Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


23. Chapter 22

Niall's POV

I look at the clock, impatiently waiting for six. I wanted to give Melissa a proper date, something she really deserved.

I had to wait a half hour to take her to that restaurant.

I didn't really know California too well. I knew a restaurant was cliche, but, she had never been treated like this, so why not? It would just be Melissa and I. No one to have to act fake around, just us.

I pace around the room nervously and my brother walks in.

"You nervous?" He laughs.

"No.." I say rubbing my neck and letting out a small chuckle.

"You always do that when you're nervous." He laughs harder this time and I just scratch my head, slumping down on my bed.

"What about this is so stressful? She seemed like a nice girl." He tries to reassure me and I can't even begin to explain how nothing he could say could help me in the most minor of way.

"You're right." I say, not wanting to go into this argument. At least not now.

I walk out of my bedroom, still a bit nervous and head out of the house. It was a nice day today, it wasn't even all that dark. It's always nice here in California.

I walk up to her front door, trying to fix my hair, and knock.

I wait there for what seems like 5 minutes...

The hell?

I knock again, louder this time, and finally hear someone come to the door.

"Why hello there! Niall was it?" Her mother asks and I am incredibly confused.

"Yeah... Uhm. Is Melissa there?" She looks me up and down, obviously noting my proper attire and she shakes her head.

"She told me she was going out." She says a bit disappointed.

"Thanks." I say quietly, heading down her driveway.


She went out!?

What the hell is wrong with her?

I know she thought dates were stupid, yet I couldn't help but notice that small little smile on her face as I asked her.

I know there's something more to all of this.

I know she wouldn't do this crap randomly. I have to go look for her... I go to the first place that comes in mind..

The bar.

Melissa's POV

I look down, seeing the dress that I was supposed to wear to Niall's date. I can't believe I flaked like that. I just couldn't handle it. I couldn't bear the idea of going on a proper date. I just.. I

just fucking chickened out.

I look down at my drink. I didn't even want something alcoholic, I ordered some damn soda. The bartender just gave me some weird looks. I guess they're not used to non-booze ridden people. I take another look around the bar and understand. There wasn't the nicest crowd here.

I groan as I see that idiot from yesterday enter the bar. I turn around hoping he didn't see me.

"Melly!" Demi yells and I curse under my breath. This night couldn't get any better.

"How many fucking times did I tell you to not call me that!?" I say. My mother calls me and I already cringe, I don't need Demi getting mixed in with all that.

"Someone's pissed... As usual." She comments and I take another sip of my soda. God how I wish it was a shot and I could forget everything. But look where all that shit brings me.

Demi looks at me weirdly as I bring the drink to my lips and I ignore her.

"Look who I ran into Melly!" She uses that name again and I'm about to fucking flip.

"Jake!" She squeals and wraps her arms around him.

Of course she had to bring the last person I wanted to see in this moment here, next to me.. Of course.

"Well lookie here." He slurs. Well he's drunk off his ass. He always is.

"Look who last time decided to get a little bit bitchy." He says coming closer and I push him off.

"What's wrong?" He pulls me closer and I slap him, not into his damn drunken advances.

"That's a bit mean." He says grabbing my hand. Fucking hell I don't want to get into this.

"Why don't we go somewhere and talk?" He winks to Demi and I and she smirks like the slut that she is. I groan, releasing his grasp on my hand and try and storm out of the bar.

Well try, considering as I near the door I bump into the one and only Niall.

"Melissa!" He shouts. I can't quite tell if he's pissed or shocked. I think it to be a mixture of both.

"Niall I-" I try and explain but I honestly have shit. I don't have an excuse for all this.

"Oh my god, you..." Demi says behind me and Jake wraps his arms around her.

Niall just looks at me, dumbfounded.

I would be too.

"I swear I'm not with them." I tell Niall and Jake tries to pull me closer. Niall just steps in the middle and I sigh, not wanting to repeat the incident with Liam.

"Who's this Melly?" Jake slurs and I want to punch both Demi and him in the face. More so Demi just because she's fucking pissing me off.

"Why'd you come back?" Demi says to Niall and he tenses. I just step in front of him.

"We're dating, now fuck off, both of you." I growl and Demi starts laughing.

"You? You're dating!?" She laughs.

I try to pull Niall out of the bar and he doesn't budge.

"Come on." I push him again, but he just stays there, staring at me.

"We're dating now are we?"

"Niall don-"

"No. You can't just disappear like that. Here out of all places!" He shouts and I'm desperately uncomfortable considering Demi and Jake are probably behind us snickering.

"Drinking!" He adds.

"I wasn't drinking!" I shout, showing him my cup, filled with some Cola or some crap like that. He takes a deep breath.

"Wow, couple problems. Never thought you would have them Melly." Demi slurs and I turn around, ready to punch her in that smug little face of hers before Niall grabs my arm, pulling me out of the bar.

"Niall why did you stop me!?" I shout.

"Because we have bigger problems than her! Melissa, I couldn't care less what they say! I'm pissed because you can't leave like that!"

It seems that all Niall and I do is fight.

