Teenage Dirtbag..

*Flash Back ~ 2 years ago*
“So how about it?”
“I don’t know, you got the stuff?”
“Then there’s no harm to be done”

Thinking back on the conversation we had before he seduced me.
He warned me, his best friend warned me about him, that he was dangerous, and a dirtbag. But just like a dumbass I didn’t listen…
And I regretted doing it, but even more not telling him about Kolton and Kenton. I knew that was a mistake. I knew he would find out later on even if he was traveling the world singing with his best mates. And I was the foolish one to name the kids the names he always wanted to name his kids, and worse they have his last name.
Kolton Lynn Styles
Kenton Martha Styles.
I Knew He Would Come Back.
I Knew He Would Find Out.
I Knew He Was Trouble.


10. Chapter 9

“Harry, I’ve always loved you. We spent two great years together and I never stopped loving you. Not since the day you left.” I answered.


He looked up at me. I took his hand.


“I Love You”


He pulled me in, our foreheads were touching as well as our noses.


“I Love You” I said.


“I Love You, too. Now let me kiss you” he said.


I giggled knowing it from the song I heard on the radio many times.


I put my hands on the back of his neck, and he put his on my waist. He leaned in more and our lips met. It was exactly like our last kiss.


He kissed me passionately and released with the cheekiest grin.


“Let’s go get some food.” I said.


“Okay, I’m hungry.” He agreed.


We walked out hand in hand to our seats. Harry rang for services. When the lady finally came Harry ordered us some late lunch. I noticed that she was attracted to Harry. I mean who could blame her, he’s amazing. He was a wearing a white see through shirt and some tightish skinny jeans. I glared at her as she continued to check him out. Harry didn’t notice for he was looking at the menu. I glanced away knowing I don’t have to worry about it. I looked at Kassie who was laying her head in Lou’s lap watching TV. Niall and Gabby were doing a Twitcam next to them, and Liam and Dani were playing on their phones. Zayn and Perrie were laughing about something on Zayn’s laptop.


*Time Passes*


“We will be landing in 10 short minutes. Please put away all electronics, and buckle up. Thank You.” The pilot announced.


“We need to get the kids up. We need to change them too.” I told Harry.


He took his last bite of his sandwich and followed me.


“Wakey, Wakey Baby.” I said getting Kenton out of her crib.


“C’mon little man, wake up” Harry said getting Kolton up.


I looked at Harry. He was a little nervous to change diapers I could tell. He saw me walk towards the changeing table and quickly said


“I’ll go get up Aleeah”


“No, no, no you might as well learn now how to change a diaper.”


“Here change Kenton she’s the easy one to change.” I said trading him.


I set Kolton down in the bouncer and went to help Harry.


“Ok, first get the diaper and open it.”


*Harry’s Pov*


I was terrified. Handling a baby nothing new, but changing a baby it’s a little nerve wrecking. I was glad she was here to help me.


*Annabelle’s Pov*


“Now take off her shorts, and unbutton her top.”


“Undo the diaper latches and take the wipe and wiped her.”


He nervously did so and dumped the wipe in the trash.


“Take both of her feet and lift her up, then place the diaper under her bum”


“Your doing fine”


“Thanks” he said.


“Now lift up the front and latch the velcrow and fix her outfit and waa laa”  I finished.


He smiled at me.


“Same old Belle, huh?”


“Pretty much. Now do the same to Kolton and I’ll go change Taya.” I said and ran out.


*Harrys Pov*


She ran out leaving me to change Kolton. I was a little scared. Changing Kenton was different, well because she’s a girl. I put Kenton in the play area to play while I changed Kolton. I put him on the table and repeated the steps, pull, unbutton, unlatch, wipe, and replace, then rebutton, and pull. It’s not as different as I thought. I picked up Kolton and went to go get Kenton but I saw Belle looking in at the doorway.


“Like what you see?” I said.


“Of course, I mean you are the Harry Styles. Right?” she jokingly said.


“I hope so” I said.


We both walked out and buckled in the kids.


*The car trip*


There were two limo type cars to take us to the water park.


In one was Me, Kolton, Kenton, Harry, Niall, Gabby, Zayn, and Perrie. In the other were Lou, Aleeah, Kassie, Liam, and Dani.


In the car we were all laughing at the kids having a good time and singing a bit. But yet something had to happen to ruin it. This happens every time.


It was a text from my ‘Sister’.


From: Ashley


So I see your back with Pretty boy?


To: Ashley


How did you get my number?


From: Ashley


The phone book is an amazing thing.


When I read this I got frustrated. And I guess Harry saw.


If he saw how upset it was making me,


All Hell Was Going To Break Lose.

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