Midnight Memories

((A One Direction Fanfic))

Bethany Hailey is a pro ice skater. She travels around the world for her performances. She grew up in Canada, and is in love with music. Skating is her life, and when she bumps into world's most hottest boy band, she might change her mind.


3. Counting Stars

     "I can't believe what happened." I said, as I took off my make up. "I know. And the best thing is, we got their number." Rebecca says. Alaina smiles. "I was too busy talking to Aiden's brother." she says. My heart melts. I remembered what I had thought about at the party. "No way..." I said, throwing the rag across the room.

     I got into sweat pants and a T shirt and sat in bed thinking to my self. Harry must be trying to win me over. The boys weren't tired, they were upset. I don't know if it was because Harry 'stole' me, or they really wanted to dance with someone. I truly couldn't get Niall's face out of my head when I gave him my phone number. He must've been relieved.

     I finally decided to go to sleep. I turn off the lamp and turn over.


     I wake up to my phone ringing. I pick it up and slide my finger across the screen. "Hello?" my empty voice echoed through the quiet room. "Hey Beth it's Harry. What time are you going to practice?" he asked. I could feel the happiness in his voice. "Probably in one hour." I said looking at the digital clock. 9:00am. "Ok that sounds good." Harry says. He hung up.

       I got up and stripped. I got into my shower and sung the song again. "Every heart in the room will melt, this is a feeling I never felt but...It's all, about us."

      I put on my black tights and a cream sweater. I put on my favorite necklace that Aiden had gotten me. It was a silver chain with a pendant on it that had "Forever" carved in it. I put My hair in a messy bun and packed my duffle with my ice skates, water bottle, and a change of clothes for when I was done.

       I left the bus and walked toward a bike rental. I rented a bike, perfect for my size. I put my duffle bag in the large compartment in the back and started to pedal.

      I loved the way the wind hit my face so hard. Finally I got there. I parked my bike into the slot and locked it up. Then I ran inside and into the rink. I took off my jacket and set it with my duffle bag. I put on my skates. As I was lacing them up, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam walk in. "Hey Beth." Louis says. I smile. "Hey." I get out on the ice and push off slowly. "You guys want me to do my routine for the next show?" I ask. "Sure, love." Harry says, smiling and winking. I then push off fast. I lift my leg and grab it. I turned my foot and started to twirl. I counted in my head. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I leapt out and curved around. Then I did something kind of like shooting the duck. I spun around like that four times and then bounced up, leaping in the air then pose for the finish.

     "That was pure....sex" Louie says. All the guys laugh and so did I.


      After that it was about 2 o'clock. So we went and got lunch at a diner.

     This evening I found my self at Niall's apartment. I sat on the couch with him watching the basketball game. "So...About last night," he says, looking into my eyes. "I really wanted to dance with you." I pushed a smile. "I wanted to dance with you as well." Niall blushed. "R-really?" he asked, sounding surprised. I nod. "Of course."

     Louie and Harry had just walked in. Niall grabs my hand and we go onto the balcony. He shuts the door behind himself.  I look at the stars then at Niall. "Beth, don't take this the wrong way, but..." he leans in and kisses me. The sliding door opens and we turn around. There, stood Harry.

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