Cold Winds Blow

I’m Aria, Ari for short. My life seemed pretty perfect. I had an amazing family. The best friends ever and my future were all planned out. My best friend ever is Macie. They are amazing. Currently I am a full time armature song writer at Epic Records. I also write as an online journalist on the side of my work for a little extra cash. I have a split up family, which prevents me to opening up to anyone. The only people that truly knew everything about me were my best friends. I have been friends with Macie since 2nd grade. We’ve been best friends since. Everything was perfect until one day my boss, Logan transferred me to another record label, Syco Records in the United Kingdom. So since Macie, Macie's daughter ~ Lailynn, my baby cousin ~ Brandon who I have custody of, and I are all roommates and vowed to always be together moved from New York to the United Kingdom. We came to London not knowing what to expect, when I am forced to collaborate with the most ignorant band you could imagin


6. Chapter 5

*Driving There*

We were all in the car on our way to One Directions House. I was in the car with Brandon, Mace and Lai.

“Who’s ready to play football?” I say pulling in to their home.

“ME!” They both say.

I get the kids out and look at the house, Macie behind me.

“Wow” Brandon says standing next to me.

I laugh, not exactly what I expected but pretty close.

“Come on guys” I say.

They both followed me up to the front door. I rang the doorbell and immediately there was an answer. It was Louis.

“Who’s ready for some football?” he answers.

“I am!” They both say.

“Well come on in.” he says inviting us in.

“So, you live here alone, in this mansion?” I start.

“Oh, no, no, no. Our manager lives here and we live here too.”

“Oh, Simon lives here?”

“Yeah, but isn’t really around.”


"Yeah, Anyway lets go out and see the others..." he says.

"Ok" we all agreed.

He lead us to the door leading to the yard.

"Im gonna get drinks, ill be right out. You guys go ahead" he says walking the opposite way.

"Ill help" Macie insisted following.

I nodded walking up to the door.

“Hey” I say stepping out closing the door behind me.

“Hi!” They all say.

They were playing football in the yard already.

“How about you guys go play with the boys, and I’ll go help Lou and Mace.” I say to Brandon and Lailynn.

When they both went and began to play I walked inside to find Lou and Mace in the kitchen.

“Hey.” I say walking in.

“Hi!” Lou says.

“What you guys doing?” I ask.

“Just talking. Lovely friends you’ve got here.” He says.

She blushed.

“Thanks. Lovely friends you got too. Except for the quiet one, that never seems to talk to me.” I say.

He laughed.

“That’s just classic Zayn.” He says laughing again.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh nothing. But come on, let’s go play. Are you guys going to play?”

“I’m not going to play. I’ll take pictures.” I say.

"Ill watch too" Mace says.

We followed Louis out to the yard, to find everyone surrounding Zayn, and Niall on the ground. We all rushed over to them.

“What happen?” Lou asked.

“They were running towards each other and bumped heads. But Liam landed on his arm, and Zayn twisted his knee when he went to kick the ball out from under Niall.” Liam explained.

*Time Passes*

Macie, Niall, Zayn and I ended up sitting on the porch watching the game. Mace played on her phone as I took pictures on mine. As I took pictures and cheered on the kids, Macie continuously texted me. But I ignored most of them. When it really started to annoy me, I checked the messages.

“Ari! I think the one next to me likes me!!!”


“The one next to you is staring at you!"

“Ari!!! He’s checking you out!!"

“Ari! The one next to you keeps eyeing you up and down!”

“OMG! Ari answer me!

“OMFG! The guy next to me is so hot!!”

All that went through my head is “Why is she so retarted?” But then I thought in over in my head. Zayn, the cutest one of the group is checking me out?? No way! So many prettier and richer than me!  Maybe.

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