Come & Get It

I didn't believe in darkness until I met him. The boy with the green eyes. He got me drunk on purpose, continuing to hand me drink after drink at the bar. All because he knew I'd be dumb enough to sign the contract. The contract stating that he had full possession over me and use me for whatever he wanted. And I don’t think the things he wanted were very pleasant. I was in his dark apartment now, he brought me here shortly after the contract was signed. I couldn't see him in the pitch black room, so I thought about running. Escaping. But I knew he was watching me. His stare paralyzed me, and I knew that escaping would be no option. He had me, and there was nothing I could do now… Let Me Go Back to the day we were paired together.


9. Chapter 8

“You coming?” he asked taking my hand leasing me inside.

I let him lead me to the front door. He reached for his keys and unlocked it. I knew by now he lived here. He was greeted by a group of guys, and a few girls. He pretty much ignored them and led me to a back door.

“Where are we going?” I asked confused as we were walking in his back yard.

He didn’t answer.

We walked a little further then he opened the door to a guess house type looking place.

“What’s this?”

“This is where I live.” He said.

I looked at him confused.

“That is my manager’s house.”

I was still confused.

“Remember? I told you I’m in a band.”

“Oh, sorry. I forgot.” I said.

“The band mates and I all have a separate guest house behind his house. But it’s all spread out.”

“It’s nice.” I smiled.

It looked like a small apartment, it had lounge furniture and had dark colored walls. It looked to have 1 bedroom, a small kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. We had about an hour till I had to be home.  He sat down on the sofa, patting the seat next to him. I put my bag down in a chair, and sat next to him. He put his arm around my next while flipping through the channels. Finally, we decided to watch a comedy movie. Liar Liar starring Jim Carry. I loved this movie it was hysterical.

* Time Passes *

I had no clue what time it was right now, but I wasn’t concerned about that right now. The movie was ending soon. And at this point I had my head in his lap, and my feet popped up on the arm of the sofa. He looked at his phone.

“Babe?” he said.

“Yeah” I smiled at him. I wasn’t even mad that he called me ‘Babe’ and we aren’t even ‘Together’.

“It’s 12:17.” He said.

I popped off his lap shoving on my shoes that I took off during the movie.

“We need to go.” I said getting off the sofa.

He followed.

When we made our way through his Managers house, and to his car he said

“You should call you mum, Hun.”

I took my phone out of my bag and rushingly called my mum. It didn’t take her long to answer either.

“Hello.” She said sternly. I knew she was pissed now.

“Hi mum, sorry I’m late. We were finishing watching a movie. I’ll be back soon I promise.” I tried to assure her.

“Ok, sweaty. Remember you have a game at noon tomorrow.”

“Ok mum, see you in a few. Love You.”

“Love you too.” She said hanging up.

It was silent for a while.

“So?” I started.

“What?” he smiled at me, resting his hand on my leg.

~ We were pulling down my road ~

“Do you want to come to my game tomorrow?” I asked him, remembering he said he’d like to see me play.

“Love too, babe.”

“Great. Urm ill text you the details in the morning. Bye Harry!” I said getting out of the car.

I walked inside to find my mum as usual watching wrestling recording in the living room.

“Hi, mum. Sorry we were late. It was my favorite movie.”

“I’m glad you had fun, monkey” She said. ( Monkey has been my nickname since I could crawl)

“I did, but I’m going to bed. Herri and I are having an extra practice in the morning.”



I went in my room and sent my Step dad a text, checking on my Grandma.

He answered letting me know she was fine today.


I went to bed with thoughts of Harry, my Grandmother, my Father, and my game.

I hope this can be worked into my – At the Moment – Busy Life.

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