Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


17. Chapter 16

Melissa's POV

The rest of the dinner consisted of me mindlessly talking to my mother while inside I was destroyed. My mother and Niall's mom waved at each other saying goodbye and I forgot the whole next part. I couldn't think about anything else except what I had said to Niall. I can't believe I have to let go of one of the only good things that's happened in my damn life. I got home, undressed, and went in the bathroom to wash up. I splashed water on my face repeatedly. I felt like a zombie. I didn't know what to do or say.

I threw myself on the bed and fell into an incredibly deep sleep.

I woke up next morning when my alarm rang. I got dressed, wearing some comfortable clothes for once. Nothing tight, just warm. I didn't feel like doing anything today.

As I was about to head out I got a text message from Jamie. I rub my head trying to remember why the fuck I gave my number to her in the first place.

"I didn't know you modelled for the photography club!" The fuck is she talking about.

"What" I texted back. Moments later she replied with a photo. God damn. It was one of Niall's photographs. Holy hell I am not dealing with this today.

The hell was he thinking doing that crap?!

"Mom! I'm staying home!" I yell to my mother, knowing she would be up at this hour. I tell her I'm sick and throw myself back on the bed, immediately falling back asleep.

Niall's POV

I did my monotonous routine of getting up, getting dressed, eating, doing whatever the hell I needed and heading out.

I knew Melissa would surely be ignoring me after what happened so I didn't wait in the cold like I would usually.

I drove to school lifeless. I can't believe what happened last night. She shut herself down she wouldn't even listen to anything I said! I parked in my normal spot and just thought everything through.

"Fuck!" I swear, hitting the steering wheel.

I step out incredibly pissed and walk through the front entrance. As I enter I see some of my and some classmates' photographs aligned on the bulletin board. There is my favorite on of Melissa on there.

This is going to be a long ass day.

During lunch break I decide to just stay by myself to cool off a bit, but of course, it doesn't stay that way.

"Niall right?" I think Jamie is her name? Comes up to me. She is in my music class anyway.

"Jamie?" I say.

"Yeah, do you know if Melissa is coming? She's not at school today."

"I don't know okay? Can everyone stop asking me about her?!" I say a bit too loudly.

"You should go talk to her, she cares about you." I just look down for a second before she says goodbye.

You know what?

Screw the music class. I'm going to go get her.

As the final bell rings I decide to go and find her.

Melissa's POV

I wake up around 2:50 pm. 40 minutes before school ends. I decide to head out today. To the bar at least. I don't know if I'll be going to that damn music club today. It wasn't half bad last time, but I'm not in the mood. Niall will probably be there, and I don't know if I can face him.

Fuck why does he have to live right next to me?!

Seriously all the fucking odds are against me.

I slump down on my bed, thinking about what I should do. Niall may end up ditching the class. He surely doesn't want to do anything that concerns me. I get up and get dressed. More over, just fix up the clothes I somewhat fell asleep in.

I head out at 3:25. It usually takes 10 minutes to arrive to school, so I should be fine. On the way I'll decide on whether I should go to the bar or go to the club...

I guess we'll find out.

I arrive at the bar and just stop for a second. If I go inside I surely won't see Niall. Plus... Everything will go back like it was. When I didn't give a fuck. When I didn't get attached to guys.

When my life was also utter hell. When I was a fucking screw up. To be honest, I still am. I still screw everything up. So what's the difference?

I'm a screw up that fell for a guy and instead of just mess up her life, she wanted to interfer with his as well.

Yeah, that's all that's changed.

I hear a car pull up beside me and I turn around to see Niall.

Jesus, I just can't get rid of him.

"What are you doing here?" He says.

"Going to music class." I say without thinking. I don't know if I was lying to Niall, or being honest.

"Need a ride?" He offers smiling. I just nod and get in his car.

I thought I was going to stop fucking with his life.

But I guess he doesn't want me to do that..

We arrive in class together and I see Jamie smile.

"Good afternoon class! I wanted hear all of you sing! Last time we started out with Jamie and finished with Melissa, now, who wants to volunteer?" Mrs. Holiday chirps. Fuck why did I come?

"I think it was.." She says looking around the room.

"Niall! Do you have something ready for us?"

Niall gets up and heads to the front of the class. He doesn't really seem to nervous. I guess he's used to singing in front of people.

"I'm going to sing Let Me Love You" He says and I feel my stomach flip. Some other guy goes up to the piano and starts playing the song.

"Much as you blame yourself, you can't be blamed for the way that you feel" He starts and then looks at me. No please tell me he isn't singing this to me...

"Had no example of a love that was even remotely real

How can you understand something that you never had?" He sings slowly and I start to feel goosebumps all over my arms. I really don't want to stay here, I told him nothing can happen between us and he just keeps pushing it!

"Ooh, baby, if you let me, I can help you out with all of that" He sings blatantly staring at me and I feel my cheeks redden. He smiles at me while singing and I just shyly smile back.

"Girl let me love you

And I will love you

Until you learn to love yourself" He starts laughing in the middle of it and I giggle as he goes on.

"I can see the pain behind your eyes

It's been there for quite a while" He sings more seriously and I look down at my hands. I hadn't told him anything, yet he's there for me. He understands me and he wants to help me. Yet I can't... I can't hurt him..

"I just wanna be the one to remind you what it is to smile

I would like to show you what true love can really do" I look down for a second at my hands, thinking about what I should do.

"Girl let me love you

And I will love you

Until you learn to love yourself." He finishes and smiles at me. He hasn't taken his eyes off of me, even when he walks back he is still looking at me. I feel my cheeks incredibly warm and I quickly excuse myself and scurry out of the classroom.

I lay my head against the wall next to the door.

"I don't know what to do." I sigh, looking up. As I close my eyes for a second and I hear the door adjacent to me open. I don't bother to open my eyes. I feel someone cup my cheek and I open my eyes to see Niall in front of me.

"So?" He says sweetly.

"Niall-." I start and he stops me by pressing his lips onto mine. He kisses me and all my thoughts disappear.

I pull back for a second and he just smiles at me. I just smile back deeping the kiss. I run my hand through his hair and all my worries disappear.

AN: ok so we totally love this chapter tell us what you think and maybe comment maybe?? Thank you so much <3

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