bell to ring. As I’m doing so, I hear a loud motorcycle engine roll up in the parking lot. It was pretty unusual for high school students to have motor cycles or even drive them to school. I look as a boy on it is riding on it and drives up into a parking space.



I tap a girl that was standing by me and ask “Who’s that guy?” She stares at me hard and nervously while she lowly whispers “Don’t look at him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t even breathe near him. That’s Justin Bieber.” I look back over to him and he takes his helmet off. He had light brown hair and dark eyes. He looked so intimidating it was hard for me to not stare. He brushes his fingers through his hair and locks up his motor cycle. The bell finally rings and I take one last look at him, then I walk to my classroom.

Once I get to class I walk into my classroom and I take a random seat near the back of the classroom. The bell rings and the teacher gets the class started. So I learned my teacher’s name is Mrs. Brooks. For the first 15 minutes the teacher is talking to the class about what’s the goal for learning today and what we are going to be doing and all that boring stuff. It was only my first day and I was already dozing off into my own world drowning myself in my own thoughts. Then a boy walked into the classroom nonchalantly. He was wearing all black. A black v neck, black jeans, black shoes with white rims. He took a seat right behind mine. The teachers says “Bieber, you’re late. Again.” ‘Bieber’says “Oops.” Blankly with no expression, clearly like he didn’t give a shit what the teacher was saying. “That’s one too many times. Detention. After school today.” The boy just mumbles under his breath “whatever” and although I couldn’t see him since he was sitting behind me, I heard shuffling like he was getting his books and pencil out. The teacher sighs probably having to deal with his shit all the time everyday.

Mrs. Brooks gives us an assignment and I begin to work on it. I start writing down answers until I hear a whisper in my ear. “Hey what’s your name?” as I felt someone’s hot breath in my ear, it startled me. I turned my head around. I forgot that it was that kid who showed up late to class and pissed off the teacher. He chuckles as he notices I got startled. I reply “My name is Jasmine.”and I continue to work on my paper making it apparent I didn’t want to make conversation. He is leaning against up on his desk with his arms on the table. I could feel his eyes on me as he was watching me write. He then says “Well my name is Justin.” He talks to me in a whisper, his voice kinda low, kinda seductive but I wasn’t really attracted to it. As I am still writing on my paper I say “Cool, nice to meet you.” still not looking up from my paper. He raises his voice a bit and says “You know Jasmine I’m not really liking how you’re not looking at me when I’m talking to you. Cause when I’m talking to someone I like to know they’re engaged in the conversation.” And he says that with a much noticeable attitude. Who did he think he was to raise his voice and say something so stupid and rude to me? I throw my pencil on my desk, turn around in my seat and look him in the eyes. I raise my voice too and say “Happy?” and I look into his eyes and I notice how beautiful they are. They’re like light auburn brown. Too bad his douche personality ruins it. For a second Justin gives me a death stare, but then his face expression forms into a what I feel like, sarcastic smile. Then he says “Don’t get smart with me.” I roll my eyes and turn back around in my seat. I continue working on my work until I feel someone kicking my feet from behind. I look up and sigh, and then I turn around and say “Can you not?” Justin smirks and then says “Sorry, it’s just that you’re so beautiful, you’re hair is so beautiful.” he looks at my hair and grabs the end of it for a second. “How do I know this is your real hair color, how do I know if it’s the same color on your..” before he could finish his sentence the bell rung. I huff knowing what he wanted to say, but I wasn’t gonna let him finish. I grab my stuff and walk out of the classroom heading to my next class. Justin of course comes up to me and walks by my side. He says “What, are you afraid of me?” I grin “Afraid? What should I be afraid of? I barely know you.”I pull up to my locker and put stuff away. Justin leans against the one right next to mine still talking to me. “You know Jasmine, people talk. They say things about other people just to make themselves feel better.”He stops leaning and is looking me straight in the eyes.  He finishes what he was saying in a low whisper. “I hope you’re not one of those people.” And with that Justin walks away heading to his next class. I stand there for just a second running through what he just said and seeing what that could mean. I shake it off and walk to my next class which was just right around the corner. I walk in there and find a seat and put my stuff down. As I am sitting down waiting for the teacher to talk, these girls that were sitting across from me started talking to me. One of them says “Hey, you’re the new girl right? My name is Caitlin.” I reply “Yeah, nice to meet you. I’m Jasmine.” The other girl by her said “Hey I’m Erin. Were you just talking to Justin Bieber?” I say “Well sort of.” Caitlin jumps in and says “You should stay away from him. Everyone says he’s full of trouble.” Erin says “Yeah he’s a bad kid, he gets in trouble for so many things, and on top of that, he’s a player.” A part of me was upset to find out that he was a ‘player’. Not that I liked him or anything it just made me mad for some reason. I nod and say “Oh, thanks for telling me.”  Erin says “No problem, you can sit with us at lunch.” I just smile and nod thinking about what they told me. So Justin was that bad boy. I wonder what kind of ‘bad’ things he’s done or if that was even true. I wonder what they had to say so I turn towards them and say “So…what kind of things has Justin Bieber done?” Caitlin looks at Erin and Erin looks right back at her. Caitlin begins talking and says “Well just about an endless amount of things. He smokes, steals, and has had countless encounters with the cops.” Erin says “Yeah he’s been arrested and he’s not a virgin either. He probably can’t even count the number of girls he’s slept with.”

I nod and pretend like I’m taking everything they’re saying into my own consideration for staying away from him but really, I was just wondering if half this stuff they were saying could really be true. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a player and has slept with almost every girl in this town, considering Stratford is a pretty small town.




Finally the bell rung and school was over. My first day didn’t go too bad considering I made two new friends, Caitlin and Erin. Class was dismissed and everyone had already left the building. I walk in the hallway to go to my locker and put my stuff away. It was completely silent expect from the noise of shuffling I was making. Once I’m done 15 minutes later I close my locker and Justin is right there leaning against a locker. I jumped a little for I didn’t know he was right there. I let out a breath “You scared me.” He chuckles “I can tell.” I reply “So why are you still at school? You don’t seem like the type that would want to stay here any longer than you have to.” “I wanted to see you.” I look at him “Me?” I start walking to the exit and he follows by my side. “Yes you.” I reply “Oh, well why?” Once we get outside he puts on his black shades “I want to take you out, that is only if you’ll let me.” I think for a second “Well I..I have to get home, my parents are going to be waiting for me.“ And I start to walk off that is until Justin grabs my wrist. I stop, look at my wrist then up at him. “You’ll get home eventually so why does it matter?” I bite my lip and am considering what I should do. “Are you nervous around me?” I pull out of his grasp and say “I’m not nervous. Don’t flatter yourself.” “Why are you getting so defensive?” I huff “I’m not..” I watch him as he takes off his shades, pulls out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. He scrunches his eyebrows and pulls out a lighter and lights it. He smokes and lets a puff of smoke out. I roll my eyes “You shouldn’t be doing that in front of the school.” He grins “Yeah and they say I shouldn’t do a lot of things.” I sigh “Look I’m not interested into you.” And I start to look down. “Or maybe you just don’t want to admit it to yourself.”

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