Like Old Times

Lucy now lives in England with her best friend. What will happen when the cat drags in somebody who used to be her best friend? Will they become friends again? Will she never talk to him again?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Current Time:

"We will be closing up in a few minutes," my best friend Tara says.

Both Tara and I work at Starbucks and we generally have the same shifts.

The last people start collecting their things to leave so I go into the back room and take off my smock and put on my jacket. A minute later Tara comes in and does the same. We both go outside and hop into her Prius. I hate the Prius so much but I am still saving up for a car and it is a ride. She hops in the driver seat and starts driving back to our flat.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Lucy Reilly, I am 19, I live in England, I am 5'3", I have brown hair with natural blond highlights, I am a wee bit on the skinnier side, I have eyes that seem to switch between green, gray, and blue, and I am former best friends with Niall Horan. I used to live in Ireland, but after I completed high school I moved to England with my bestie Tara.

Tara is 5'5", 19 years old, she has blonde hair and brown eyes, she is a normal width, and she is my best friend.

When Tara and I moved here we bought a flat and got jobs. We partly moved here because we wanted a new start. Also we moved to England because we went here one time together last year and we fell in love with it. Out parents are fairly successful so money has never been a problem, but in order for us to move here we had to promise to get jobs within a month and then they would pay the bills for the flat and food and we just had to have jobs for the little things in between.

I turn on the radio and then comes on Story of My Life. I immediately change the channel and we listen to Timber and The Monster.

We have now arrived at the flat and we go inside. Truthfully the flat is more like a townhouse but you don't see me complaining. I immediately run to the fridge and grab some food. I then hear Tara behind me laughing.

I turn around one I have placed the food on the counter and say, "it's food. I love food. Food is yummy. Food is my bestie."

She immediately starts dying of laughter.

Once I have finished eating my soup and grilled cheese I head off to shower cause I hate getting showers in the morning cause then I have to blow dry my hair and that takes so long since my hair is long and pretty thick.

**skip shower**

I have no gotten dressed and have toweled dried my hair and combed it out. I walk into the tv room and start watching gossip girl via netflix. I am like addicted to the show. Tara walks in and sits down on the couch, next to me. I go into the kitchen to grab some ice cream or pop corn.

I then hear the doorbell ring and Tara yells, "I'll get it!"

I walk into the tv room assuming it was a ding dong ditch and then I see him. Him. The him who promised to come back and nothing would have changed.

(A/N) SO GUESS WHAT? I AM NOT FROM BRITAIN OR IRELAND SO I AM JUST GOING TO ASSUME SOME THINGS. BTW PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK BELOW!!!! Also comment below if you would like to be a character in the book, just give a brief description or who you/the character is.


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