Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


15. Third Wheel?

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

I make it downstairs and I join my friends on the couch along with Kayla. Justin still hadn’t come down yet, most likely because he was still getting dressed. Alex says “When’s the last time you’ve been around in this town Kayla?” She replies “Um, not ever since I said good bye to Justin so like when I was 16.” Alex replies “It feels like it’s been forever.” She groans “Oh I know. It’s good to be back, but I’m just visiting.” Alex exasperates “What?! Only visiting? You never told us that.” She sighs “Yeah, well. There’s a chance my family might move down here again. I don’t know they haven’t decided, but hopefully.” During their whole conversation I was staring down and had seemed to be in my own thoughts.

I’m interrupted as my head shoots from hearing Justin make his way down the stairs. He let out a huff “Ah Kayla.” She stands up from the couch as Justin pulls her into a hug. I roll my eyes and flip my hair, not that I was jealous or anything cause I wasn’t.

He sits down on the other couch that was by her and says “So what are you doing back in this town?” She licks and bites her lip “Well my parents are just visiting, but they are also looking for houses down here.” He gets a surprised look on his face “Oh, so you’re moving back?” She sucks in her teeth “Well it’s not guaranteed,” she bites her lip “but hopefully.” She looks down at her lap innocently.

This Kayla girl did seem pretty and sweet, and maybe that was why I was feeling a little tension inside me. She tucks her hands inside of her thighs and scans her eyes across the room. There is some silence before she says “Well, my parents are making dinner,” she stands up from the couch “I should g-“ Justin stands up with her and rushingly says “But you just got here?” She replies “I know bu-“ “You should come over tomorrow.” She looks at him “Really?-“ “Yes,” he quickly replies “and Jasmine. I feel like you two should really get to know each other. We can do something tomorrow?” Justin gets a hopeful look on his face slightly nodding his head waiting for Kayla’s reply as she is quite hesitant. She opens her mouth “Are you sur-?” “Of course, we haven’t seen each other in a couple years, who knows if we’ll see each other in a couple more?” She grows a smile on her face “Well, you’re absolutely right. I’ll see you tomorrow., and the rest of you guys.” She adds “I hope I get to know you some better Jasmine.” I nod my head up “Oh yeah right. Of course.”

Justin says “Let me walk you out to the front.” Kayla walks in front of him as they head out to the front of his house.

So I guess I was going to be spending the day with Justin tomorrow and getting to know this Kayla girl. I honestly didn’t know what to think should I not like her or should I? I didn’t have a valid reason not to.

(The Next Day)

I woke up with a text from Justin:

                                  Meet me at the frozen yogurt place at noon. Can’t wait to see you!!😘😍

I laughed to myself at how cute he was. He didn’t really specify where the frozen yogurt place is but Stratford is such a small town so everything was all around the same place. It was 10 so I had plenty of time to get ready.

I showered and do my makeup, hair, outfit, the usual but I got done in 30 minutes. I really didn’t need to put much time or effort into making myself decently presentable. I sprayed on my vanilla perfume adding to my natural vanilla scent and decided to head out to meet Justin since it was already almost 12.

I arrive at the place and I walk in to see Justin and Kayla sitting at a table looking in deep conversation.  He notices me and instantly grows a smile on his face. He gets up and walks over to embrace me in a tight hug. “Hey Jas, I missed you.” I laugh “You just saw me yesterday.” He chuckles “I know but.. I still missed you.” I release from the hug but only halfway, our arms were still interlocked but we were facing each other now. “You look good.” I pointed out because he really did. He scoffs and we release from the hug. “Well you look beautiful, I like this color on you,” he points to my shirt.

“Anyway I’m here with Kayla and we were just talking… about our lives.” He sits down and I sit down by Justin. Kayla replies “Yeah, wow so much has happened since you were 16. I mean, I had no idea he has joined a gang since then.” Justin replies “Well yeah, after the death of my mom, you moving, I really branched myself out I guess you could say. Although I don’t really regret anything cause I wouldn’t be the person I am today you know.” She grins “Yeah it’s just you’ve changed so much. I remember when were 16 you were this innocent young boy and now it’s like there should be a warning label on you.” I chuckle as Justin laughs along “Oh you know I’ve always had that bad boy vibe even then.” Justin jokes. Kayla asks “I mean what’s your life like now? Jasmine,” she turns her attention to me “you two have seemed to grow quite a friendship,” I thought to myself ‘friendship’? I wouldn’t say me and Justin weren’t friends but I don’t know, I’ve just never looked at it that way. She continues “has all this affected you?” I think about it for a second “I mean a little,” I think about that time Justin snuck in my house after he hijacked that car and had to spend the night at my house. I nudge Justin “but he really leaves me out of that stuff.”

Kayla says “Justin, I just think you should be careful.” He sighs “Oh how I’ve heard that time and time again.” She replies “I’m serious, I’m just looking out for you.” Justin just fiddles with his ice cream cup. Kayla turns her head towards me “Oh my goodness Jasmine, we forgot to offer you some. Do you wanna go ge-?” She is interrupted from Justin sticking his cup of ice cream on her nose gently. He burst out laughing as she is frozen in shock. She scoffs but also starts laughing herself. She exasperates “Justin! I can’t believe you just did that.” He tries to hold in his smile as he licks his spoon.

He grabs a napkin that he had and wipes Kayla’s nose. She giggles “Thanks, I guess.” “Yeah well, I had to make you ‘unserious’.” He looks over to her and winks. Kayla giggles and pretends to take her attention off Justin by asking me “Want to get some?” She’s referring to the frozen yogurt. I reply “Oh no I’m good.”

Kayla and Justin seemed to reaaaally be bonding. I almost felt like a third wheel or something. I could tell Kayla was trying to include me though which I appreciated, but Justin? Not so much.

Kayla’s phone rings. She picks it up and reads a text. Still looking at her phone she says “I’ve got to go, my parents need me home.” She stands up from her chair. Justin stands with her “Oh okay. Um Kayla?” She looks up from her phone and up to Justin. “Yeah?” “What are you doing tomorrow? I mean, who knows when you’ll be leaving.” She replies “Yeah I believe that’s what my parents were just going to talk about with me.” Justin asks “So you’ll be free tomorrow?” “Yeah I can make it work.” He smiles “Great, Jasmine will be with me, right Jas?” I stand up “Yeah I’ll do that.” Kayla gets her stuff “Well great, see you two tomorrow.” She waves us goodbye and exits the door.

Right after she leaves Justin’s phone vibrates. He gets a text and reads it. His face went from happy to cold and like death. I stare at him as I ask “Is something wrong?” He takes awhile to reply before he says “I just got a text from one of the guys, it’s business I gotta run.” Understandingly I reply “Oh okay, u-“ He interrupts me as he kisses me on my forehead “I’ll see tomorrow, bye!” “Bu-“ Before I could even finish Justin scrammed out the door like there was no tomorrow. I was now standing there all alone at this frozen yogurt place.

I was bummed out a little but I understood it must’ve been an emergency. I decided to just head out to my car and drive back home.




This chapter was boring and sucked I KNOW. I was thinking about writing another story. YES I’m going to continue this one but I have a good plot in mind and I have so many ideas so I was wondering if any of you think I should? I don’t think this new one will interfere with NBT but I just wanted some opinions. What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Love you x

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