miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.


5. School

                                                     (Mia's POV)

       'BEEP,BEEP' My alarm clock went off. I got up,stretched ,than went to take a shower. I picked out my casual. Some skinny jeans , a plain white t-shirt , and some High tops.i walked over to the bathroom after I got dressed and put my hair in a messy bun. I headed downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast when I got a text. It was from Harry.'Is it alright if I come over?' It said. ' Yeah' i replied. 10 minutes later i herd a knock at the door. I ran to open it."Hey Babe."Harry said to me. "Hey"I said back. "So you ready?"He asked checking me out."Hey i'm up here and yeah i'm ready."I said giggling


                                             (At School)   (Niall's POV)

       I went to my locker  and put me bag into it.As I was making my way to class I turned the corner to find Harry carrying Mia so her legs where wrapped around his waist. Mia's  arms where around Harry's neck. I went up to them and put my hand in between there lips.Harry opened his eyes and looked at me. "did you eat Nandos this morning Niall?"Harry asked me.I was so surprised he wasn't going to kill me."Um yeah why?"I asked. "Well I might have been interrupted by kissing your hand instead of""Yeah ,yeah I know "I Interrupted. He put Mia down and smiled and kissed her once more before heading to class.


                          (After School)       (Harry's POV)

The Bell rang and I ran down the hallways to Mia's locker."YES!"I thought to myself as  I noticed Mia was There with the locker door keeping her from seeing me.I sneaked up and stood up against the other lockers waiting for her to shut the locker. She did and saw me and jumped a little than smiled."Hey handsome."She said grabbing my hand."Hey beautiful."He smirked. We when to go find the other boys and go home. His hand still in mine he asked me if i'd like to sit up front of Niall's Jeep but I told Harry I wanted to sit by him so I ended up sitting on his lap because we were sharing the backseat with Liam and Louis.When we  pulled up to my small home, I kissed Harry goodbye and got out of the Jeep. "Hey wheres ours?"Lou asked.I smiled and kissed each boy on the cheek than when I got back over to Harry I Kissed him on the lips. It felt like forever but Niall once again interrupted us and I Walked over to my door , waved , and went inside.

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