Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


31. Chapter 30

Melissa's POV

"Well?" He smiles, wrapping his arm around my waist. I just look up at the ceiling.

"Just like old times.." I say lowly. I don't know if this was a good or bad thing. Was it that great going back to old times?

"Something wrong?" He asks, pushing his body up and I take a moment to respond.

Sure, I mean, nothing's wrong. I guess? I glance out the window and I hear Harry huff and he gets up, putting his boxers on and shutting the blinds completely. Shit I just realized I hadn't closed them properly...

Well, I highly doubt that anyone saw anything.

"Stop thinking of that idiot." He growls.

"Harry don't start." I bark.

"If you're so obsessed with him-"

"I'm not obsessed!" I yell. He just shakes his head laughing.

"Sure whatever."

"Listen, weren't you here to make me feel better?" I groan, rubbing my face and pulling the cover up to cover me.

"I'm pretty sure I accomplished that, after all that moani-"

"Shut up." I say as he comes back smirking.

"You're always in such a shit mood." He teases and I roll my eyes at him.

"Not my fault." I groan.

"Not mine either." He says and rolls on top of me.

"I'm going to get some sleep." I try to close my eyes and just forget everything.


I shut my alarm off, groggily trying to get up and feel an arm wrapped around me. Odd, I didn't know Harry was still here.

"Get up." I push him and he bolts up, looking at me confused for a second, probably forgetting he crashed here.

I leave him there and get dressed, preparing myself for another day of school.

"Let's take my car." He says peeking into the bathroom door. I nod and follow him out of the house.

We arrive and I take in everyone's stares. I don't know when people will ever stop putting their noses in other people's business. As I look at a group of those prissy girls, I am about to go over there before I see Niall block me.

I just glare at him confused.

He smiles politely at them and I just shake my head turning away. I hear a few giggles in the distance and I clench my fists to my sides.

I go back over to Harry, not wanting to deal with this shit alone and hopefully making Niall feel like crap knowing I'm near Harry.

I stare back at their little group and I see Niall flirting with some stupid slut.

I try to distract myself but thankfully someone else does it for me.

"Melissa!" Jamie yells coming over to me and Harry groans. I stiffle a laugh.

"What?" I say, not paying her too much attention.

"Do you know what happened to Liam? He seems really sick, he told me he went out with you yesterday so I thought.." She starts and Harry looks to me, laughing like an idiot.

"What?" She asks innocently and I look back at Harry laughing.

"God knows what that kid did yesterday." He laughs. I attempt to shush him.

"He just had fun, let's say." I say, trying to walk away but she impedes me by grabbing my arm and pulling me in another direction.

"Listen the f-," My eyes widen and I burst out in laughter as I see a hungover Liam clenching his head.

"Holy shit man, you didn't have all that much fun did you?"

"I hate you." He groans.

"Well you aren't the first." I comment.

"Why did you leave me there?!" He yells and quickly regrets it, holding his head.

"What happened?!" Jamie yells.

"Oh come on! It was one night, for god's sake, you drank a bit too much and did some weird shit, who cares?" I say honestly. Jamie looks dumbfounded and Liam looks at me with wide eyes.

"You did what?!" She scolds Liam and I roll my eyes.

"How could you let this happen?" She looks at me.

"Listen calm down, it's not like he did anything stupid, just made out with a few sluts is all." I add and I see Jamie start to tear up... The fuck did I do?

"Melissa!" He yells, and I notice that I probably shouldn't have said that..

Fucking hell this day is turning into shit.

"What the hell do you want from me!?" I yell.

"Nothing. Just go." Jamie answers and I scoff, storming off.

The hell is wrong with people. It was Liam's fault if he decides to suck on some whore's face! Why the hell are people pissed at me!?

It's not like they were together. Who gives a fuck. Damn.

I go back to where Harry previously was and find my eyes wandering towards Niall again. Thankfully the bell rings bringing me back to my senses.

He waves back to the group of girls and kisses each fucking one on the cheek. I swear he's doing this crap on purpose.

"You're never going to stop are you?" Harry's voice startles me and I jump for a second.

"Stop what?" I ask.

"Being obsessed with that guy." He slinks his arm over my shoulder and points to Niall. I just sigh. I'm not too sure on the answer.


I enter the classroom and our teacher decided to rearrange our seats. Niall enters the room and I am reminded that I have to now spend an enire hour with him.

She of course puts me in the front, thankfully not in the first few desks but I still am way too close and decides to put Niall behind me. Yeah. Fucking spectacular.

"Of course." He mutters as he sits down and I roll my eyes in response.

"What do you want?" I bark.

"Nothing." He mumbles and I sit down next to my classmate, who happened to be a nerd. Yeah. Poor kid.

"Have fun with those sluts outside?" I grumble over to Niall and earn a few stares.

"Sluts? I don't think you're in the position to be saying that."

"Excuse me?" I say turning to face him, not bothering to pay attention to the class.

"It's the truth?" He says shaking his head.

"Who the hell are you to judge me?" I whisper shout.

"Who the hell are you to break up with me and go banging Harry!?" He almost yells. Thankfully everyone was talking at this point.

"How do you-"

"We live next to each other for Christ's sake." My face turns white for a second, wondering just how much he saw.


"Don't even start! I can't believe this," He points between the two of us. "Meant so little."

"And I can't believe that when I tell you to keep your mouth shut you go and tell people my shit!" I try to keep my voice down but somewhat fail.

"You're still on that?! I made a mistake okay? I thought you'd be the first to know that you can't give up on someone just because they make one mistake!" He shouts and I don't know how to respond. The teacher comes to our desks, her face red.

"Niall, Melissa! Out of the classroom! Now!" She yells and I huff, not even thinking twice about it and heading out.

"Look at what you've done!" He yells as he closes the door.

"What I have done?!" I put enough emphasis on the 'I' knowing that it is just as much his fault that this argument broke out as it is mine..

"Well it is particularly your fault!"

"Listen, you're the one who made me pissed in the first place. Shall I remind you that, YOU'RE the one who told Liam my biggest secret and now to make me jealous after our break up you go around and hook up with sluts!"

"You fucked Harry!!"

"Oh boohoo, I did that all the time before you came along. It's your fault I changed so much!" I stare into his eyes and watch as they widen as I finish my sentence. I am reminded of how deeply blue they were.

"Well maybe you changed for the better! Did you ever think about that?!" He yells back.

"What if I didn't want to change?! Anyway what's it to you?! If you didn't like me before why'd you say you loved me!?" God, I am so fucking pissed! He looked at me speechless as I continued my rant.

"Well I think we've both understood something. That we never really loved each other. So there you have it. You have nothing to do with me anymore. Happy!?"

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