Nothing like us

Melissa is a player who's only interest is to break boys' heart like they broke hers.. But what happens when she meets a punk guy who is dying to know her secrets?


11. Chapter 10

It was Monday morning. I woke up extremely early considering I hadn't done much all of Sunday afternoon. I just slipped on some black leggings and a black t-shirt that hung low on my waist. I slipped on my coat and considering this wasn't so incredibly trashy, I didn't bother having to change at the bar. Plus I really wouldn't want to be seen there.

For a while at least.

I got out early, hoping to miss Niall's car pass by, I didn't really want to see him, be reminded of him or anything.

I arrived at school with some time to spare so I just slumped down beside the building and dug out my phone.

Sooner than I thought the bell rang, allowing students to go inside and I went to my locker to get my books for first period.

I saw Harry and Demi over there talking and I just ignored them, not bothering to talk to them or relive any of the past events that occured yesterday.

"Oh my god! Do you see that guy over there?" Some girl squealed.

"He is SO hot!" Her friend replied.

"What's his name?"


Well this is going to be fun.

"He's hot right?" I comment, they just look at me confused as I head over to Luke, taking him by surprise and start to makeout with him.

I finish and look back at the two girls.

"You're a-" One girl starts.

"It would be better if you didn't finish that sentence hun." I say walking over to her.

The girl just turns away and I smirk over to Luke. I see Niall just staring at me disappointed.

"Want a photo? It'll last longer!" I shout walking over to him.

"You won't admit that it was important to both of us." He says calmly.

"Listen Niall, it was your first time, not mine!" I say a bit too loudly, most people are trying not to look but I know they heard.

Niall just shakes his head.

"Wow, you've become quite the bitch haven't you Melissa?" I hear Louis say.

The fuck is Niall doing with Louis and Zayn?

Demi just wraps her arm around my shoulder and smiles.

"What a loser." She says to me. I just roll my eyes and go to my first class.

It was lunch break before I knew it, thank god for that. I was incredibly pissed today. I'm surprised I hadn't assaulted my teachers at this point.

I saw the secretary come over to me.

No not fucking now, I'll probably end up punching her in the face.

"Melissa?" She says sweetly.

"What?" I try to say calmly.

"Mr. Payne would like to see you in his office."

No shit, shit, shit, shit.

The hell did I do now?

I walk into his office trying to calm myself down and end up finding Niall.

God damn it.

Out of all people.

Niall's POV

It was break, and thank god for that. I needed to take my mind off of all this shit.

Louis and Zayn have been talking about Melissa non stop and how I should, 'get back at her.' Should I?

"Niall Horan?" A woman says over to me.


"Mr. Payne would like to see you in his office."

I huff and walk to his office.

He greets me with a warm smile and I slump down in the chair. I'm really in no mood to be cheery today.

The door opens, and of course it's Melissa.

She looks just as shocked as she proceeds to sit down next to me.

"I called you both in here hoping to know how everything was going!" He chirped.

Both of us remained silent.

"Well? I heard Niall got into the photography club!"

"Yep." I said blandly.

"Can I go? I have studying to do." Melissa spoke up.

I just scoffed while she sent me a glare.

Melissa's POV

"Wait one moment Melissa. I wanted to actually speak to the both of you."

I just brought my hand up to my face, dreading what he was going to say next.

"Melissa, like Niall, you'll be needing credits to graduate from this school. As you know, almost all the clubs are full."

"So?" I push, not wanting to stay here for hours.

"You'll both be needing to sign up for an after school club."

"Which one in particular?" I ask.

"The only one with an opening for two students such as yourselves that would give you suffecient credits is the music club."

Fucking hell.

"The two of us?" Niall asks.

"Yes, you'll both be joining! I considered since you both knew each other, and Niall, you have told me you play guitar, this would be great!" Mr. Payne says excitedly.

"No." I say walking towards the door. Mr. Payne had a tendency to do this type of shit. He knew my mom, so he thought we were best fucking friends and could enroll me in any classes he wanted. This is my fucking breaking point.

"You'll have to repeat the year."

"I'll drop out." I say raising my eyebrows. I am not fucking doing this.

"Where do we sign?" Niall says.

'We'? Where did he get 'we' from?

"You'd rather drop out then do this weekly activity?" He says to me, raising his eyebrows.

I see Niall just look down, not bothering to glance at me.

"Fine." I say, writing on that damn document.

"When's the first day?" I say staring at the door.

"Tomorrow, and I'd like to see you both there, punctual." I groaned and head out the door without bothering to say goodbye. I'd probably see him in my fucking house again. I remember that happening all last summer.

I got out of the hallway as fast as possible, hoping to not bump into Niall as he walked out of the office.

The rest of my classes were incredibly dull. I stared at the clock of my last period and as the bell finally rang, and I let out a breath of relief.

I went out to my locker and slammed it. I was so fucking done for today.

"Hey, want to head to the bar?" I heard Demi say behind me. I wonder why she's still talking to me. She honestly has nothing better to do. She's either with me or with some random dude.

"I don't know. I've got some shit to do." I lied. I honestly never wanted to be seen in that bar again.

"Oh come on, you look like you need a drink."

The hell does that mean?

I just smiled and followed her out the door. She said she'd offer me some drinks and I just kept wondering what she'll put inside those drinks.

We opened the front doors to the bar and everyone was already drunk.

Jesus it was only a little after 4 and yet everyone seemed to be completely wasted.

Wouldn't doubt it with this shit bartender that hits on minors and even gives them shots.

"What would you like ladies?" He said eyeing us. God what a sleazy piece of crap this guy was. How was I only noticing it now?

"Some beers to start off." Demi said smirking at him.

I rolled my eyes at her and just took my beer, gulping it down to try to avoid talking to her.

"God what a loser!" She began. I just looked at her with little interest.

"Isn't he?" She pushed when I didn't answer.

"Who?" I finally said, giving in to her childish needs.

"That blonde kid! Niall?"

I just groaned.

"Two other beers over here!" I am going to need as much alcohol as possible to be able to deal with her.

"I can't believe he likes you!" She continued. I looked straight ahead as she continued rambling on.

"Listen Demi, you can shut the fuck up now. Seriously, it's the past, just leave that kid alone." I say finishing the second beer, and this time ordering a shot. I'm hoping to just get drunk at this point.

"Why the hell are you defending him?"

I just gulped the shot that came.

"You used to love making fun of these assholes Melly!"

"Will you stop fucking calling me that!? Well too bad I've grown up!" I shout jumping up from my slumped position.

"You've grown up? Haha, please. Stop acting like you're better than everyone."

"I know I'm pretty shit. But I will never be as fucking terrible as you!" I say pissed, finishing another shot that was on the counter.

At this point the alcohol had taken over my mind and everything was becoming blurry.

I didn't even really see Demi fucking slap me in the face.

"Hah." I laugh. Did she think that hurt?

I just reciprocated the gesture. Maybe a bit stronger though. I just ended up knocking her to the floor and storming out of the bar.

I gripped my head.

I really shouldn't have walked out that fast. I'm probably going to pass out right here.

Niall's POV

I can't believe it! I think as I slump down in my couch.

Not only do I have to live by her, I also have to attend the same class at her?

Who's decision was it to come to this hell hole?! I thought everything was going to be fine.

California is sunny, great, beautiful.

Instead all I ended up with was her!

I hear someone knock on the door and I let out a loud groan. It's probably my parents or something and I am not in the mood to be facing them.

"That took you long enou-" I start before I see a drunk Melissa at my doorstep.

"Hey!" She slurs.

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