Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


30. Chapter 29

I told Liam to meet me at Sam's at five or so. He better show, but I don't doubt he will. I think he has something to prove, and honestly has a strong intent on bringing back our friendship or whatever. I'm fuzzy on the details all I know is that I'm going to have a blast watching him try and do my shit.

I mess around the hallway, there weren't any teachers around and I had lost Demi and Harry so I wasn't too sure on what to do. I walk aimlessly around the halls until the bell rings and I find my class, getting back into the group, hoping the teacher didn't notice. Thankfully, she couldn't have given less of a shit. Most of my headache is gone, so I'm not as pissed or easily angered now.

Maybe I spoke too soon anyway.

"Hey!" Jamie squeaks behind me.

"Hi." I say blandly.

"You coming today?"

"To what?"

"Choir?" She says confused. Oh yeah.

"Uh I don't know."

"You shou-"

"Yeah, anyway, what's up with you and Liam, you guys a thing?"

She seems taken aback by my seemingly random question. I don't fully understand myself why I was asking her, but I felt like if I changed Liam, I wanted to know what affect this could have on her.

"No! We're just friends I guess."

"That's good."


"No reason." I smile. She looks at me, furrowing her brows for a second and I just tell her goodbye and walk in the classroom.


I wait outside the classroom where we usually hold the stupid music classes.

Mrs. Holiday walks up to me, smiling.

"Here early?" She chrips.

I just nod, not bothering to actually answer her.

"Where's your little friend?" She intends Niall I presume.

"I could honestly care less." I answer and she give me a strange look.

"Fight?" She inquires and I shake my head for a second, noticing how damn nosey she really is.

"Aren't we supposed to be starting class?" I push. She just chuckles and I roll my eyes as she enters the classroom.

I follow her, realizing I'm one of the firsts and sit down, making myself comfortable.

"Why did you choose this class-" She stops for a second, trying to remember my name I suppose.

"Melissa." I finish for her.

"Well?" She says as I don't answer.


"Don't you like music?"

"Why so many questions?" I get flustered, raising my tone. She sighs and as she is about to respond Jamie luckily butts in.

Mrs. Holiday gives me one last look, probably communicating to me that this isn't finished. Well, personally, I'm getting the hell out of here before this nosey ass teacher decides to interrogate me again.

"Where's Niall?" She asks.

"Will everyone fu-, stop asking me damn quesitons?" I stopped myself from saying fuck considering I said this sentence pretty loudly.

Jamie bites the inside of her cheek and I just sigh. I stare up at the ceiling.

"I don't know okay? I don't want to know anyway." I say, staring up at white tiles.

The teacher calls us all up to sing, but I just mouth most of the lyrics. I know she notices but she's probably not up to discussing this stuff with me and I know I'm not up for it.

Class ends and Mrs. Holiday calls me to her desk.

"What?" I say bitterly.

"If you don't improve that attitude of yours you won't be getting any credits." She threatens and I sigh.

"I'll work on that." I smile and head out the door. I hear her huff and I roll my eyes. Like I could give a fuck at this point, it's not like I'll go far. Like they're going to hold me back anyway.

My phone buzzes in my pocket and I pull it out, reading a text from Harry.

It just asks if I'm home and I reply that I'm going to Sam's at 6 or so, so he should expect me there.

He always used to do this ask if I was home and then just drop by.

He didn't really ask if he could, but I guess that was fine.

I arrive home and drop my bags downstairs, not wanting to bring up the ten ton brick I carry around all day.

I head up to my room, exhausted.

As I open the door I jump noticing someone on my bed, what an idiot.

"How the hell did you get inside?" I ask Harry as he stares up at the ceiling, his tattoos evident on his arms and neck.

"I know my way around your house." He smirks and I roll my eyes.

"Weren't you supposed to meet me at the bar in like an hour?" I ask.

"Public places piss me off."

"A hell lot seems to do that actually." Thinking back at how angry he was over the whole Niall thing.

"Fuck let's not start." I just sigh and look out the window, realizing that Niall lived across from me.

"I can't escape him can I?" I ask myself, but a little too loudly.


I point over to the window and he takes a second to see the blond haired boy.

"Are you serious?" He says shocked. I just shrug and close the blinds.

"I'm going to go over there an-"

"No you're not, come on, let's go to the bar and relax, I don't need another fight." I plead looking up to him.

"Fine." He grits his teeth and I let out a sigh of relief. I indicate for him to come and follow me outside. He drove here so we thankfully don't have to walk, which would be pain.

We both stay silent and I am curious to see his reaction to Liam's presence.

This'll definitely be a fun night to say the least.


"Just a water." I order, not wanting to get wasted. Definitely not after last time anyway.

"What's up with you?" Harry asks sipping his beer and I shrug watching the door.

It seemed pretty pathetic to say this but I wanted to see Liam. I kind of want to see how he'd act in this scenario.

"Liam?" Harry grunts and I get up, walking over to him.

"Well?" He asks obviously a bit nervous.

"Never been in a bar huh?" I grin.

"Why is he here?" Liam says nervously indicating over to Harry.

"The more the merrier right?" He shakes his head and looks down.

"This was a bad idea."

"Pulling out already?" I challenge and he looks at me and back to the door, weighing his options.

"Atta boy." I say, pulling him over to the counter and order him a shot.

