Nothing But Trouble

A bad boy fairytale...
Jasmine is the new student. Justin is the bad boy that everyone stays away from. When Jasmine moves to this new town Justin grows a love interest for her. He's known as a player but can Justin Bieber fall in love? When a bad boy is only known for smoking, drinking, and partying can he become soft for a special girl? They say he's nothing but trouble. He's the kid you're parents warned you about.


14. Playing at the Pool

*Jasmine’s P.O.V*

“Guys it’s not even summer yet.” I say as Caitlin, Erin, and Alex were all insisting on going out to tan. “So? It’s pretty much about to be and I have to get summer ready by getting a tan.” Caitlin exasperates. I reply “Can’t you guys tan when it’s summer? Isn’t that when you get summer ready?” Erin replies “Jasmine everyone knows you have to be tan before summer, we have to get pre summer ready, so we out do everyone,” I lick my lips and nod “duh.” She jokingly adds. We were all already standing in our bikinis, ready to go out in the backyard. We were at Justin’s house since they all insisted since they claimed he had the best backyard ever. Which I had to admit, it was true. It had a nice pool, lounge chairs and I mean, there were even decorative pillows on the chairs. It was quite nice and fancy. We had made it downstairs and headed out to the pool. Caitlin and Erin were putting on sunscreen while I had already done so. I put on my sunglasses and am the first one to lie on the lounge chair to relax and tan. I was wearing a bandeau pink bikini and had to admit it complimented my skin tone well. Caitlin, Erin and Alex had finally settles themselves and were laying out soaking up the sun just as much as I was. After about 20 minutes maybe of lying out, I hear the backyard door slide open, and footsteps come closer. I don’t open my eyes and look up until I hear “Care if I join you ladies?” Of course it was Justin, only in his trunks and sunglasses holding his phone and a water bottle. I say “Nah, you can go.” Caitlin jumps in “Jasmine, how come you don’t want to spend time with your boyfriend?” I forgot I quite haven’t told them that our relationship wasn’t actually real. I suck in my teeth “Yeaaah, about that…” Erin adds “I mean, it’s okay to have your alone time. You don’t want a clingy relationship.” I reply “No it’s not that, it’s me and Justin aren’t actually dating. We were kidding, it’s a long story but we were faking it just for the night.” Alex adds “What?! Tell us later, but you are not getting away without telling us the full story.” I sigh “Don’t worry I will.” Justin sits on a lounge chair next to mine. Erin exasperates “Ugh, I’m so sweaty,” she sits up “I’m gonna go get a drink, anyone else gonna come?” Alex looks over to me then Justin, then me again. She says “Yeah I will, Caitlin come on.” Alex gives Caitlin a look then nods her head in our direction. Caitlin looks over at us realizing what Alex meant, probably meaning she wanted to get us alone. They head to the outdoor fridge leaving me with just me and Justin. I lay back down getting comfortable as I stare at the sky. Although from the corner of my eye I could feel Justin’s eyes on me. As if they were scanning my body. He finally says “You know, I’ve never seen you like this.” I turn my head towards him “What do you mean?” He replies “Just in a bikini, like with barely anything on you.” My body stiffens and I don’t know why. Maybe because I was nervous around him? Or nervous that he was enjoying it so much. I tease “That’s just about as much as you’ll see.” I chuckle to myself and face my head up back towards the sky. There is a slight pause until Justin then says “I forgot to tell you, thanks.” I look back over to him. “For what?” “You know, the other night when you pretended to be my girlfriend.” I reply “Oh, you’re welcome Justin, it really wasn’t a big deal.” He asks “Really?” “Yeah, I just hope you were able to outdo Chaz like you wanted,” I add “Did you get her number?” “Huh?” He acts confused. I say “That girl. The one you were talking to in the lobby. Did you get it?” Justin then seems to feel a bit awkward as he sucks in his lips and sticks his tongue on the side of his mouth. He slowly replies “No..I didn’t actually. Jas, I didn’t like her like that anyway. It’s not like that.” “Ok.” I say blankly emotionless. I take off my sunglasses still not looking at him. There’s a pause before he asks “..Are you mad at me?” I sit up as I look at him and smile “No, why would I be? I’m fine.” There was definitely still tension in my voice, but obviously it’s not like Justin could tell. “Oh good.” He says with a relieved tone. I then lay down on my stomach, trying to get the back side of me tanned. I ask him “Justin, can you put some sunscreen on my back?” He was browsing on his phone but suddenly looked down at me when I asked. He replies “Oh, yeah sure.” He grabs the sunscreen bottle but I quickly add “Oh wait Justin, first unhook the back of it.” I was referring to back of my bikini. He slowly does so as I feel the clasp of my top loosen. “Thanks,” I say as then hear him pour the bottle in his hands and rubs his hands against my back. I add “Don’t forget my upper thighs.” I knew I was teasing him and I found it so enjoyable for some reason. I feel him sprawl his fingers up my thighs rubbing and finishing it up. I tried to madke sure he wasn’t thinking about that girl at the restaurant anymore and I think I did a pretty good job. He stands