Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


12. Everyday From Now On

    I woke up to the strangest feeling. I knew what today was... It had been 6 months since Aiden died. I knew that it was nerves that kept tingling but I also realized...I'm in love. With Niall. I really love him. Last night when I fell asleep one the couch I noticed, whenever I was with him I smile. Whenever he talks to me my heart pounds faster and faster. But this feeling was so strong.

     I put on an Abercrombie sweater with some Hollister skinny jeans and uggs and I walked over to Niall's. I knock on the door and he imeadiately opens. "Beth." he says my name, smiling. "Come in.." I walk inside and candles were lit everywhere. Niall grabs my hand. "I know this is quick and all, but Beth, you are one reason I quit performing. One reason I stay up all night just thinking about you. The reason I fought with the boys...But I love you." he gets down on one knee. My heart stops. "Bethany, will you marry me?" he asks, holding out a diamond ring. A tear rolled down my cheek and onto my shirt. I nod and run into his arms. He slid the ring on my finger and we kiss.

     I hear sniffling in the corner and I look up and Louis is crying tears of hapiness. "Too Sweet!" he runs over and hugs us. "You ruined the moment." Niall said hoarsely.

          After that, we watched the remake of Romeo and Juliet. We lay there beside each other, cuddled up. He smiles at me. "We should go ahead and get married...No wedding" I said, smiling. "Perfect idea." Niall whispered in my ear. He kissed me on the lips and the strong smell of cologne filled my nose.

         The whole evening was wonderful. We ate spaghetti and drank Strawberry wine. Then we slow danced to the song "Strawberry Wine".

     He grabs me by the waist and looks into my eyes as we dance. " I love you Bethany..." he says. "I love you too." we hug and kiss again.

    That night we slept by each other on Niall's bed. "What should we do now?" I ask. "Start our family. Get our lives together." Niall whispered, staring into my eyes.

    I loved every second of this night. And I will never take it for granted. I only thought Aiden was my one and only. But after his death, I found the guy of my dreams. Aiden will still be forever in my heart, and nothing will get in the way.

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