miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.


4. Stupid People Got Served

                                                           (Mia's Pov)

       I woke up to my phone vibrating on my nightstand.I sat up and looked at my phone to see who was calling me, It was me best friend Harley.I quickly answered it.

"Hey what's up Gurl."I said

         "I'm going on X Factor next week and guess who's going with me?"Harley said excited.

          "Ah, Liam?Me?"I Asked.

           "YES, AND YES AGAIN!" 

           "Wanna go and get breakfast?" I asked

           " Where to?" She said.

            " I was thinking Nandos."

            "That sounds so good right now."Harley said Dramatically. 

            " Alright be there to pick you up in 5." I hung up. 


                                                (At Nandos)           (Mias POV)

             "Hey Harley I have to tell you something I said happily." What Mia. You know you can tell me anything."she said. " I know. I'm ,,,, Going out with HARRY!!" I whispered than yelled."Wait , The boy at school with curly hair and tight shirts you can see is abs through?"She asked. I nodded. "HE'S HOT!"Harley yelled. everyone in Nandos stared at her. This random guy with  a gage and tattoos with a cigar in his hand  came up us. "Hey girls I know you think i'm , Well you know." He said trying to flirt with us." EXcuse me. But The only thing I wanna do with you is rip you guts out , through you in a fire ,and give your ashes to your girlfriend .Oh that's right you don't have one." Harley said. "Sassy."I said to Harley. the guy just stood there. Harley turned to him again." How old are you?" she asked him." I'm almost forty and i assume your in your teens."he said unfolding his caller so it was sticking up and winking at us." Lisen Bub, I'm sorry to brake it to you but , your WAY out of our league."Harley said." Who do you think we are we don't go out with ButtHeads."I said. Out of nowhere Harry grabed the weird guys shoulder and asked him."So man do you have a girl who loves you  or likes you?" "Um,  Heck Yeah I do Her name is a um."He stuttered what your name again?" He pointed to me. Harry looked at me than at the stranger."Really now?"Harry asked the guy. "Whats her name."Harry questioned. Harry looked into the strangers eyes and punched him in the jaw. He fell to the ground."That's what I thought!" Harry spat at him. "The only one that probablyly actually likes him is his mother. "i Said laughing"Shall We?" He said picking me up bridal style. I looked at Liam Holding Harley The same way Harry was holding me."Thanks." I said to Harry and kissed him. "sure pretty boy gets the princess."The guy on the ground said getting up."He's My Boyfriend!"I said. The look on his face was priceless. "Yep the last time I chected  she was taken. BY ME!"Harry screamed at him.Harry looked at me. I had wide eyes and my mouth was slightly open. "What?"He asked "I love You." I smiled

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