up and stretches his arms out. “Thanks Justin.” I say as he gets back on his lounge chair. He replies with “Not a problem.” I turn my head the other direction, finding it more comfortable as I relax and soak in the sun. After a few minutes of laying, I feel a splash of water on my leg. I lift my head up turning around, making sure not to lift my whole body up of course. I turn my head over to Justin and see him sitting up with his water bottle that I’m guessing he just splashed me with in his hand. I ask “What was that for?” He replies “Sorry babe it was an accident.” He smirks as he sips his water. I’m still confused but just reply “Oh…it’s okay.” I lay my head back down, trying to tan some more. A couple minutes later Justin says “Hey Jas look I have to show you something.” I turn my head back over to him. “What is it?” “It’s on my phone, come over here and I’ll show you.” I now saw what Justin was doing. He was trying to make me get up so I’d be topless right in front of him. I roll my eyes once I realize and tell him “Nice try.” I turn my head away from him and continue my tanning. He then asks “Jas can I ask you something?” “What?” I say annoyed not even turning my head to look at him. “Would you consider losing your virginity to me, right now, in this poo-“ I interrupt him as I say “NO.” in a harsh tone. Not even a couple minutes later I feel more splashes of water hitting against my skin. I try to ignore it, not giving him the attention he wants. He keeps doing it and calls my name “Jaaas.” He used more of a singing tone. “Jasmine,” He sounded like he was talking to a dog. “Jasmine, come on get up. You know you want to.” Finally after all the ignoring I groan as I hook on the back of my bikini myself. “Gosh Justin, I can’t even get a good tan now because of you.” He replies “Nah it didn’t have to be that way.” I stand up and ask “Where did they all even go?” I was referring to Caitlin, Erin, and Alex. Right as I said that they walk out but in their clothes all fully dressed like they were going to go somewhere. I ask “You guys are done? You didn’t even go swimming or get wet.” Erin says “Yeah, we only go in the water on occasion. We’re going to get ice cream, you want anything?” I scoff “You guys didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go?” Caitlin says “Well we saw you busy with Justin. We didn’t want to interrupt that.” I sigh “Oh it’s fine, and I don’t want anything.” Alex says “Great be back in a bit. Don’t have too much fun you two.” I sarcastically smile at her and raise my eyebrows “Right.” They leave, leaving just me and Justin. I turn over to him and he wasn’t even paying attention. He was laying all the way down looking up at his phone. I walk over to him and sigh as it was really quiet between us. I ask him “You want to go swimming? I’m so hot now.” He doesn’t answer me. “Justin?? You didn’t answer me.” He still doesn’t answer me, he just keeps staring at his phone and is doing whatever he is doing on there. I stand right in front of his chair. “Why are you ignoring meee?” I whine. He replies “Yeah, one second.” That didn’t even make any sense??? I reply “Did you even listen to what I said? I’m hot and need to get in the water. I’ll be bored by myself, I need to you come in with me!” He still is so distracted by his phone. I was craving attention at this point. I hate being ignored and the more I am ignored the more attention I need or else I will be driven insane. That’s when I climb on top of him and straddle him as I sit on top of him. “Didn’t you hear me? I said I wanted to get wet.” I slur the last word and from my sudden movement I feel his body stiffen. He was still staring at his phone but oh I could tell that was not what he was thinking about. He slowly takes his eyes off his phone as lifts his head up and scans my whole body all the way down to the contact of our private areas. I get off of him not letting him enjoy it too much as I ask “So what do you say?” He replies “I say yeah, but only for you.” I laugh to myself as I get in the pool. Justin follows in and I dunk my head in the water. I slowly come out, making all my hair pushed back as I suddenly feel him push me against the wall of the pool. He presses our bodies together so I could feel his cool wet skin against my stomach and not to mention to feel his erection too. He purred “You feel that? That’s all for you.” He was hovering over me more than anything. I didn’t say anything, there was nothing but just the sound of our breathing which mine was pretty heavy since I was taken aback by his sudden yet invasive actions. I feel his hands travel down the sides of my body as they go down to my ass and he squeezes it causing me to softly gasp and I wrap my legs around his waist, while pulling his body closer to me if that was even possible. He breathes in my ear “I bet you feel so good,” he adds more lowly “I like it tight.” I lightly chuckle “How would you know?” He softly asks “What do you mean?” I reply “How would you know I’m a virgin?” He sighs “Well baby it’s just your so innocent an-“ I interrupt “You’ve just always assumed, it’s not like I’ve ever told you.” He gets a suspicious grin on his face “Well maybe you haven’t told me,” he tugs on my bikini bottom “but maybe you could show me.” I decide to lead him on, just for fun as I smile and bite my lip noticing him leaning in to kiss my neck but I remove my grasp from him and dive under the water escaping him as I also tricked him.

