Distance Can't Tear Us Apart

This book is about how hard it is to have a long distance relationship.


1. The Begging

Mikayla P.O.V

I started messeging Harry. We were in a relationship for a month now. I lived in Inda... He lived in England. But, I'm just surprised that we are actually still together. I asked him why. The rest of our conversation was all about distance.

"Hey, can i ask you something Harry?"

"Yea, of course my love."

"How come we are still together yet we are so far away?"

"Well, i love you, to pieces and i told my self that we weren't goona let distance between us."

"Oh... I love you too."

"Well, i have to go my love, I'm at home, and my mum wants me to get chores done. Love you."

"Okay, love you too"

I just wanted Harry close to me so bad, i want to go to England, and live there with him.

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