Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


7. Kiss From The Unusual


    I sat in my Camaro, still figuring out what to buy for the boys. I start it and leave and head off toward town. The highway was very busy. In fact, it was sleeting pretty bad. It was very hard to focus with all the rushing road ragers, the text and drivers, and the young but not bold crowd.

      I tried to switch lanes, nothing but honking. Finally when traffic cleared up, I went at about 70 mph, trying to get to the mall. I sped around curbs singing to the song I loved so much. "I wanna love like Johnny and June, rings of fire, burning with you. I want to walk the line, walk the line, till the end of time. I wanna love, love you  that much." I quickly stopped as I saw a huge deer jumping in front of the car. I try to swerve and miss but it hit. I couldn't see at all but then I felt the whole car flip, and that was all I remembered.

      ------Niall's POV-------

   I was cooking Beth's favorite food, Pesto. The phone rings and I answer. "Are you Niall Horan?" a lady asks. "Yes...Why?" I reply back, while cutting the stove off as it was done. "I have bad news, I believe your friend Bethany had a car accident. She hit a deer and lost control. Her car flipped and she seems to be conscious but she might be fatally injured. Possibly a brain injury." the lady says. My heart stopped. "Wh-what hospital?" I ask. "SouthPoint" the lady answered. I drop the phone. "LOUIS!" I yell. He runs toward me. "What?" he asks. "Beth...She had a wreck." I said, shaking a bit. Louis's face drains all of it's color. Without any words, we run to my car, dodging skateboards and rocks. We jumped in and sped off.

        Once we were going down the road, we saw her black Camaro, window busted and it was tore to pieces. And the deer layed there dead beside it. Once we got to the hospital, we told the receptionist and she told us the room number. I shook uncontrollably the whole way there.

    Room 213. here we were. Louis walked in first then me behind him. Laying in the bed was Bethany... Her beautiful tan skin was beat up with blood and bruises, her hair was spread out to her side, her lashes twitching as they pull glass out of her chest. "Will she be ok?" I ask. "She is now in a coma. The doctors think it will last for about 1 more hour. The crash wasn't very bad, but she was injured and shooken up pretty good." The nurse said, with poor tired eyes. I could tell she was a mother, waiting to get home to care for kids. By the way in her eyes, she looked upset.

        I stare at Beth laying there. Her eyes flutter open. "Beth?" I say. "Beth are you ok?" Louis calmly walked over to her and stroked her forehead. "Baby..." he whispered. I felt my heart shred.

          ----------Bethany's POV-----------

  Opening my eyes, I remembered what had happened. Louis and Niall were here. I hug them both from laying down and they smile. "I'm gonna be fine." I said to them. They stood there awkwardly, with hands in their pockets. Their worried faces were pale and sweaty. "Well Bethany, looks like you get to go home today. The results came in and you don't have a brain injury. You seem fine and no broken bones," the nurse says. "That's great." Niall says relieved.

    On the way home in Niall's car was awkward. Niall drove, I sat in the passenger seat, and Louis sat in the back. There were no words. Until about 15 minutes later. "Beth, why did you drive too fast?" Louis asks. "I was trying to get to the mall." I said, feeling upset. "Yeah. But it was your fault that you went too fast, then the deer for being suicidal or mental or something..."

     I didn't reply to that. It wasn't funny. I mean, it was a joke about car wrecks that are caused by deer. "You shouldn't joke like that. One deer could run out in front of you right now. And we would crash." I said, drinking a sip of tea from Moe's. "Hahaha. Funny Beth. You jinxed it. So it might happen right now." Louis argued back. Good one Lou, I could beat that any day. "Oh really? You wanna go there?" I ask him, turning around to see his smirking face. "Oh I dare you Beth," Louis says. I reach back there and slam my tea in his face an punch him in the balls. "OOOOOOWWWWW OH SHIT OH SHIT!" he moaned as he rocked back and forth. Niall smiles. "Good One Beth,"

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