Cold Winds Blow

I’m Aria, Ari for short. My life seemed pretty perfect. I had an amazing family. The best friends ever and my future were all planned out. My best friend ever is Macie. They are amazing. Currently I am a full time armature song writer at Epic Records. I also write as an online journalist on the side of my work for a little extra cash. I have a split up family, which prevents me to opening up to anyone. The only people that truly knew everything about me were my best friends. I have been friends with Macie since 2nd grade. We’ve been best friends since. Everything was perfect until one day my boss, Logan transferred me to another record label, Syco Records in the United Kingdom. So since Macie, Macie's daughter ~ Lailynn, my baby cousin ~ Brandon who I have custody of, and I are all roommates and vowed to always be together moved from New York to the United Kingdom. We came to London not knowing what to expect, when I am forced to collaborate with the most ignorant band you could imagin


10. Chapter 9

“Ari.” Was all Luke said.

Fear filled me and they all noticed, especially Zayn and Liam.

“Who are you?” Harry asked.

“Luke.” He said staring at me.

I stood up from the piano bench backing away, behind Liam.

“You need to leave, this is a private session.” Zayn said sternly.

He looks away from me and looks at Zayn.

“Who’s going to make me?...Pretty boys security guards?” he chuckled mocking the boys.

I saw each one of the boys tense up as he mocked them, my eyes flashed with fear within seconds…Luke leaped across the room trying to get to me. All the boys reacted, Zayn pushed him down. Luke hit the floor..I burried myself into Liam’s back refusing to watch, tears fell down my face. I could hear all that was happening. Zayn was on top of him, beating him endlessly. The rest stood in shock at Zayn’s actions. But Niall reacted quickly,

“Zayn, no. Let security take him out.” He tried pulled Zayn off.

But Zayn didn’t quit. Luke looked at me from behind Liam with regret in his eyes, I saw him then turned and curled up in a ball on the end of the sofa. I cried into a pillow I held in my arms. Before I knew it, my life flashed before my eyes.

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