Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


2. Stay Away From Him


*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

It’s a new day and I walk into my first period classroom. I haven’t been at my new school long, but I surprisingly wasn’t finding it hard to adjust to. I’ve made a few friends and I know where all my classes are at. It’s more of just the town I’m not too familiar with. I sit down in my usual spot and get out my stuff for the class.

Justin walks in late of course and he eyes me the entire time when he is walking to his seat right behind mine. He was wearing a plaid shirt with a white v neck and dark jeans. He still had that bad boy look to him though I guess. Mrs. Brooks announces an assignment that we have to do and she is gonna assign us partners. I let out a sigh hoping that she didn’t put me and Justin together because then I know who would be doing all the work…me. Mrs. Brooks calls out names. “Lauren and Ryan. Jasmine and Justin.” I let out a groan and it was a bit louder than for what I meant it to be. From behind Justin leans up against my back and whispers in my ear “Come on now, don't be like that Jasmine.” His voice was kind of harsh and pretty cold. I just nervously scan my eyes all around the room. Honestly I was pretty annoyed Justin was my partner but it was just for an assignment so I bared with it. The teacher tells us to start working with our partners so that’s what everyone starts doing. I turn around so I can talk to Justin. I say “You can come over to my house so we can work on the project.” He smirks “And is that all we are gonna do?” I roll my eyes “You sure are annoying Bieber.” He grins “I’m not the only one.” “So what, now you’re telling me that I’m annoying?” He grins “I’m not saying anything Jasmine. Or can I call you Jas?” I reply “Um I don’t care.” Then the bell rings. As I am packing up Justin says “I’ll see you tonight.” and he gets a suspicious smile on his face. I just give him a sarcastic smile. I was actually kind of nervous about Justin coming over. Only because my parents are strict Christians and they always tell me to stay away from the “bad kids” and I guess you could say Justin was one of them. Hopefully he just doesn’t give them a bad impression.  


It was finally time for lunch. My favorite period of the day. I tell Caitlin and Erin that I’m going to catch up with them because I just had to put stuff in my locker. Everyone was already in the cafeteria so there was no one in the hallway. I walk in the hallway playing on my phone. Then I get to my locker and start putting some books away. I close the door of my locker and Justin is leaning right against the one next to mine. I get startled. Like usual. He laughs “What did I scare you?”I let out a breath “Jeez, you’re good at doing that.” He smirks “I’m good at doing a lot of things babe.” I say “Don’t call me that.” He presses me against my locker and gets closer to me. He replies “Call you what?”Obviously playing stupid. “Babe. I’m not your babe.” I try to get out of our position but he presses his hand against the locker so I couldn’t escape. He leans in closer to me, so close I could feel his hot breath and his heart beating. He stares at me in the eyes and I stare at him back. He starts looking at my lips and leans in a little closer. He stays like that for a second and then he quietly says “I really want to kiss you.” And I can feel his hot breath against my mouth. He’s so close the only thing I can stare at is his lips. But I didn’t want him and I wasn’t going to do that. I put my hands on his stomach and push him while I say “Justin, stop.” I don’t know if I could tell right, but his stomach felt toned. To make things less awkward I say “I- I guess I’ll see you when you come by later.” Justin just nods and I walk into the cafeteria to sit with my friends. First I get my food then I go find the table where Caitlin and Erin are at and I sit with them. Erin says “Well that took you quite awhile.”I laugh and say “Yeah and I had t-to pee.”I stutter a bit as I make up an excuse from the top of my head. They both just nod understandingly. Caitlin then says “Did Mrs. Brooks assign you that project with a partner?” I nod “Yeah.” And I start digging in to my food. “So who’d you get?” “Justin.”I say nonchalantly sort of forgetting that would be a big deal to them. “Bieber?”Caitlin says a bit loud and shocked. I take a sip of water “Yeahhh.” And I kind of realize how awkward that was. Then she replies “Well I wish you luck girl. Don’t become ‘friends’ with him. He’s nothing but trouble.” I nod my head up “Right I’ll note that.” Even though I really didn’t care. She then whispers “I hear he’s even in a gang.”I don’t like Justin but I just don’t know why so many people were against him. All they say is he’s ‘bad’and ‘trouble’.


