Come & Get It

I didn't believe in darkness until I met him. The boy with the green eyes. He got me drunk on purpose, continuing to hand me drink after drink at the bar. All because he knew I'd be dumb enough to sign the contract. The contract stating that he had full possession over me and use me for whatever he wanted. And I don’t think the things he wanted were very pleasant. I was in his dark apartment now, he brought me here shortly after the contract was signed. I couldn't see him in the pitch black room, so I thought about running. Escaping. But I knew he was watching me. His stare paralyzed me, and I knew that escaping would be no option. He had me, and there was nothing I could do now… Let Me Go Back to the day we were paired together.


12. Chapter 11

I woke up. Everything around me was white. My eyes were fluttering to get use to the light. I tried to remember what had happened. Then it hit me. The phone call,
“You both know soon enough”, this was all planned out. We were hit purposely. I quickly noticed that I had and IV in my arm, I yanked it out and tried to get up to get Brandon. I noticed that my arm was in a cast, but I ignored it. When I walked out the room, I realized we were at a hospital. I ran up to the desk. 
“Where is Brandon Lee’s Room?” I asked. 
Not even looking at me, 
“Room 36B.” she answered.
I ran down the hall searching for the room. It seemed like forever before I found it. I ran in. And rushed to his side. He was lying in the hospital bed asleep. I knelt to his side. 
“Brandon?” I whispered.
He was stirring now.
“Mmm, huh, what?” he said opening his eyes.
“Thank god, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I think so.” He said sitting up.
*Nurse Walks In*
“Mrs. You’re not supposed to be in here.” She said.
I stood.
“This is my baby cousin. Is he okay?”
“Oh, yes. He is fine. He went into shook from the accident and we admitted him and gave him medicine to calm his system.” She explained.
“When can we leave?” I asked. 
“You will all be able to leave tomorrow afternoon.” She said.
“Would you like to see your friend?” she asked as if she knew I was going to ask.
“Where is she?”
“The next room.” She said.
“I’ll be right back, Brandon.” I said leaving to go to the next room. 
I entered the room and saw her lying in bed watching TV. I walked towards her.
“Hey.” She said when she saw me.
“Hey, are you okay?” I asked. 
“Yeah just a bruised arm. Are you?” she answered.
“A slightly sprained wrist.” I said. 
“How’s Brandon?” she asked. 
“He’s fine, they admitted him because he went into shook.” I explained.
*Next Day*
I made frequent visits to Brandon and Harri last night, and this morning. We were going to leave in an hour or so. My mom and Grandma called, when I assured them that we were fine they decided not to rush back. My mom stayed at my Grandmas last night and probably will tonight too. I arranged to borrow my Aunts car, she and my uncle dropped it off earlier when they brought us new cloths. I had just changed clothes and walked in my room to find Harry, and some other people I didn’t know holding gifts. I had completely forgotten about the plans we had made with them for yesterday after the game. I felt terrible. How did he even know where I was? Whatever he did to find out or who he found out from to show up, it was really sweet of him to come and see me. But none the less, my mum did not approve of him and neither did my best friend I had no intentions of being with him, I had no intensions of being with anyone this year! But maybe it would be good for me to have something like a boyfriend to ease off the stress I’m under from these past couple weeks.


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