We both finally decide that we have had enough swimming and sun so we head back inside the house. We are just chilling in the kitchen as Justin looks through the fridge and says “You know all that swimming made me hungry.” He closes the fridge doors not finding anything. He leans against the counter and sighs. I walk up to him as I reply “You have so much food in this house, it’s crazy.” I lean in closer to him as he says “What if I’d rather eat something else like—“ I smile and bite my bottom lip as I start to press my body against his until we here the front door open, and that’s’ when we both stop what we were doing. I jump out of our position making sure nothing was too obvious although it was to a small extent. It was Erin, Caitlin, and Alex who all walk in with their ice creams. Although there was another girl with them, who looked very familiar like I’ve seen her somewhere. That’s when it hit me, I had seen her somewhere. It was that girl Justin talked to or should I say “flirted with” at the restaurant. Alex says “Hey Justin, look who we ran into while we were out. Kayla!” Justin says “Oh yeah, I saw her the other night also. It’s good to see you back around here.” Justin turns over to me “Jasmine this is Kayla. We were really good friends when we were younger, kids.” He turns his head to Kayla “Unfortunately when we were 16, Kayla moved.” I nod “Oh well it’s nice to meet you.” She smiles at me “No, it’s my pleasure. Are you two together?” I shake my head and look at Justin then down “Oh, no.” Kayla then looks at Justin and scans down his body “Wow, I can’t believe how much you’ve changed.” Justin smirks “Yeah, well, puberty I guess.” She’s then the one to get a smirk on her face as she replies “And the gym.” Justin sucks in his lips and looks down knowing that I was right there. I’m guessing because he didn’t want me to get the idea he was into her. If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure I just witnessed her flirting with him. After no one says anything Kayla says “Well, it’s good to be back. I hope to see you guys around.” Just as she’s about to head to the front door Justin says “Wait, you just got here. We should catch up? Let me run upstairs and get changed real quick.” He heads up to the stairs and she says “Oh! Okay great.” I say “Yeah I should probably put some clothes on too.” I excuse myself as I run up the stairs and head into Alex’s room to get my stuff. As I was changing I was thinking to myself, about how when Justin and I were out by the pool he never even brought up that she was an old friend, and I wondered why. I just met the girl, so I couldn’t really assume if she was bad or not. But just from the way Justin looked at her at the restaurant, like he hadn’t seen her in a long time, like he was impressed or amazed how good she looked after not seeing her all those years they were apart, maybe even grown feelings. Then I thought, maybe I’m worrying too much. Is there really anything to worry about?



Is Jasmine getting more frisky or what? And what do you think about Kayla, trouble or just an old friend?


thanks for reading love you x

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