miss Free spirit

Nehemiah/ miah a 16 year old girl is in love with pranking and she doesn't care what the consequence is. Until one day her whole life changed.




(Mia's POV)

               December 31,2013

Dear diary,  

                       There is no school for a while and  I wish I didn't have to got to school ever.Its boring but hanging out with friend is fun  and that's about it. Anyway I'm Going to Harry's Flat in a while to celebrate with him , Zayn ,Niall,Liam,Louis,and Harley.I guess Louis and Zayn are bringing there girlfriends to but I don't know about Niall. He's kinda cute.WHAT AM I SAYING!! Whatever. I can't believe it's been Five years since my mom died , and three since I ran away from my dad. I'm so happy hes not in my life anymore. He is the most cruel father in the world. Would your dad make you a slave after you mom died and he would wip you with a wip if you didn't do what he wanted. Well i guess i'm talking to a empty book.I'm just happy I'm away from that monster. 


                     (At Harry's Flat)

              "Harry I'm Here."I yelled as I walked through his door. I saw Harry running down the hall at me. "Ha...."I trailed off when Harry through me over his shoulder and started running off again. He kept running until he got in his room."HARRY I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" The other boys yelled.Harry ran to  his bed and put me on it than ran to his door and closed it and locked it  quickly. You could hear the boys running our way. "OPEN THE DOOR STYLES!"I herd Lou say.Harry just ran up to me and looked at me."Hi."He said out of breathe. "What's going on?And where are your clothes?"I asked him."Um,i lost them."He said nervously. "What how?"I asked."Long story short. The boys and i were betting who would win the music award and the winner gets the losers clothes and any one who he likes for the weekend.I was the only one that didn't say Psy, and I lost. "He said trying to cover himself. All I could do was smile."Wait what?"I said confused. "They are mad because I didn't give them something."He said looking at me. "And that is..."I said."You."He said looking down. "please don't hate me.I love you I really do."Harry said with worry in his voice."Harry I will always love you!"I said wrapping my hands around his neck and Started to kiss his lips.'BANG' "LET US IN STYLES!"They yelled from behind the door.We didn't buy there attention. Harry put his hands on my hips and backed away.I looked him in the eyes giving him a look of why did we stop.He started kissing me again when he pushed me on the bed. The door opened and everyone ran in and jumped on us.But Niall went strait for Harry. Niall stopped  and looked at us.I stopped kissing Harry and looked up at Niall who now looked like he was about to kill something. Harry Looked at me than turned around to see Niall's Red face Staring at him with hatred. "Um."Harry said looking at Niall than at me.










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