My Life

This is my story for the Story Of My Life competition.


3. 11-now (14)

This time period was a very difficult one for me. When I was 11, my parents started to look at house. They enrolled me at an academy and we drove an hour every weekday to school for a few months. We finally got a new house and we moved in right before my birthday. My aunt and uncle moved out to the west and they gave me their cat for my birthday present. So that cat, Jack, was my first fluffy pet (i had a fish that died a few years before). 

At age 12, I started Middle School. 6th grade was a terrible year. I knew no one but at the end of the year I had a friend. We're still friends.
At age 13, Jack was dead. He died a few days before my birthday. I started questioning myself and God. I'm a Christian and I was questioning God. I think that was where everything started to take a turn for the worst. I was depressed for a few months but if you saw me then you wouldn't know how broken inside I was. My great aunt died too that year. It was a mystery on how she died but all I thought about was that she was dead. I gave up on my dream to be a teacher. I my grades started to drop and I changed. I still joked around but i got caught up in a bad crowd. I was stealing things and being mean to people. I started cursing and not really caring about anything. At home I would get yelled at and i thought I was worthless. I honestly thought about suicide. We started going to a new church and the message was on suicide. They talked about how selfish it was and I started thinking about how killing myself would affect others. I don't think about suicide anymore but i'm still broken on the inside. I have been for a couple of years but it's gotten better.
At age 14, this is my present. We got a dog named Toby. I have a small gang again but we don't go after people anymore. I now help people from bullies but i'm still broken and lost inside. 

That's the end of my story so far. Nothing more has happened but I guess I'm happy now. 

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