Snapbacks & Tattoos

I saw him. The boy who broke my heart. Was it really him? I couldn’t tell. As much as I hated him for breaking my heart, I wanted to see him. I couldn’t see him now. I was still wearing his favorite snapback he gave me. He would only use it against me. I shouldn’t care but I do. I was best friends with his sister, who never told him that she’s still friends with me. I was grateful for that, the only thing that boy did to me was break me down. And it was the worst 2 years ever, so demanding and controlling. Since he was living on LA with that band of his, he was never home. His family and mine had been close for as long as I could remember. And I was thankful nothing changed after he broke me. We lived in Mullingar, so I didn’t keep myself from his family. Only when he visited once in a blue moon. And this would be his second visit. And something told me he was going to toy with my heart and emotions again. Will I forgive him and take him back?


2. Chapter 1

Niall. I couldn’t believe my eyes the last time I saw him was last year. And it wasn’t face to face, it was through a window. We had made eye contact and I broke it when he smirked at me. But now, we were not making eye contact. But I felt his eyes on me. He was probably eight feet away. It was a normal Friday for me. I always play music on the street. He was crowded by people near the town’s local thrift shop. And I was playing my guitar by the street walking pole. I was sitting with my guitar case in front of me for tips. I was playing Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls. And I had already had a couple of tips in my guitar. Soon I got lost in the music and began singing for the small crowd that gathered. Music was an only escape for me. I looked up from my guitar to find Niall’s face in the crowd that had gathered. He had the cockiest smirk on his face. I ignored it trying to not let him get to me, like he has many times before. Ever since Niall had broken me, it’s made me stronger. More independent, and vulnerable. But more important it made me a fighter.

After I finished playing that, I played Fighter by: Christina Aguilera. I glanced at the crowd that grew larger and larger. I didn’t think it was my playing, thought it was Niall. Him being famous and all. I didn’t have much. After playing one more song my case was full of coins and cash, so I decided to call it day. When I started to pack up to leave, I heard many good compliments made from the crowd. But one of them stood out in a thick Irish accent.

“Haz, did you hear that?” he said to the boy next to him.

“Yeah.” He responded.

“I taught her everything she knows.”

I rolled my eyes at his comment, although it was true it was unnecessary for him to say. I avoided facing him for as long as I could. Until someone tapped my shoulder.

“Yes?” I asked still packing away my belongings.

“I just wanted to say that was amazing.”

I could tell it was Niall. I turned and faced him.

“Thanks” I responded.

“Looks like all those days of teaching you paid off.”

There it was same old same old. So I tried to storm off into the crowd.

“There it is.” I said walking past him.

“Wait! Kelsey!” he yelled for me.

I ignored him, my house was just a few blocks away. I quickly walked towards the curb where I flagged down a taxi. I quickly climbed in the taxi realizing he was closer to me. I gave the driver my address and we were off. When I glanced back I saw Niall in a sports car being chased by fans, along with who I assumed were his band mates. What was I going to do now? I didn’t want to see him but we are technically neighbors. I ignored my thoughts and called my best friend, Brianne who was Niall’s little sister.

“Bri, he’s following me!”

“Relax get her quick I have a plan”

“Kk” I said hanging up.

This is Brianne so there was no telling what kind of plan she had. All I know is that whatever it was she knew I never wanted to see Niall again, let alone talk to him, and she respected my decision about it. And what makes it worse is that Niall’s old ex-best friend, James and I have been secretly seeing each other. Bri was the only one who knew. There is no telling what Niall would do to me if he found out, lead alone what he would do to James.

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