Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


9. Chapter 8

Niall's POV

I look over and feel incredibly pissed when I see Melissa making out with some curly-haired asshole.

"Hey you there?" Louis says over to me.

"Oh, yeah. I'm Niall." I say back to them, I forgot to tell them my name.

I looked back at Melissa and saw her glance over at me for a second, then back to the bar downing whatever that ass probably gave to her.

"That's Harry, the dude she's making out with. They're always together. Probably banging each other non-stop." Zayn says and Louis laughs with him. I just grit my teeth wondering why I'm still pissed about it.

"What the fuck." I groan and gulp down my beer.

"Rough night?" Louis says over to me. I just nod.

"We'll make it better." Zayn smirks over to Louis. I don't really trust these two, but, hell it's worth a shot. Anything to get my mind off of her.

Melissa's POV

My throat feels the familiar burn of alcohol as I downed the shot Demi ordered for me. I saw Niall look over a few times, so whenever I got the chance I took Harry and made out with him. He definitely didn't mind.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Nothing, come here." I said pulling him back to me, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Are you trying to make that boy jealous?" Demi butt in.

"The hell are you saying?" I spit at her. She just smirked and ordered a drink.

Harry looked over to me confused and I pulled him off of the counter and as far away as possible from fucking Demi.

"It's nothing." I say to him.

He just smiles.

"Where were we?" He says pulling me in and I just laugh, kissing him.

"We could go somewhere quieter?"

"How about a few more drinks first?" I smile, looking over in Niall's direction.

I order two shots for Harry and I, and as I was about to bring it to my mouth I abruptly stopped.

That skank. The fuck is she doing next to him!? I am about to explode.

Demi is trying to get with fucking Niall.

She looks over to me and smiles rubbing Niall's arm slowly.

"Look at what the hell Demi is doing!" I yell to Harry.

"Do you like this guy or something? All you've been doing all night is staring at him."

"I don't fucking like him Harry." I bark.

"Don't worry Melissa, Demi is just wanting your leftovers, it's nothing." He says comforting me, wrapping his arm around my waist and making me face him.

I smile and try to distract myself by running my fingers over his tattoos on his arm. They remind me an awful lot of Ni-.


I stop myself from finishing that thought.

Niall's POV

I joked around with Louis and Zayn, they helped distract me from Melissa. Well, more or less anyway. I still happened to glance over at her making out with Harry.

"Hey there Niall." Demi came over to me. Zayn and Louis had their fun explaining to me the school's situation. They told me all about Melissa's reputation, that she basically banged every guy in the school and that she had her little group. I don't know how much of it was true, but Zayn and Louis didn't seem like bad people.

They were honestly better people than what Melissa seemed to be.

"Hey." I say, gulping down my what was now fifth beer. She looked back and seemed to smirk at Melissa. She began to rub her fingers up and down my arm, trying to initiate something.

Was she trying to make Melissa jealous?

"I'm Demi." She smiled liking her lips.

"Do you want to go somewhere else? Get to know each other a bit better?" She said getting incredibly close.

I just nodded over to her and headed outside, saying my goodbyes to Zayn and Louis, telling them I'd be seeing them Monday.

It was always warm in California, even in November. Well it was warm to me anyways, compared to Ireland this wasn't much.

Demi started getting closer to me and I just waved her off.

"What is it." She said trying to get closer again and I just backed up.

"I came out here to tell you it's not going to happen."

"What?" She questioned.

"I don't want to do anything. I was about leave anyways."

"You're rejecting me?!" She shrieked. I guess she wasn't used to this.

"Sorry. I like someone else" I mumbled and headed back to my car.

"Like she is half as good as me! Who the hell is she!?" She said back to me.

May it have been the alcohol, but I didn't really hesitate to tell her.

"She is defintely better than you! It's Melissa!"

"You think she's so great?! Hah. She's way worse than me."

I just rolled my eyes.

"You don't believe me? Ask her yourself. She doesn't give a rat's ass about you. She'll fuck anything that breathes."

"Fuck off!" I yelled at her, heading to my car. She just ignored me and went back into the bar.

What a shit night.

Melissa's POV

I smile into Harry's chest and I look up to him.

"Hey where's Demi?" I ask.

"Oh, I think she left with that guy."

"What!" I jumped.

"So you do fucking like him!" He laughed. I just ignored him getting up and heading over to where Niall was.

He left with her?

With that bitch?

I saw Niall talking to Zayn and Louis so I went over to the two of them and asked.

"Where did Niall go?" I hastily said.

"Looking for a good time?" Louis remarked.

"Louis shut the hell up. Tell me."

I felt Harry place his hand on my shoulder.

"She's being serious, hurry the fuck up and tell her."

Zayn huffed.

"We saw him leave like 5 minutes ago with Demi."

"I'm going to fucking kill her." I said pushing through the three of them. I was about to reach the door as I saw Demi. She was wearing even less clothing than I was. I can't believe it took me all this time to notice how much of a whore she really was.

I didn't hesitate one second to punch her in the face.


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