Come & Get It

I didn't believe in darkness until I met him. The boy with the green eyes. He got me drunk on purpose, continuing to hand me drink after drink at the bar. All because he knew I'd be dumb enough to sign the contract. The contract stating that he had full possession over me and use me for whatever he wanted. And I don’t think the things he wanted were very pleasant. I was in his dark apartment now, he brought me here shortly after the contract was signed. I couldn't see him in the pitch black room, so I thought about running. Escaping. But I knew he was watching me. His stare paralyzed me, and I knew that escaping would be no option. He had me, and there was nothing I could do now… Let Me Go Back to the day we were paired together.


5. Chapter 4

Ok, so know you know how we met, and stuff but I’m just getting started.

* After Math class, that day*

Mrs. Estis just dismissed the class. While everyone rushed out the classroom, I stayed back to make sure he wouldn’t follow me. I slowly packed away my things and stood. But of course he was talking to the teacher so now I had to go ahead of him. I had no reason to stay behind. So I tried to sneak out the door when Mrs. Estis called me.

“ Brianne? Can I have a word with you?” she called as I was almost at the door.

Damn it.

I faked a smile and walked over to her.

“Hi” I smiled. I glanced at him, he had a smirk on his face.

I didn’t realize it till now but he was actually really good looking. He had the most amazing jaw line, and he had dark brown hair that was pushed up and to the side with the sides trimmed, leaving slight curls, with the most addicting green eyes.

“You are dismissed.” She said firmly to him.

After he left the room, she turned to me.

“Hello, I wanted to discuss the upcoming project I’m assigning next week.”

I nodded agreeing.

“Well, since I know you can handle it. I’m partnering up with the troubled student.” She explained.

“Is that the guy that was here a minute ago?” I asked.

She nodded.

“That would be the slacker. Harry.”

“Oh, well I’m sure he’s not that bad.”

She giggled.

“Well, I like your attitude. But do call me if you have any trouble, ill straighten him out.” She assured me.

“Ok, bye Mrs. Estis” I said leaving the room.

As I lugged my bags to my truck, I saw him waiting for me in the lot. I tried sneaking by him without him noticing me. It worked until I was about half way to my car.

“Brianne!” he called.

I kept walking as he ran over to me.

“Oh, Hi.” I said playing it cool as I was outing my bags in the back seat of my truck.

“So I hear I’m your partner for this assignment.” He smirked as I faced him.

“Yes” was all I said.

“Well I look forward to working with you” he winked.

I was frustrated. He seems like the type who thinks he can manipulate any one to do anything with his looks.

“Look, Harry. I really need the extra credits that I get for passing this class. I need them to graduate.  So I will do anything to get you to cooperate for this project.” I turned away.

“So I need to go now but, think about it.” I said getting in my car.

He smirked as I rolled down my window for him to answer me. I started my truck then looked up. He was leaning on the driver door with his arms rested on the window.

“So?” I said.

“I’ll pick you up at 8, babe.” Was all he said.


“You said ‘Anything’. So I’m going to tell you what ‘Anything’ is at dinner tonight, and I’ll pick you up an 8.” He smirked.

“Damn” I mumbled under my breathe.

“See you at 8.” He said when he walked away, as I drove away.

What the hell did I just get myself into?

But I really needed the extra credits to graduate.

So I had to do whatever it is that he wants me to.

And whatever it is he wants me to do, I had to be happy to do it.

I wish there was another way to get these credits. But there’s not and if I didn’t take this class I’d be completely screwed.

Why me?

I wanted nothing to do with him.

Or any guy.

At least not this year.

My last year of high school.


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