Cold Winds Blow

I’m Aria, Ari for short. My life seemed pretty perfect. I had an amazing family. The best friends ever and my future were all planned out. My best friend ever is Macie. They are amazing. Currently I am a full time armature song writer at Epic Records. I also write as an online journalist on the side of my work for a little extra cash. I have a split up family, which prevents me to opening up to anyone. The only people that truly knew everything about me were my best friends. I have been friends with Macie since 2nd grade. We’ve been best friends since. Everything was perfect until one day my boss, Logan transferred me to another record label, Syco Records in the United Kingdom. So since Macie, Macie's daughter ~ Lailynn, my baby cousin ~ Brandon who I have custody of, and I are all roommates and vowed to always be together moved from New York to the United Kingdom. We came to London not knowing what to expect, when I am forced to collaborate with the most ignorant band you could imagin


9. Chapter 8

We all sat back down. I didn’t realize it but Niall was on my phone with my headphones on. I didn’t notice until Harry said

“Niall what are you listening to?”

He couldn’t hear so Harry goes up to him unplugging the headphones, and the music starts to play put loud. It wasn’t until I heard my voice that I knew it was my phone. My eyes widen and I rushed to Niall taking it away.

“Ari…?...Was that really you?” Harry asked me.

I nodded slowly as response.

They all smile except Zayn.

“Why are you all smiling like that?” I ask shyly.

“That was amazing!” Lou exclaims.

“You have to record it for us!” he adds.

I hesitate thinking.

“C’mon we want to record it” Niall whined.

I didn’t say still debating on my answer.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeee!” Lou whines.

I groan annoyed.

“Fine” I finally say.

They all walked to the sound board room and Liam start the track off my phone.  I stood at the mic putting on the headphones. I closed my eyes listening to the beat then found my starting beat and began to sing.

“Cause some things just, don't change

 It's better when they stay the same

 Although the whole world, knows your name

 So on a, bigger stage they came to see you spit your game

 Whoa-ooo so it shouldn't be difficult, to explain

 Just why you come back again

 You hate the fame, love the game

 Cold as ice, you remain

 Fuck 'em all, tell 'em all eat shit here we go again” I sang.

I didn’t think that they would like it considering that it was a rap song and I sang it tessiture. Which just means it sounded more elegant than a rap should. But I know how much they love rap. When I was singing the last part I peeked at them through the glass. They all smiled except for Zayn and Jasmine listens in disgust. She saw me look at him and dragged him out of the room. I shake it off closing my eyes singing.

“I don't know, I don't know, what caused

 I don't know what caused me to be this way

 I don't know, I don't know but I'll, probably be this way 'til my dyin' day

 I don't know why I'm so, I'm so cold mean thangs I don't mean to say

 I guess this is how you made me.” I finished and looked at them.

I took off my headphones and they all ran in startling me. I jump looking up at them.

“I loved it!” Niall practically screams.

“Really? I didn’t think you would.” I admit

“Why not?” Lou ask.

“Because I made a slower edit to a rap song..and I know how much you guys like Rap songs” I explain.

“It was way better” compliments Liam.

Harry nods smiling next to him.

“Thanks guys, I was just goofing off one day..” I say.

They all carried off in conversation. And I started to think. Harry noticed.

“I know that look…she has a idea!” he hands me my book and pen and I start jotting down lyrics. I was writing and rearranging them for a long time. When I finally finished I rushed over to the piano next to Lou and began playing and the boys all gathered around, thankfully Jasmine left. When I looked up from the piano I the sound board I saw the last person I ever wanted to see, Luke.

I guess Cold winds really do blow.

Right through the door.

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