He declines at first but I get him to drink it and I hope for the best.

Harry just looks at me oddly and I just wave him off, hoping he'd go along with it, my main plan for tonight is to get Liam drunk off his ass.

"Another round!" I shout and smile over to Liam, as his pride allows him to down another shot.

I have my fun with him, considering he doesn't really handle his alcohol that well.

"Can we go?" Harry pushes and I groan.

"Oh come on this is fun!" I push and look over to Liam who has a tranny on his lap. Well he isn't all that bad is he?

He huffs and orders another shot and I just take a moment to look at him.

"I miss Niall." I blurt.


"I don't know I just do." I say honestly. I watch as Liam downs another drink and that slut drags him out of the bar.

"Come on." He pulls me out of the bar, walking over to the car. I follow him out, questioning why he abrubtly got up.

"Where are we-" He stops me by smashing his lips onto mine. I take a moment to recollect and remember that this was normal for us. He pulls back smiling.

"Want to go back home?" He smiles and I just nod biting my lip.

We arrive and I hastily unlock the door, slamming it on my way in, hoping that my mother was either asleep or off doing some random shit.

"Harry I don't know about this." I say, but my actions don't exactly match my words as I quickly follow him up my bedroom. I don't know why I was so weary about doing this. I mean... It was normal for us.

"I just want to make you feel better babe." He smiles sweetly as he quietly closes my bedroom door.

"I-" He cuts me off, kissing me more passionately than before. I wrap my hands around his neck, pulling him closer and run my hand through his curls, knowing that got him off. He pulls back, panting and takes a second to look at me.

"Fuck how I've missed this." He moans into my mouth, taking my shirt off. He presses his lips to my neck, and the familiar sensation of his lips on my skin comes back and I place my hands under his shirt, lifting up the thin fabric. His tattoos are evident and I trace them with my finger. His lips travel further down and smirks as he unclips my bra and cups my breasts. He copies my gesture and finds my hidden tattoos and traces them, this time with his lips.

"Bet he never could touch you like this." He groans as his hands work down to my jeans, unbottoning them.

"Please, let's not talk about him." I say laying back on the bed and pulling him on top of me. He smiles and pulls my jeans off of me and I whimper as his hands slip into my entrance.

"Miss me?" He smiles and I rotate my hips as he slips off my panties.

"Definitely." I smile as he teases me by pulling his finger in and out and I moan as he slips in another finger. He pumps and I screw my eyes shut, trying to rid my mind of all previous thoughts.

I whine as he pulls out and I look down to see him smirk.

"Want to feel better?" He asks and I just nod. He slips off his boxers and goes over to his jeans to pick up a condom, quickly rolling it on.

He gets back on top of me and groans as he pushes himself into me.

He grinds his hips down and I run my hands down his back, leaving marks. He brings his lips to mine and I pant as he pumps into me, leaving me without much breath. He goes faster as both him and I reach our climax and he spills into the condom.

Niall's POV

I got back this afternoon, I didn't have the want or will to go to choir and see Melissa. She already lives too close for comfort and goes to the same school. I remember seeing her face at the assembly and feeling incredibly sad. I know she was skipping and doing god knows what... I hope she hasn't gone back to her old ways. I know that curly asshole is always around her and I can't describe how much I hate him. She already has enough shit people around her and then he comes along and steals her away from me. I don't know what to do at this point. She doesn't want me back, she doesn't miss me, she could care less.

I look out the window, a part of me hoping she also skipped and maybe I could see her. Unfortunately, or maybe thankfully she actually did go. I just text Louis and hope he's free.

He replies 5 minutes later and tells me to meet him up at his house.


"So you guys were actually together?" Louis asks.

"Yeah.. But.."

"Well you can't expect much out of her." Zayn comments. I instantly feel defensive of someone who isn't even mine.

"She's always been like that. Ever since she arrived at this school and started hooking up with every guy." Louis adds.

"Some girls too." Zayn laughs and I tense.

"She's not that bad. Once you get to know her that is..." I mutter, not completely believing it myself. After all, her actions didn't really fit my statement.

"Why are you defending her? Mate she flaked on you and is out probably fu-" Zayn asks.

"Don't talk about her that way!" I yell, I'm done with this shit. I'm done with everyone talking like this about her. I grab my things and storm out of the house. I hear Louis and Zayn calling me back but I don't bother to listen, instead I just continue to my car, starting the ignition and driving home.

My mind is filled with thoughts that drive me crazy.

I love her. I really do and I can't change that.

I abrubtly open the door and see my family look at me oddly. I ignore all of them, walking upstairs, hoping no one would follow.

I had been at Louis' house for god knows how long and it was already dark outside.

I open the window hoping to get some fresh air and peer into Melissa's window.

I barely see, considering it's so dark, so I quickly grab my camera lense. Not to be creepy, but I was honestly curious and I miss seeing her. I miss her face, and I miss her in general.

This is the only way to see her.

I pick up the camera and zoom in, hoping to take a quick glance at her.

Instead all I find is Harry's fucking bare body on top of her. I drop my camera and bolt out of my room.

AN: so here is the chapter hope you enjoy it and I know we aren't updating much in these days but it's just school as soon as possible we will update a lot more <3 meanwhile help us and tell us what you think of the story and if we need to change anything we will try to improve and please like and favorite this fanfiction thank you we love you <3 <3

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