Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


2. Sweater Weather

      I woke up to yelping and screaming. I get out of bed, and walk towards the couch where Alaina and Rebecca sat. They were cheering at the TV. It was a freaking hockey game. "Oh my gosh. I know you love Hurricanes but you don't have t-" "NO. Austin Mahone is in town." Alaina squeals. I roll my eyes. "He is a Justin Bieber wannabe. Besides, I don't care about him." I say. They look at my with the evil eye. I sit by them. "I heard there is a party for us tonight." I say. "I know. All figure skaters in the competition will be there." Rebecca says, grabbing her phone. "What should we wear?" I ask. "Shopping. Shopping. Shopping." chants Alaina. "Ok. Let's tell the driver." Rebecca says. I walk up to the front and tell him. He nods and we pull up at the mall.

      We get out and run. We went to Hollister and I bought a strapless gray dress with a navy blue bow tied around the waist, and it was short. Alaina bought a yellow dress that came down to her ankles. Rebecca bought a red dress that came to her knees. It is a V neck and it has a black design on it. We also bought cute sweaters.

    We went back to the bus and took turns showering. We dried our hair and put on our dresses. I curled Rebecca's hair. Alaina curled mine too. And then Rebecca curled hers. We put on some makeup then left. We finally arrived at the party which was under a huge shed covered with lights. "Timber" was blasting through the speakers. We walked under the shed and saw all these people crowded around something. We inched closer and everyone backs away and leaves. Sitting on the picnic table, was One Direction. Alaina's eyes widened, and Rebecca's face turned bright pink. Harry smiled at us. They all got up and walked over. "Hey beautiful." Harry says to me, grabbing one of my curls. "Let go of my hair please." I say. He let's go. "Thank you." I reply. "You girls fans?" Liam asks. "Yeah." me and Rebecca say. Alaina just nods. Louie walks up to me. "You are so pretty." He says. "Thank you." I say back. Then "Stay" by Florida Georgia Line comes on. "I love this song so much." I say. "Me too." Louie says, smiling. "You like country?" I ask, surprised. "Well sure I do. Only the modern country music." He answers. "Same with me."

The boys and Rebecca and I stood outside by the pond staring at the sky. Alaina was talking to one of her friends. Rebecca was bonding with Zayn and Liam, while I was sitting with Harry, Louie, and Niall. "That dress is stunning....Where'd you get it." Harry asked. "Hollister." I said back, no emotion. Just plain boredom. I noticed that Niall was being quiet. He must've felt like he needed to say something. So he did. "Do you play sports?" Niall asked. "Well I am a professional figure skater. I actually am on tour for a while to do a couple shows with Rebecca and Alaina. Then it's like some competition against the whole country, and there is only one winner." I explained. Niall nods, impressed. "That is so cool Bethany. I'd love to watch you sometime." Louie says, looking at Harry to see his approval. "Well I am gonna be practicing alone at the local ice skating rink tomorrow. If you guys want to come?" I asked. "Sure." they all replied.

    After talking for a while, a love song comes on. A slow one. We were under the shed with everyone and I was still hanging with Harry, Louie, and Niall. The song was "All About Us" by He is We. The boys looked at each other then at me. It was very awkward. "Wanna dance?" Harry asked me. My heart froze. "Sure..." I reply. Harry's large hand grabs my small one and he twirls me around then I put my hands on his shoulder and he puts his on my waist. I stare into his green eyes, smiling. I sang along quietly. "The room's hush hush, and now it's our moment..."

     I suddenly flashed back to a year ago. I was at a dance with Aiden. This song played. And we danced together. It was the night me and him had finally gotten together... But when the dance was over, we were riding back on his motorcycle. And the brake had broken. We crashed into a car and killed a young child and his mother. And Aiden was thrown, and he died.

     "Um, Beth? Are you ok?" Harry asked. "Y-yeah...." I reply blankly. "Just, uh..Fine." he watches me closely. He ignores it and I sing a little more. "Lovers dance when they're feeling in love. Spotlight shining it's all about us. It's all about us. And everyone's heart in the room will melt. This is a feeling we never felt but it's all about us." Harry smiles. "You have a pretty voice." he says. "Thank you." he glances back at Niall and Louie who are leaning against a post watching the couples dance. "They are probably tired." he says, we stayed up practicing late last night."

  After the song was over, I walked over to Rebecca who was fangirling in the corner. "I just danced with Liam." she squeals. "I danced with Harry." I say back. "NO WAY" I laugh. "Yeah Way." I reply. Soon me Rebecca and Alaina decided to leave. So we exchanged numbers with the boys and went onto our tour bus.


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