Snapbacks & Tattoos

I saw him. The boy who broke my heart. Was it really him? I couldn’t tell. As much as I hated him for breaking my heart, I wanted to see him. I couldn’t see him now. I was still wearing his favorite snapback he gave me. He would only use it against me. I shouldn’t care but I do. I was best friends with his sister, who never told him that she’s still friends with me. I was grateful for that, the only thing that boy did to me was break me down. And it was the worst 2 years ever, so demanding and controlling. Since he was living on LA with that band of his, he was never home. His family and mine had been close for as long as I could remember. And I was thankful nothing changed after he broke me. We lived in Mullingar, so I didn’t keep myself from his family. Only when he visited once in a blue moon. And this would be his second visit. And something told me he was going to toy with my heart and emotions again. Will I forgive him and take him back?


6. Chapter 5

I looked down, but I noticed his complete fail to hide his smile. I started thinking.


If I was so in Love with James as I thought I was, then why wasn’t I hurt when we broke up? I didn’t feel anything when we broke up, it was as if it didn’t even happy. I didn’t feel happy, sad, mad or heartbroken like I did when Niall left.

Niall interrupted my thoughts.

“Kel?” he asked shaking my shoulder slightly.

“Huhh?” I asked escaping my thoughts.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

He must have noticed my thinking face. You could always tell because it’s an unusual look, and it makes me be quiet, when I’m normally loud.

I stood up facing him.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I assured him with a smile.

He smiled back.

“Good.” He said.

I laugh a little at his attitude when he said it.

“Why?” I ask curious

“Because… if he hurt you I would have to hurt him.” He said with a serious look.

You just smiled looking down. I didn’t notice him come closer. I felt him put his hand on the side on my face, caressing my left cheek with his thumb. I looked at him, my heart beating fast.

“You know I never forgot about you…” he spoke.

“I doubt it” I say.

He looked at me. I didn’t say anything, I pulled his hand from my face and started to walk inside, and I saw Sam and Bri watching from the window smiling. But as I was walking he grabbed my wrist spinning me around. He pulled me close putting his arms around my torso. My heart beated as I avoided eye contact. He took his hand moving it to move my bangs out of my face. I smiled looking at him, but then quickly moved my eyes looking behind him. But it was hard since he towers over me. I looked at him to see what he was gonna do, I looked at him with a confused look. He smirked back at me, biting his bottom lip as he looked into my eyes. I looked back in his. He started leaning forward, subconsciously I did too. Our lips met and subconsciously I put my arms around his neck. And there it was the spark James and I didn’t have. Niall’s the only guy I’ve been with that I had that spark with. And I knew it meant something but always pushed the thought out of my mind.

I pulled back, and got out of his grip. I backed away slowly and stood a couple feet away. He looked at me confused.

“Niall…” I started.

He looked more confused and came closer.

“I can’t…”

He took my hands gently.

“But you can” he said looking into my eyes.

Grr. That killed me, when he looked into my eyes. It felt like I was melting, he was looking in my soul. Ugh.

I didn’t say anything, I just looked down.

He cupped my face gently kissing me again. When he pulled away, I smiled. He took my hand.

“C’mon” he said leading me to his house next door.

I followed him, he lead me upstairs to his room. He turned to me when we walked in, I looked around stunned.

His wall was filled with rock band posters and us…

“Niall…” I gasp looking around.

“I mean it when I say I never forgot about you. Kel” he said.

“I don’t remember half of these” I told him

“Oh, Uhh…that’s because… I made them…” he says a bit embarrassed.

I giggle.

“I never forgot about you either” I say.

He walked closer… and my heart raced…

His next words frightened me…

To death.

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