Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


24. Chapter 23

Melissa's pov

He wraps his arm around me, and I rest my head on his shoulder as we admire the lights that decorate the fair. It was peaceful now, kind of nice.

This day started out like shit. I mean, they always do, but Niall always makes them better.

We continue walking and Niall constantly tries to get me on some damn rides.

"Come on!" He says pulling me.

"Hell no!" I laugh, not budging, I hate those rides.

"Are you scared?" He says mocking me.

"I am not!" I defend.

"You so are." He laughs and I shake my head. I wasn't scared. I just. Don't like those things.

Niall randomly pulls me to the opposite direction of the ride, jolting me to the side.

"What's wrong?" I ask, caught off guard.

"Nothing I-" He starts but I cut him off as I look back to the direction we were heading towards.

"Is that Liam?" I groan, fucking hell, my night was just starting to go smoothly.

"With Jamie!?" I yell. Shit. I probably shouldn't have done that. Jamie turns around and sees me, and I can't help but start walking towards her. Liam steps in front of her and I laugh, he obviously thought I was going to hit her. What an idiot.

"You're with Liam?!" I shout, I don't know why I was so pissed. I just kind of liked Jamie and the thought of her being with Liam annoyed me. It pissed me off actually.

"Melissa how about you and your little toy fuck of-" Liam starts and Jamie slaps him.

Serves him right, I just smirk not saying anything as I feel Niall's hand on the small of my back.

"Don't you dare say that!" Jamie yells at Liam. I just laugh.

"And you! I'm mad at you!" Jamie shouts to me and Niall opens his mouth to say something but I look at him shaking my head.

She did defend me after all.

Although I did the same yesterday! I don't fucking get her. I don't get why she's mad.

She pulls me to the side and I give a look to Niall, really hoping he doesn't start shit with Liam.

However, it wouldn't be all that bad seeing that asshole punched in the face, Niall's hot when he's angry anyway.

"What do you want?" I say to Jamie. I keep looking over to Niall and Liam. They seem pretty calm but I can't help but be worried that one of them is going to knock the other one out.

I really hope it's Niall.

"What do I want? I just want to be friends Melissa!"

"Good for you?"

"I know you want that too." She adds and I scoff. Like hell she knows what I want.

"Don't act like you know me."

"I'm not saying I do, I'm just saying you could use a friend, and you know that." She says calmly. This just pisses me off more. She probably thinks she's better than me anyway, like she's doing me a fucking favor by being friends with me.

"Listen, I know you thi-"

"Melissa.. I just want to be friends okay? I'm sorry I said you shouldn't act the way you do. But you overreacted and you know that." I just stay silent. I'm not going to fucking apoligize.

"Thanks anyway. For what you did, helping me out the other day."

"I'm not going to apoligize." I say, wanting her to know the truth, I did what I thought was right and I am not changing my mindset on that.

"I don't expect you to." She comments sadly.

"I'm not going to apoligize.. But.. I don't want you to feel like shit because I'm fucking screwed up. Jake was the pervert he was because I was there. It was on me."

After all, it was my fault that perv went up to her in the first place.

She just nods and I don't know what else to say.

"I didn't want him to go near you okay? That's why I did what I did." I feel like I need an excuse for my actions, I don't even know why. I don't like seeing Jamie look at me like that.

"It's fine."

I bite my lip and she smiles softly.

"What's the deal between you and Liam?" She asks curiously.

"Are you guys dating?" I say ignoring her question. Well, to be honest, I want to know if they are before I say any shit about him.

"No. We're just here as friends." 'Friends,' yeah, totally.

"Could you answer my question Melissa?" She asks sweetly.

"It's a long story." I sigh. She grabs me by the hand, walking towards Niall and Liam.

"What are you-"

"I want to hear the truth." She smiles. What a clever little bitch.

We walk back to Niall and Liam, I hear them softly talk to each other. Huh, Niall didn't beat the living hell out of him. Thank god.

Liam groans as I walk up and Niall glares at him.

"What's up with you two?" She says pointing between Liam and I.

He looks at me weirdly and I look away, like hell I'm becoming friends with this ass.

"Nothing." He lies. She looks back to me and I repeat what Liam says. I am not going into this conversation.

Niall's POV

Jamie pulls Melissa away from me and I immediately want to follow her, bring her away from this asshole.

"Listen don't you dare offend her again." I growl, threatening Liam. I don't give a shit. I swear if he says another thing to Melissa I will punch him out

"I don't want anything." Liam says calmly, obviously taken a bit aback by my threats.

"Good." I sigh, it's not like I'm very threatening, but I'm pissed at him.

"Honestly though." He starts, I look at him wearily.

"You're serious with her?" He asks curiously and I scratch my neck.

"Yeah. I love her." I answer honestly. Liam looks shocked and I chuckle nervously. I don't want to ingage in small talk with him, but he doesn't seem like that bad of a guy. That is if he hadn't of insulted Melissa.

"That's pretty serious.." He comments and I just nod.

"Yeah it is." I say bitterly, I'm still not too happy about having him here. He seems to only create stress for her. "What's with you and that girl, uh, Jamie?" I ask.

"I don't know. We're just friends." He looks down for a second.

We stay silent and I look over at Melissa and Jamie. Melissa looks pretty damn angry and I think she might just make Jamie cry. I rub my face.

"What is it that you have against Melissa?" I ask a bit on edge. He puts his hands in his pocket and looks up, he probably doesn't want to get into this.

"She's a who-" He starts and I swear I am about to punch him.

"She just, we were friends when we were little." He starts, rubbing his face.

"Friends?" I blurt.

"We were. Then she I don't know, became different. We went to the same elementary school, and then she transferred to the same high school. When I saw her again, she was different."

Well that's because of that incident.

"She wasn't the same person she was before."

Well I guess everyone changes after such a shit experience.

"She just acted, uh," He paused. I guess he was trying to explain without insulting her. I tense up a bit, considering he's taking such a long time.

"She started hating on me, let's say. She went around with a lot of guys and well acted a bit like a slu-"

"Don't finish that." I interrupt.

"Anyway, she changed and hated on me, so I did the same."

"Well, I guess everyone would change after what she fucking went through. Between David and her father, brother, I think I would come out worse honestly." I feel the need to defend her.

"What?" He asks.

Shit. Did I just say that out loud?

"Uh, nothing."

"Did you say David?" He asks and I slump, fuck what did I just do?


"What happened between them two?" He pushes.

"Don't ask. Just, don't say anything to Melissa. Okay?" I am not getting into this discussion with him.

He looks up, probably trying to recollect some memories of Melissa and I feel like I made a huge mistake.

AN: so this is the next chapter it's short I know but it's better than nothing right? Anyway thank you for liking and favorite hope you like this chapter cause good stuff is going to happen be ready <3 Xxx

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