Fuck, why am I so screwed up?

"I'm not someone you can bring to a prudish little restaurant!"

"I couldn't care less! I don't care what others think god damn it! I just want to take you there!" He shouts and I stay silent for a second.

"Is it too late?" I mutter, running my hand through my hair.

Niall checks his watch and I watch a frown spread onto his face. Fuck I hate seeing him like that...

"Yeah.." He quietly states. My shoulders drop and I don't even know what to say.

Long story short, I'm an ass..

"But hey, we could go somewhere if you want.."

"Yes!" I say quickly. I feel so bad leaving him, I'd do anything to see him smile again.

He does after all... He smiles and I feel weirdly happy about that.

"Where exactly?" I add as he pulls me towards his car.

"You'll see." He smiles and I just shake my head, smiling.

Niall's POV

I pull her to the car, seeing her smile at me and everything starts to be okay again. I know what we do isn't sane. It's crazy and it's messed up.

Fucked up actually.

But that's fine. Because what's important is that she's happy and I am too.

"Niall, this isn't okay." She starts to talk and I put my hand on her thigh, hinting her to go on. I want to hear what she has to say for herself. I don't need an excuse I just want to hear her say it was wrong.

"I can't do that type of shit. I didn't mean to bail on you like that. I just didn't know what the fuck to do. I know I'm shi-"

"Melissa stop. I mean, I'm angry that you skipped. Hell you could've told me something, but don't drag yourself down like that." I don't want to hear her repeatedly call herself a fuck-up. I'm tired of it. It's rough and maybe she may not seem perfect to some people, but she's perfect to me.

She looks down, playing with her hands. I squeeze her thigh, hoping to bring her out of that mood.

I finally drive up to where I had been planning on taking her.

"A carnival?" She says, her eyes wide. I saw it as I was driving around and why miss it?

"Yeah!" I say excitedly.

She just bites her lip, shaking her head.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing." She says stepping out of the car. I sigh, knowing that she's hiding something. She isn't very good at trying to hide certain things.

"Melissa..." I say again and she just looks at me.

"It's just... I've never really been to one and I don't know they seem dumb.." She says. I ignore the part where she called them dumb.

"Never?" I say shocked.

"Nope.." She simply states.

I slink my arm around her shoulders.

"Well this'll be your first time huh?" I wink and she just smiles.

We walk through the carnival and I get this nostalgic feeling, I loved carnivals in Ireland.

Going around, playing those little games, eating cotton candy. That was my favorite thing as a kid.

I hum along to the music that's playing and I see Melissa look up at me smiling.

"What is it?" I smile looking down at her. Her smile grows and her eyes soften incredibly.

It's nice seeing her like this.

"I love you." I remind her and pull her closer to me.

Melissa's POV

I bite my lip, smiling. It's odd how some three words can mean so much to you. I always thought that they were stupid. That they weren't worth it.

But Niall changed that. I guess Niall changed a lot of things for me.

"I love you Niall." I say softly, looking up at him and he smiles widely. I shake my head as he plants a kiss on my forehead.

"I'm hungry.." He says and I remember that we skipped dinner...

"Me too." I say pointing over to a concession-stand. He nods and we walk up. I guess I'll just order a hot dog or something. I usually wouldn't eat that on a 'date' but I'm starving, plus Niall just goes ahead ordering two so I don't think he's too bothered by the idea of me eating one.

"Oh!" Niall shouts and I jump for a second, caught off guard.

"Let's go to that!" He says like a little kid and I laugh, I can't believe he's so carefree.

It was one of those shooting games, where you had to shoot down the cans.

"I'm going to win you something." He winks and I laugh again, sitting down in one of the stools.

He pays the carny and I watch as he shoots down some cans, well, very few actually. He just laughs and I can't help but do the same. He really didn't care what others thought. The carny just looked at him oddly and I couldn't contain my laughter.

"Let me try Niall." I say, and he hands me the gun.

I point to the cans, shooting almost every single one down.

He just looks at me shocked and I burst out laughing.

"Which plush do you want?" I laugh and he shakes his head bringing myself closer to him.

He picks one up, and hands it to me.

"Well. We worked together on that." He laughs and I take the stuffed animal, holding it close to me. I smile looking down at the little teddy-bear he had picked.

"Are you okay?" He asks, stepping in front of me, and I notice that a tear had run down my cheek.

"Ye-" I start saying but it's not use lying to Niall.

"No." I say honestly.

"What's wrong?" He asks concerned.

"I just... I've been to a carnival once before." I start. "It was when I was 5, I went with my brother.. Before, well yeah." I cut myself off, not wanting to repeat it.

Niall just pulls me closer, and kisses the top of my head.

"I love you." He says again, and throughout the painful memory, I smile into his shirt. It was odd, we were both dressed pretty formally for a carnival.

"Come on, I know what'll cheer you up." He smiles.

"What may that be?" I smile, wiping my cheek. He stops for a second, kissing my cheek.

He pulls me to another kiosk and I burst out laughing, seeing a large neon sign reading 'Cotton Candy.'


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