Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


4. Let Me Go

    Niall stood there trying to explain. "Forget it Niall. We made a deal but you BROKE it!" Harry says sharply as he pushes Niall against the rail of the balcony. Harry punches Niall in the chest. I felt my heart stop. Niall grabs Harry by the shirt and pushes him against the wall of the apartment. "Stop!" I scream. They ignore me and keep fighting. Harry pushes Niall to the ground. "You better have a good reason, bitch." Harry snapped. Niall scrambled to his feet and punched Harry in the jaw. "STOP!" I yell. I try to hold back Niall. Harry calms down and goes inside and slams the door closed. Niall was bruised up pretty bad and he was bleeding. "Niall..." I start to say. "Sorry Beth. I...Uh. You might wanna get home." Niall said, looking at his watch. "It's midnight." I shrugged. "I have nothing to do tomorrow." I said. Right then, lightning flashed and thunder cracks loudly. Then the wind blows hard. "Well it's too late to go home on a bike and plus, the weather is bad. Looks like you are staying here." Niall says. I smile. "Is ok?" I ask. "Yeah." he replied, shifting his eyes from his feet to my eyes.

       We go inside to see all the guys sitting there. "BETHANY!!!" Louie shouts. Liam, Louis, and Zayn must have noticed Niall's bruises and blood. "Nialler....Did Bethany beat y-" Zayn says. "NO" Niall interrupts. "It was Harry." Niall says softly as he walks to his room. "Sit." Liam pats the empty space next to him. "What the hell happened out there?" Louie asks, stroking my hair. "Harry got mad at Niall...Because um.." I didn't know if I should tell them about the kiss. But I had to say something. "Because, Niall kissed me." I finally blurted. Louis's face went pale. "He...He kissed you?" he asked, confusedly. "Yes." I say, looking away from his blue eyes. He pulls my chin to face him. "Why?" he asks. "I don't know." I say back, rolling my eyes. Soon Harry walks in.

      "Hazza, why did you?" Zayn asks. "I...I just love you Beth." he says, staring into my eyes as if he were looking into my soul, and my future. my face starts to burn. "So you are staying here tonight?" Liam asks winking at me. "Yes. But I'm not sleeping with ANY of you so don't ask." I said. Louie grins. "You need a T shirt love?" Harry asks. "Yeah please." I say back. Harry goes into the room Niall had went in. There were a few voices then Harry came out holding a green "The Script" T shirt. "It's Niall's but it might be long enough." Harry says. "Bathroom is down the hall."

      I walk down the hall and into the bathroom and close the door. I took off my clothes and put on the T shirt. It came down to about 2 inches away from my butt. I felt nervous. I take my hair out of then bun and brush it out with my fingers. I open the door and walk into the living room where all five boys sat. They all just stared. "Nice legs." Liam blurts out. Harry smacks him. "You look fine, love" Louis says, reassuring me.

      I laid on an air matress by Louis's bed. He came in the room and smiled. "Goodnight." he says, bending down and kissing my cheek. He got into his bed and turned off the lamp. We lay there in the darkness.

     I finally drifted off to sleep.

 Aiden held me by the waist. "Let's go baby..." he says, smiling at me. We get onto his motorcycle and ride off. "Baby could you slow down?" I ask. "Hug me first." I hug him tightly. "Now can we slow down?" I ask again. "Give me a kiss..." he said. I kissed the side of his face and BOOM. The noise echoed in my mind. I woke, seeing Aiden beside me. Dead.

      I screamed. "BETH? BETH! WHAT'S WRONG????" Louie flicks on the lamp. All the boys crowd into the room. I sit up, tears rolling down my face. "Nightmare..." I whisper. Louie sits by me and rubs my back, as the other boys stared. "About what?" Niall asks. "It's  true story...But um. 1 year ago, my boyfriend and I were on a motorcycle and the brake broke. But he didn't want to tell me. We started going really fast and I asked him to slow down. He said 'hug me tight first'. So I did. Then he crashed into a car and he died and the people that were in the car." I say, laying my head on Louie's chest, tears still rolling from my eyes. "W-wow..." Harry murmured.

     After hugging, the boys left me and Louis still on the air mattress. "Wanna sleep with me in my bed?" Louis asked. I nod. He picks me up and sets me onto his bed. He lays beside me and looks at me. "Goodnight..." He whispered. "Goodnight.."

     He wraps his arms around me and I fall asleep. I felt safe with him. I didn't want to move one bit. And I never thought of Aiden. He must be some dream catcher or something. When morning came, I woke up smelling French toast. My favorite. Louis was still wrapped around me. His eyes opened. He yawned. "Good morning princess." he moaned. "Good morning." I say back. I text Rebecca so she knew where I was. Me and Louie got up and went into the kitchen.

  All the boys ignored Louis and I. "What is wrong with all of you" Louis asked. "Like we didn't see you two cuddling. Come on Louis, really? She is 18, you are almost 22." Harry says, slamming his drink onto the coffee table. "First of all, she had a bad nightmare, I wanted to protect her. Second, age doesn't matter at all. And if it did, it's only 3 years." Louie snapped back. "Here Bethany. I bought these early this morning for you." Niall said, handing me light blue skinny jeans and a red halter top. "Aww Thank you Niall." I hug him. "Just so you can get home." he says. "Keep them." I went into the bathroom and put them on with my black Toms and put on my Abecrombie jacket over it. I brush my hair and hug them all and leave. I get on my bike and ride back to where the bus rental was. I paid then went to the bus. As I got in, Alaina and Rebecca greeted me. "I slept with Louis last night." I said making the duck face. "OH MY GOD." Rebecca said. They fan girled on over me.

                 "You lucky little BRAT!" Alaina yelled. The final tournament was tomorrow and I decided to sleep the rest of the day. So that was how it ended up.

When I woke up, it was a rush.

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