I was at my house chilling on my bed and then suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I jump off my bed and run downstairs to go open the door. Right when I put my hand out to open the door, Justin opens it himself. He says “You should really lock your doors.” And he chuckles. My mouth is just hanging open stunned as how he just barged into my house like he owned it. I say “Well if you would’ve just waited a second I would open the door for you.” He shakes his head “Nah you took too long, I was getting bored out there?” I scrunch my eyebrows at how stupid he sounded. He ignores me and walks past me like this is home. I turn my heels around and say “Um do you think you own this place or something?” He turns to look at me. “You know I don’t like smartasses Jasmine. Now let’s just get down to busine-“ Before he could finish his sentence my mom walks in from the kitchen. He turns around and she says “Hiii, you must be..?”and she waits for him to answer. He replies “I’m Justin. Justin Bieber. It’s nice to meet you.” She smiles “I’m Barbara. Jasmine’s mom, it’s nice to meet you.” Justin puts his hand on his chest and says “The pleasure is mine.” I interrupt and say “Oookay well um, we have to work on our project now.”

I run up the stairs and Justin follows behind me. We walk into my room and Justin sits on my bed as he looks all around my room. I start talking to him and say “I thought you were supposedly a ‘bad boy’ though you’re nice to my mom?” He replies “Look I’m not a jerk. I’m a gentlemen. I’m not cocky all the time sweetheart.” I roll my eyes “Whatever, now look I’m not going to do this whole project myself.” He puts his hands up in defense “Alright alright. Get it started then.” I grab the materials needed and work on my big desk I have. Justin says “Look I have an idea, how about you do the writing and drawing and shit and I’ll color.” I sigh “I guess. Since I know that’s the only work you’ll agree to.” He says “Sweet.” And he plops onto my bed laying down. I say “Don’t get too comfortable.” I say as I’m doing the work. He chuckles. I hear him get off the bed and stand up. I turn my head for a second and I see him being nosy, observing my stuff. I don’t say anything I just lightly shake my head. I get up for a second to go get something in my bag. I am surprised when I feel Justin wrap his arms around my waist. I feel his hot breath in my ear as he whispers “Are you sure you really want to be doing this project right now?” His voice is so raspy and relaxing I’m mesmerized for a second. I pull out of his grasp “Uh yeah Justin. That’s the only reason why you’re here.” I walk to the other side of the room to get something. Justin sighs “Why do you act like you don’t like me?” he looks me right in the eyes. I could tell he was being legitimate as he was asking me this question. I look at him and say “It’s not that I don’t not like you. But I know your reputation.” Justin sits on the bed and says “And what exactly do you mean by you know my reputation?” I reply “Well people talk, I’ve heard about you, and the stuff you’ve done.” I see his jawline move and then he says “And you believe them?” I shrug “I don’t know.” And I start to look down. He walks over to me and asks me, his voice quiet “What do they say?” I look up at him. “They say you’re a player, you steal, smoke, all trouble.” There is a quiet pause. Then I begin to say “Justin..are you in a gang?” He replies with “I guess some of the things that go around about me are true.” I took that answer as a yes. There is yet another awkward pause. I walk back over to my desk and continue finishing up this project. I say “Well I’m just gonna finish this up.”


Finally about after another 30 minutes I finished the project and yeah Justin didn’t do anything but it’s what I figured anyway. We both kind of rubbed off our awkward conversation earlier but I knew we both didn’t forget. While I’m completing finishing touches I say “Aaaand done.” I get up from my chair and I turn around to see Justin jump off my bed and high five me while he says “Yesss good job.” I say “Yaaaaay, you can leave now.” And I lead him to the exit of my door but he stops me and says “Heyyy why so soon?” I reply “Well you’ve already been here awhile.” Justin pouts and says “But I don’t want to leave just yet.” Now I’m the one to do a pouty face and say “But I want you to.” Justin put his hand behind my neck and rubs my cheek with his thumb. He seductively whispers into my ear “Just a few more minutes, please.” Justin was trying to get me in a trance, but I wouldn’t let him. Suddenly my mom walks in my room saving me. Yet it was also kind of awkward because it looked like we were doing stuff. She says “What’s going on here?” I pull away from Justin’s grasp and say “Nothing. Justin was just was just about to leave.”  She says “Well alright I think it’s time for you to go Justin.” Justin says “Right. Well I’ll see you tomorrow Jasmine.” I say “See ya.”and he says goodbye to my mom. He walks past her through the doorway and my mom waits until he has left the front door to talk to me. Once she hears the front door shut closed she says “Jasmine stay away from him.” I’m kind of shocked at how assertive my mom’s being. “What? Why?” “Our new neighbors have told me. He’s a bad kid, he’s nothing but trouble. He’s involved in gangs; I don’t want you dating him.” I reply “Dating him? I’m not dating him. We had a project to do.” “Well I walked in and saw you two. For goodness sake the boy was touching you in a way he shouldn’t have been.” I sigh “I’m not even in to him.” She says “Either way friends or more than friends I don’t want you guys to be talking to each other. At all. Is that understood?” I sigh “Yes mom.” I only said that to make her shut up cause I know that’s what she wants to hear. It seemed like there was not one person in this town that I’ve met that wasn’t so against Justin Bieber.



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